Here it’s Tuesday and quite clear I’m a late bloomer this week. But I would be remiss not to acknowledge the consistently outstanding work of our poet gardeners. Forgive my delay.

We have come to express in color with the vibrancy and variance of tint and hue. We forgo red for crimson, green for emerald and every shade in between. And so the prompt painted wonderful works. In this season of Autumn, we are ravaged visually with the golds and auburns and shades of brown. The surety of October’s call to slumber fall within the tints of brown expressed well in a return by Jerry Walraven (Chev Shire, for those who recall his works under this moniker).

“Somehow Brown” by Jerry Walraven

I like to pretend,
as Autumn swirls about my feet,
that the song
sung by the leaves of sienna
is sweeter than
the song
sung by those of rust.

That those of persimmon
carry warm notes
through cool breezes
to my nighttime window.

That copper colored leaves
spend more time airborne,
enjoying the twists and turns
than their russet neighbors.

But the citrine colored
leaves from this river birch
are dotted now
with moments of sepia,
coloring time
and condensing space
these lovely shades
give way
to charcoal lines
sketched against gray skies
and different beauty.


(C) Jerry Walraven, 2014


The Hexsonnetta followed as our featured form. This variation of a traditional sonnet brought a newness to an old “friend”.

Capturing the essence of life in this Hexsonnetta, our friend and mentor, Salvatore Buttaci brings us these words by which to live.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT by Salvatore Buttaci

It’s foolish letting time
Escape to parts unknown,
A fault that’s ours alone
Because we set our minds
Ahead or far behind
This moment we are shown.

It’s wise to live the now.
Ignore what’s not yet born.
Forget the vanished dawn.
I tell you this is how;
To this you ought best vow:
Why let time pass, then mourn?

Oh, live for all it’s worth,
Each moment be your birth!

(C) Salvatore Buttaci, 2014


Exceptional work all!