You are the Professor of “LIFE 101”. What is the first lesson you would impart? Write it as a poem!



We struggle to start,
with a passionate heart
and no idea how a plea of insanity
can render all of humanity smitten,
as if bitten by the love bug.
Any amorous slug would suffice,
and never look twice when the first glance
will cover any chance you have
to topple heart over heels.
You will know how it feels
when your mouth gets dry and try
as you might, you can’t fight the urge
as others delight in your plight.
Your hands will sweat, and you will get
tongue tied inside. You will quiver
and shake; make a fool of yourself.
Stutter, stammer and throw glamor out
the window, it is not pretty.
But anything worth while in life is
worth the effort. Make it!
Take it as it comes; accept a little shove.
And above all else, work on love.

Copyright © 2014 Walter J Wojtanik


71 thoughts on “PROMPT #171 – “LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT”

  1. LIFE 101

    Live life
    as if each day
    were the last you will live,
    and when you find human kindness,
    milk it.

    copyright 2014, William Preston


    Make of life your own masterful play:
    spread much love as you wend on your way
    and, as part of the blend,
    to yourself be a friend
    when you come to the end of the day.

    copyright 2014, William Preston


    Before it’s too late, before the last curtain call,
    Find God, get to know Him, love Him, serve Him.
    Now some will insist God does not exist,
    That he is a figment fabricated by liars.
    They allow their self-inflated intellects
    To rant against an invented heaven and fires
    Raging in the next world. “Don’t make me laugh,” they say.
    “When we die, we’re simply food for the worms.
    They’ll be no Judgment Day, no sins for which to pay.”
    Instead of pride, they’d best practice humility,
    Ask the God they don’t believe in to fill them with grace,
    Show them the error of their ways, the futility
    Of thinking no God created the seen and unseen.
    They need to reconsider. We do not ever die.
    We just transition into the spiritual serene.
    Find God before that final breath, that last heartbeat.
    Embrace the God our souls long for us to meet.



    Life is not as it seems
    even though our hopes
    are far reaching

    Life is balanced
    on a narrow beam
    we must learn to
    walk it

    Life is not a cotton
    candy floating dream
    but full to the brim
    with substance

    Life exists
    to fulfill God’s dream
    only then
    will be true happiness

    Benjamin Thomas

  5. Life; Won on One

    By David De Jong

    Each breath a ribbon connecting the fray,
    Life is a precious gift, you unwrap each day.
    Taken nonchalant, so easily fake,
    Never take for granted, the time you break.

    Each kiss from your love that blossoms your heart.
    Each touch, from a child that begs you to start.
    The scent of the mountains, its pine perfume.
    The laughter, the smiles that fill up a room.

    Sounds of the meadow; the cricket and finch.
    Love from Grandmother; given with a pinch.
    Smell of the dog; shedding a summer’s swim.
    Catching a rainbow; on a fly and whim.

    Tiny sheets of memories soon forgot,
    Hurrying through life, maintaining our spot.
    Yet each sheet a page of our stories told,
    Which will we release and which will we hold.

    There will be a time when sorrow will flow,
    When you desperately wonder; where did it go?
    You ache for that love, you know, once was there.
    Cry out in anguish to an empty chair.

    Sifting the air; longing familiar clues,
    Turning your pages of faded life’s hues.
    Folding the corners to bookmark your place,
    Stop and remember; it all comes – from grace.

  6. Oddly enough, I have a poem called this…(If I get a chance, I will write something more up-to-date, but for now, I think this fits the bill)

    LIFE 101

    I’ve often maintained it’s better
    To beg forgiveness than request
    Permission, but to try to live your life
    With purpose and without regret
    Be content with what you have …
    If you’re always looking for more
    It will eat you alive, consume you
    Try, instead of collecting things
    To collect memories and wonder
    You will be the richer for this
    I guarantee it …

  7. This Is Your Time

    This is your time
    to decide which things
    in life move your heart,
    tickle your funny bone,
    make you want to be part
    of this world.

    This is your time
    to learn all you can
    about yourself. Do not
    put life on a shelf, thinking
    it will stay put. Life moves
    along like a song,
    that eventually reaches
    its last note.

    This is your time
    to live.


    When time is fleeing and your being brooks no seeing of your soul,
    it’s best to pause and find the cause, or Santa Claus will bring you coal.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  9. Life 101

    Share your toys
    Keep your hands
    To yourself
    Forgive easily
    Love passionately
    Show others
    And yourself
    A little grace
    No one is perfect
    Everyone has a little
    Crazy tucked inside
    Whistle in the dark
    Sing in the rain
    Be gentle in the world.

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  11. Tiny Truth (a tanka)

    Heart holds in its home
    shimmering-rainbow-silver –
    it’s iridescent…
    grain of sand changed by Nature,
    pearl of honest-living shines.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  12. LESSON TWO: Principles for your Journey

    two grains
    of salt
    for your journey.

    The first,
    is for dealing
    with untruths.

    And the second,
    is to preserve
    the real McCoy.

    Benjamin Thomas


    A meaningful lesson
    a person should learn
    is avoiding transgression
    through words that might burn.

    By keeping the tongue
    on an even keel,
    no hatred is flung
    when words aim to heal.

    © Susan Schoeffield

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    Keep love strong,
    like an ox treading
    out the grain

    Let forgiveness
    find it’s root,
    and from bitterness abstain

    Bountifully sow
    and bountifully reap
    within fertile fields

    Turn thorn and thistle
    into bounteous yields,
    but with berry blossom grins

    And may the rich
    fervor of compassions,
    burn you yet within

    Be a blessing.

    Benjamin Thomas


    May “thank you”
    frequent the lips,
    like kisses exchanged
    between chronic lovers

    Arm yourself
    with thankfulness,
    and engage others
    with much appreciation

    Ponder with skill,
    discerning the need,
    sow the seed,
    then gather the fruit

    Benjamin Thomas

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  18. LIFE: 101

    Mistakes I’ve made
    have led me
    to where I am today.

    Don’t beat yourself up.
    Pick yourself up.
    Learn to find your way.

    P. Wanken

    Written for Prompt 171: Life As You Know It

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