Autumn is a time of change. The skies are changeable, the days get shorter still, The foliage takes on the brilliant hues of a broad palette. The air takes on a chill. There are many inspired thoughts connected to Autumn. Here’s the twist.

Write down the following:

Something you buy in a bakery.
A smell in a diner.
A make of automobile.
Something people do to relieve stress.
An unusual musical instrument.
A child’s game.

Use all six in your poem. Start the poem with:

The smell of burning leaves…



The smell of burning leaves filled him,
like aromatic coffee on a brisk morning;
like the dawning of another new day
which comes on the flare of a flugle horn trill.
The exhilarating breath of Autumn
filters through the screen door
playing tag with his senses. No dodge
could free him from its touch..
Choosing to recline in his armchair,
he drifted back to sleep in peace.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2014