To write this poem, the first thing you need to do is listen. Make note of the next five lines you hear from a friend, relative, co-worker, total stranger, from a song on the radio or a line by a television character. Incorporate these lines into your poem. Any subject, form or length.



I’m going to take a shower,
I have to work tonight,
do we have any bananas.
I’ll be home tomorrow.
What’s that noise? Is it her?
I though she left already!

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014


42 thoughts on “PROMPT #167 – “LOST IN CONVERSATION”

  1. I told Jim about Viv and French health care. He remarked. Then I clicked a couple of podcasts.


    Like rain, a train is all trains.
    Within my radius are tracks in use,
    tracks halfway to disintegration;
    south, west, east, northbound,
    squat down, pick a bale of cotton.
    Packing for a big move is always a pain.
    What’s brilliant about French
    health care is they pay pregnant women
    to stay home. This week: what does
    gender have to do with it.At night I listen
    to the train. Come audition for The Voice.
    The world is full of car insurance.

  2. HELLO!

    “Are you gonna stay on that all morning?
    We’ll never find a parking spot.
    We’ll be lucky to find a seat in church.
    I wish that computer would blow up.
    Have you heard a word I’ve said?”

    I know the world won’t end
    if I walk away from the middle
    of a poem or leave the protagonist
    hanging by the fingernails
    over the White Cliffs of Dover
    but I remain before the screen
    pretending I’m glued to my seat
    and if I get up I can throw away
    my new pair of red Hanes shorts
    and spend the day picking out
    red fibers pasted to my chair


  3. This came up just as my roommate started this conversation. “Bill” is the church pastor who visits on Sundays and Wednesdays. . .


    I hope Bill brings the church book today
    The hymnal?
    Yes, I’d like you to sing me to sleep
    A small laugh, I love to sing
    What was my mother’s favorite song?
    Bill’s mind is on other things
    He’ll probably forget
    That’s okay, I can still sing
    The first verse anyway

  4. Sunday Morning

    I should have brought your hairbrush out.
    I don’t know if he’s going to be in there long or not.
    We’ve got lots of time before we go.
    Still have to give him his pills.
    One more Luna bite.

    I wonder if he’s aggravated at me
    as I sit here and write a poem
    while he gets our duo ready to go out the door.
    He doesn’t know that I’m tired, and right now,
    I’d just as soon go back to bed than to church.

  5. Hit and Miss

    “If you were drunk
    would you ride an elephant
    or …
    I think I would do one of those twirly things…”

    a stranger walks up to two girls…
    “If no one has told you yet today
    you two girls are beautiful.”

  6. mom

    can you wake up?
    has it been ten minutes?
    think so.

    will you get my milk?
    and waffles, two waffles,
    with butter.

    are you getting my milk?
    i asked hours ago,
    yes, hours.

    mom. mom. mom.

    ten more minutes.
    i don’t think its been two.
    go away.

    yes, yes, milk and waffles.
    with butter, i know.
    it’s coming.

    i said i’m getting your milk.
    really? hours ago?
    come on.

    mom. mom. mom.

    i need you.
    come here.
    you’re not watching!
    get me.
    i waited a million years.
    now now now.

    and, believe it or not,
    someday i’ll say –
    wow, i miss those days.

    – millet israeli

  7. Elderly Circus

    Some had canes,
    others, hearing aids.
    Okay, everybody take
    your places. Leave
    enough room. Why should
    we leave the room?
    We just got here.
    He didn’t say that.
    What did he say?
    I was busy talking.

    Here we have our baby
    elephant, Harold.
    Oy, I hope we don’t
    have to ride on him!
    You can use a ball
    or a chair. What?
    We have to put Harold
    on a ball or chair?
    I think maybe the circus
    is not for me.

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  9. cool morning air
    coaxing changing colors ~
    I hold on to summer

    P. Wanken

    I used parts of three phrases from a conversation I heard this morning.

  10. Two songs on the radio back-to-back: Fernando by Abba and Working My Way Back to You by The Spinners.

    The Air That Night

    There was something
    playing free
    in the air that night,
    happiness inside,
    and if I had to do
    the same again,
    those feelings back home,
    forgive me – would you,
    I would.

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