We are always looking for ways to aggrandize our language and terms of expression. The use of adjectives colors our verbiage in a different way. Devices like similes and metaphors bring a varied point of view to how we see the world. Here is where your poetry finds its root this week. Using an animal or creature in nature as a metaphor for an emotion or an attributeĀ (a tiger could be anger; a lion as courage…), write your poem.



Who knows? Who knows who?
Wide-eyed wisdom perched
in the mid-summer’s night.
Calling to see who would respond,
who would find answers to the questions.
Who? If you knew would you care,
would you dare question the what,
the why, the where? Who are you to challenge
the wisdom which took years to amass.
No tome bound in leather could contain
what weathered wisdom resides in feathers.
No matter how wise the owl, it can run afoul
of what we’ve learned; what we’ve earned.
Who? Who knows? Who knows who?

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014