Barbara Young has steered me to a site that is offering poets a new venue to pose our poetic prowess. Miz  Quickly’s Imprompru Poetry is an eclectic mix of muse and merriment which will jostle your words into wonderful responses. This page of the site is Quickly in September, a poem-a-day gauntlet. Each day in September you will be treated to a prompt, be it a situation, a wordle, a photo, an exercise or an idea to kick start your poetics! Join us for another chance to polish your poetry! 


Visit http://imprompt.wordpress.com 

One thought on “QUICKLY IN SEPTEMBER – P.A.D.

  1. A note of cheer

    So glad you are feeling better
    We wanted you to know
    The boss’s wife was here again
    (She really runs the show)

    She said she was so sad to hear
    That you had passed away.
    The hospital where you chose to go
    Was not a good place to stay.

    She is interviewing replacements
    (This is the best news you will hear)
    You handled your duties as well as you could
    For someone so advanced in years.

    We did not know what to say to her
    a terrible mistake has been made
    Your replacement visited today
    (His salary is the lowest ever paid)

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