swingersYou are swinging your child or grandchild in the park on a crystal clear day. Write a two stanza poem. The first stanza, from the child’s point of view; the second from the adult’s view. Or you can be an observing bystander watching the interaction between the two. You can make the poem about any kind to give and take between child and parent/adult. You can build a sand castle together, or you can be taking a walk. But make it two from different points of view!



“Higher Daddy, higher!”
in the air I soar, I’m a flyer!
My wings are small, but if I fall
you will catch me! I can see a lot
from high up here; I can see clear
to the slides. I love the park
and the rides you give me. I live
to fly free with you close at hand.
You’ve helped me to stand,
you’ve helped me to walk,
as soon as I could talk, it was you
I called. When night frights came,
it was your name that sent them away.
And today, you help me to be that flyer.
“Higher Daddy, higher!”

“Oh Little One, how you’ve grown!”
Had I known you would be such a wonder,
I would have stayed under your spell
for well over the time we’ve had together.
Whether you walk, or talk, or cry,
you will always fly where love lifts you.
It is a gift you give to this tired, old soul.
And I know when my days are through,
it will be you who carries my spirit forward.
Always headed toward the sun, the one who flies
where my eyes will  fail to see. You fly with me.
We had our ups and down; smiles and frowns
were the masks we wore. And all that is
in store for the coming years, may hold some tears
but will fill my soul, oh Little One. How you’ve flown.

(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014