Nearing completion of my home project so I’m still a bit behind. But better late than never with the Blooms!


The Fear, Phobia and Foibles prompt came down to two choices. So to save myself some consternation, I award both a Bloom!

First is Sal Butacci’s “Phobias”:

PHOBIAS by Salvatore Butacci

It’s not that I’m afraid to yearn.
It’s just that life is filled with strife
And everywhere it seems I turn
The dream I dream is just a dream.
I want so much to find a way,
Put aside my fear, not hide
From life, enjoy the night, the day.
But just as I am feeling brave,
Satisfied that fear has died,
I feel myself in dizzying waves,
that trembling hand, those words “I can’t.”
It’s not that I prefer to sleep
Under blankets, under sheets.
I’d rather fight and face the matter,
Be a man and take the chance
Somehow I might, in that brave stance,
Prove with another’s help or not:
I’ve nothing to fear but you know what.

(C) Salvatore Butacci, 2014


And Susan Schoeffield’s “The Rising Tide”

THE RISING TIDE by Susan Schoeffield

A sadness swelling in my breast
deprives me of most needed rest.
My mind replays an endless spate
of hurtful words imbued with hate.

Hostility drips from the tongue
with venom nonchalantly flung.
If someone dares to disagree,
we scoff at such simplicity.

How easily we victimize
through rage’s aim to minimize
another person’s point of view,
while more debasing words ensue.

Though coated in a thick veneer,
unpleasant truths are crystal clear.
With ev’ry vile, demeaning post,
this growing hatred I fear most.

© Susan Schoeffield


For the INFORM POET – MONOTETRA, I loved the flow and tightness of Sara McNulty’s “Friends In Summer”

Friends in Summer by Sara McNulty

One week goes by like a quick breeze
Friends 40 years, we speak with ease,
laugh and cry over memories,
like planted trees, like planted trees.

We drove along Route 101,
views of beaches in dazzling sun.
We browsed antique shops, missing none.
Did we have fun! Did we have fun!

Side by side we rocked on a swing,
sipped on drinks through late evening.
We wondered what new years would bring.
Our hearts did sing, our hearts did sing.

(C) Sara McNulty, 2014



And great work again poets for your poetic finery!