The monotetra contains four lines in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables.The last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have one stanza or many stanzas.
Poem format:

Line 1: 8 syllables
Line 2: 8 syllables
Line 3: 8 syllables
Line 4: 8 syllables with repetition



A weeks vacation, just in time,
a chance to lose myself in rhyme,
collected words expressed; sublime.
It’s on my dime. It’s on my dime.

I read a bit to set the mood.
Repeated passages sound good;
a self-adjusting attitude.
My mental food; my mental food.

My muse excited, set to go,
a rant poetic starts to flow.
And where it ends, I do not know.
Enjoy the show. Enjoy the show.

I write because it’s what I do,
oft penned soul searches through and through,
the rhymes are many; regrets few,
I ask, would you? I ask, would you?


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

43 thoughts on “INFORM POETS – MONOTETRA

  1. Wow, Walt, you set the bar way up in a tree, methinks. What a wonderful series of monotetrae. You did give me an idea, though.


    I can’t escape his wiles and guile:
    I set the feeder up a mile
    but still he finds it all the while.
    He wears a smile; he wears a smile

    and then proceeds to eat my seed
    while birds must watch him stuff his greed.
    I wish some hawk would swoop, impede,
    and keep him treed. And keep him treed.

    copyright 2014, William Preston


    For life to have meaning and worth,
    Do learn from the times you are hurt.
    Refuse to be treated like dirt.
    Time for rebirth.Time for rebirth.

    When others make you feel quite small,
    Don’t let them make you take the fall.
    Speak up and show them you walk tall.
    Don’t ever crawl.Don’t ever crawl.

    It’s sad that bullies play their game
    On those who least deserve such pain.
    Because they choose not to complain,
    They live with shame.They live with shame.

    It’s time to set the record straight.
    Right now be master of your fate.
    Learn from your hurts or you will break.
    Time won’t wait.Time won’t wait.


  4. Parlance

    “What’s another word for Thesaurus? ~Steven Wright

    Dealing with vocabulary
    when you are in quite a hurry
    tends to make your words sound slurry.
    I don’t worry; I don’t worry.

    When the meaning of a word
    (especially a word not heard
    too often) gets a wee bit blurred,
    then I am spurred, then I am spurred

    to make stuff up. It’s what I do!
    Like, what’s a word for nails you chew?
    Hyponichewum.* See? I knew
    a word in lieu, a word in lieu.

    And if it’s big, folks think you’re smart.
    Just choose your terms, like, a la carte.
    A little science/lotta art.
    C’mon, let’s start; c’mon, let’s start.

    My lexicon ‘Thesaurus’ is…
    And that’s what ‘tis; and that’s what ‘tis.

    You ready? Try this fun word game.
    Imagination is the name
    of any word that you might claim.
    That is the aim; that is the aim.

    *Scientific real word: Hyponychium, It’s the area of attachment between the nail plate and nail bed that lies underneath the free edge. Hyponichewum is my own invention/play on words.

  5. No one wants to smell like Eau de Brat…

    “Perfume giant Elizabeth Arden blamed pop singers Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift for stinking up financial results in the latest quarter.” ~ New York Post Headline

    Celeb-pop scents are in decline
    ‘cause no one thinks they smell divine.
    Parfum de Bieber? Minus sign.
    It isn’t mine; it sure ain’t mine.

    Cologne de Taylor Swift? Malign
    ‘cause sales are off. There’s no cloud nine.
    The news is simply not benign.
    This does define, this does define

    the current trend, I do opine,
    ‘cause heaven should not realign
    for famous names. And by design,
    that is just fine, that is just fine.

    I think I’d rather smell like swine
    or moldy cheese or cleaning pine,
    than Eau Kardashian. Oh whine.
    I would not shine, I would not shine.

    You see, I think it’s asinine
    to choose PopStink. Ungenuine!
    We aren’t sheep, we’re non-bovine.
    A good headline, a good headline.


  6. Walt, yours just flowed. Here is mine.


    You know I’m happy when I sing
    Because the Lord above is King
    His joy to others I will bring
    To Him I cling, to Him I cling

    I also sing when I am blue
    I lift my thoughts to Him Who’s true
    Without Him I don’t have a clue
    I’m fresh as dew, I’m fresh as dew

    When I hear songs I start to move
    My toes tap quickly to approve
    My fingers snap, the pain removed
    I’m in the groove, I’m in the groove

    I love to sing, that’s mostly true
    The power of my voice, who knew
    The music in my heart is due
    He sees me through, He sees me through


    The yard work beckons with the dawn.
    I meet the task with zeal and brawn
    and toil until daylight’s gone.
    The clock ticks on. The clock ticks on.

    But now I’m weary, weak and wan.
    More ugly duckling than a swan,
    I really need a spa/salon.
    The clock ticks on. The clock ticks on.

    From pulling weeds and mowing lawn,
    I haven’t got the strength to yawn.
    The water hot, a bath is drawn.
    The clock ticks on. The clock ticks on.

    I throw my nearest nightgown on,
    crawl into bed and thereupon
    I sleep until again it’s dawn.
    The clock ticks on. The clock ticks on.

    © Susan Schoeffield

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  9. Come Deliverer

    In years past I wondered why
    The world watched six million Jews die.
    We would stop it, yes, you and I.
    At least we’d try, at least we’d try.

    Today’s news reads like Stephen King.
    To some life doesn’t mean a thing.
    We grieve with little hope to cling.
    What can we bring? What can we bring?

    The landscape’s littered with the dead.
    The innocents to deserts fled.
    The evil plans fill us with dread.
    The cancer’s spread, the cancer’s spread.

    Oh, we can’t look the other way—
    allow this horror here to stay.
    We must stop them now. Today!
    Come let us pray, come let us pray.

  10. Pitter Patter
    Alchemy works its charming gear
    Enchanting notes that cling and tear
    And earthy breasts just swell their rings
    As heavens sing,as heavens sing

    The goddess trees are in a trance
    With feather bells, begin to dance
    The color green just shines with might
    In every sight, in every sight

  11. Friends in Summer

    One week goes by like a quick breeze
    Friends 40 years, we speak with ease,
    laugh and cry over memories,
    like planted trees, like planted trees.

    We drove along Route 101,
    views of beaches in dazzling sun.
    We browsed antique shops, missing none.
    Did we have fun! Did we have fun!

    Side by side we rocked on a swing,
    sipped on drinks through late evening.
    We wondered what new years would bring.
    Our hearts did sing, our hearts did sing.

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