Deep inside of us all, we have that one thing that makes our knees shake and stomach churn. We yearn to let confidence take hold only to find we were sold a bill of goods. Write a poem about one of these. It could be yours or one of a friend. Maybe it was something you’ve read that piqued your interest. Afraid of crawly things? Fear of public speaking? Anxious to take on new things? You don’t like flying (one of mine)? Face the fear and post it here!



As a boy, fearless.
I’d hear this voice in my head
that said “nothing can hurt you”!
In the deepest, dankest, darkest
corner under the porch, I felt safest.
Hiding atop of the refrigerator,
finding refuge in the highest branch
of the tallest tree – that was me.
Somewhere along the way
I heard relatives say of how
my grandfather fell from a ladder.
From coma to death in days.
I was a bit swayed but I still stayed
brave, yet vigilant, resilient and sure.
Another grandfather in his eighties
ever the supervisor, also fell from a riser
pitched against the house. Watching his descent
without a means to save him
gave me anxiety I hold to this day.
On a ladder, my knees buckle
and I start to sway, not a way
a builder wracked with guilt
should be. I wish I weren’t afraid of heights.
I might have reached my peak much sooner!
I’m no swooner (when on solid ground.)


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014