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ROBIN WILLIAMS  1951 - 2014

1951 – 2014

Your journey has ended,
by your hand and much too soon.
You, the buffoon, the clown, the genius
bringing joy to the world.
But, for what it’s worth, who gave you mirth?
Your torment was an illness,
your illness was your privacy.
In the shadows of a mind so sharp,
that spark of madness run amok.
You had been stuck for a while
and the smile you wore tore your heart
to shreds. We laughed at your brand,
and demanded more of you
but, you had given enough.
It is tough that you didn’t save
some for yourself. We took you
seriously when your dramatics
gripped us. It ripped us as well,
your living hell of which you would tell,
of powders and pills and rivulets
of distilled potions, notions of answers
left un-questioned; too many to mention.
You’ve gone back to the egg.
You have been silenced like Ellen James.
Long did you stand as the grown-up Pan.
You have sucked the marrow out of this life.
There is no Doubt (the) fire has gone out.
It makes us want to shout,
Oh Captain, My Captain!
Thank you for your gift,
we’ve enjoyed it while it lasted.
And in our hearts you will live within a smile.
What dreams may come, you will greet us.
You will meet us with a joke in tow.
We know your journey has ended.
The Genie has been freed.
The Buffoon. The Clown.
The Genius indeed. Oh, Captain,
Bon Voyage!

© Walter J Wojtanik, 2014


I’ve shared this across the web, and I share it here as well…

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11 thoughts on “OH, CAPTAIN!

  1. A beautiful tribute, Walt. Thanks so much for this. He took a piece of us with him but left so much of his magic behind.

  2. Marjory MT on said:

    Thank You, Walt for that tribute to a great fellow, he is no longer depressed.

  3. A fitting tribute – well done, Walt. I’ve shared it on FB – I hope you don’t mind.

  4. Beautifully penned. Tragically true.

  5. A wonderful Wojtanik tribute to an amazing man & talent! Such a tragic loss. He will be sorely missed & mourned. Thanks for sharing this, Walt. Beautiful! ❤

  6. Walt, you wrote an excellent tribute here!

  7. Darlene Franklin on said:

    What can I say? A moving tribute, fit to read many times. My son called me with the news, and with the story his children had just discovered Jumanji and Hook. The outpouring of grief over time and spanning generations speaks to his genius–gone too soon.

    And my daughter chose to end her life the same way. It brings back shivers of memories. Supreme pain, to choose such an end.

  8. Fabulous tribute, Walt. He was a particular favorite of mine. I was quite stunned.

  9. “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” ~Robin Williams

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