July 30 – Not the last day of the month, but we say our adieu to Camp Granada today. Write a goodbye poem to the camp, your mates, something specifically, or just to Summer in general (it will be over before we know it!) No need to be maudlin or melancholy. There must have been something (someone) to whom a goodbye is due! REMINDER: There will be a final prompt to close out July tomorrow!



July 28 – IT’S A DAY





    • No Viv. There will be a final prompt tomorrow, setting us up for the remainder of the year. The best part about a month long camping excursion, is the return home! That’s where we’ll re-start! W.


    Beauty is a bursting thing,
    much deeper than the skin,
    and you displayed it every day;
    you never kept it in.

    Grace is such a subtle thing,
    a treasure to behold,
    and such was placed on your sweet face
    the day they broke the mold.

    Class is rare, so simply rare
    that some will never see it,
    but we were sure of what you were:
    you couldn’t help but be it.

    We thank you for these priceless things;
    for smiles and laughter, too.
    We’ll treasure all the memories
    as we have treasured you.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  2. Till We Meet Again

    Goodbye sweet climbing tree
    where I dreamed of future things.
    Goodbye gentle curving stream
    tubing, swimming, laughter rings
    in my memory for old age.

    Goodbye zip line, you gave me courage
    to fly like a bird, stretch my wings
    Goodbye dear Camp Granada
    until next July PAD brings
    challenges to my poetry page.


    Again you are left to your own devices,
    it’s been nice (as nice can be), but I see
    you fading in the distance. This chance
    to be free and explore was more than an escape.
    It has been a discovery of self and this passion.
    I cannot fashion myself after any blathering fool.
    If I drool, it will be my own doing; pursuing poetry
    is where my heart leads. It bleeds chapter and verse,
    and I’m no worse for wear. But, there in the thicket
    the shadow of solitude explodes across the landscape.
    I am free to be me and write the stuff by which
    I am known. Fully grown and sown upon pages.
    Your sage inspiration is the station in which
    I await the express train to take me home.
    I love you, Alice B. Toklas.
    But, I’ve got to go! Goodbye.


    We came as strangers to this land
    not always great yet somehow grand.
    In unknown waters we would stand
    to form ourselves a merry band.

    The happy hours we would spend
    not breaking rules (though some would bend).
    Our summer fun has reached its end.
    How we will miss each treasured friend.

    No fancy words can help me say
    the heartache that I feel today.
    For here and now, I can but pray
    these memories don’t go away.

    © Susan Schoeffield

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  6. Goodbye Poeming Camp

    Instead of singing around the campfire,
    we tap on laptop keys in our homes.
    Instead of swimming, canoeing,
    horseback riding, we play
    with words, prompts and metaphors.
    Instead of gobbling hotdogs and s’mores,
    we feast on each other’s creativity.
    We never see our fellow campers,
    but we enjoy each other’s company.
    Our camp counselors did a good job
    and now I wonder, what next?

    • One nice thing about virtual camping: no lying brochures. This has been a great experience, as this poem notes.

  7. The Brochure Lied

    I saw the brochure
    With the clear blue lake
    Freshly painted cabins
    Smiling faces in every shot
    Delicious looking grub
    And sunny day after sunny day
    But it wasn’t that way

    The lake was cold and murky
    The cabin paint was peeling
    We didn’t smile all the time
    The food was borderline edible
    And it rained way too much
    More like real life

    But we did make lifelong friends
    We learned about the love of God
    We sang until we were hoarse
    Worked and played like family
    And made forever memories
    In only two short weeks

    But now it’s time to say good-bye
    Go our own separate ways
    Back to our families and friends
    Happy for our time together
    Even though we all know now
    The brochure lied

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  8. It has been a tremendous pleasure to have partaken in these inspiring camp experiences. Thank you for this July ‘vacation’ —
    Good Byes
    The good in our byes
    will whisper through crystal hues
    sun kissed and moon dipped
    floating gossamer spells
    in hatching forget me nots
    as seasons come and go——

  9. Who will we be when we meet next year?

    Will we have put away all our childish
    Tricks and behave like adults?

    Will the adults begin to behave a s adults
    And stop imitating children!

    Will the singers and musicians among us find new
    Practice spots a little deeper in the woods?

    Will the lovers among us learn that being
    Alone is even more romantic than impressing a
    Crowd with the depth of your passions?

    To those campers who have yet to learn to difference
    Between skunks and stray kittens _ please study.

    Will we please be instructed in the difference
    Between harmful and innocent snakes?

    What is the real sound a rattlesnake makes before he strikes?
    Learn and identify, please!

    Dogs are not welcome where bunny rabbits live.

    Rain does not improve the sound of a piano.

    Please carry a lantern or flashlight for those emergency trips to the latrines.

    Birds will not eat while a cat is watching.

    Cats do not like the outdoors and are happier at home.

    Dogs on leashes, please.

    For all who love the water but cannot swim – the YMCA has swimming lessons
    Over t he winter months.

    Do not start the motor of a watercraft unless you are experienced at turning
    It off. Do not attempt to steer or otherwise manoever any watercraft
    Without showing the camp leaders your license.

    Some snakes are not poisonous.

    Pictures of skunks will be posted. Observe and memorize!


    Hello, goodbye.
    The summer went too fast.
    From start to end
    The present, now the past.
    Hello, goodbye.
    What memories to keep!
    Those campsite days
    To visit in our sleep.
    Hello, goodbye,
    The forest full of trees.
    The hikes we took,
    Bird watching and the bees.
    Hello, goodbye,
    New friends that I have made.
    The summer’s gone
    It’s off to school’s next grade.
    Hello, goodbye
    Until June comes again.
    Hello, goodbye
    Until we meet again.


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  12. Heart of Summer

    Summer whose spirit is of the small – collecting treasures
    whose mind is of the wise caging waves for later
    whose aura is of salmon’s scales – sunset pink.

    Summer whose head is of the great-orange-globe
    whose neck is of the ocean-found glass-bottle
    whose chest is of the broad expanse of beach.

    Summer whose sloping shoulders are of the sandbanks
    whose arms are of the reaching trees
    whose hands are of the emerald canopy.

    Summer whose fingers are of the tiny vine tendrils
    whose belly is of the sapphire-secret-sea
    whose hips are of the great ivory egret in flight.

    Summer whose sex is of the dune-blooming sweet-pea
    whose thighs are of the graceful roundness of fallen trunks
    whose gem-green calves are of soft moss covering.

    Summer whose feet are of sun-warmed stones
    whose toes are of the spiral in periwinkle-wading-waters
    whose soul is of the shell-switching traveling hermit-crab.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

    This is written in a form called Blazons that Margo Roby is featuring right now.

    Blazons is an old form (13th c.), originally used to detail the various parts of a woman’s body; a sort of catalogue of her physical attributes.

  13. Ta-ta, Granada

    Now comes the time
    for a fond farewell
    for soon we will hear
    that old school bell.

    Cars pull up
    with moms and dads
    to drive us home.
    Summer’s gone; I’m sad.

    I have forged strong bonds
    with the girls of Granada.
    I’ll miss giggling at bedtime,
    and making our own enchiladas.

    Cody and Whitey both have gone,
    and here comes Charlotte’s mother.
    An old Chevy wheezes and stops
    Hey, its my big brother!

    I feel the chill of Autumn on bare arms,
    and hear the rustling of summer’s departing skirts.

  14. Everything is Awesome

    Camp was a blast
    I made a ton of friends!
    I’m finally heading home
    at last, at last!

    Hugs all around
    a few tears too
    but mainly happy faces
    boarding buses back to town.

    I made lifelong friends
    and some that might fade away
    but the memories will stay,
    the memories will stay.

    So camp … goodbye
    friends … farewell
    I’ll be back next year
    when summer is high!

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