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July 12 – Using just this photo for inspiration, craft your poem.






July 10 – CAMPFIRE


July 8 – POET CAMP



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  1. WmPreston on said:


    We may not know what we’ll be finding
    through deserts hot and snowstorms blinding
    but let us always be together
    through whims of worry, want, and weather.
    There’s a long, long trail a-winding.

    copyright 2014, William Preston


    Holding our breath in reverence
    for the mystery of the forest
    we’ll explore the dangers ahead
    timid yet brave for adventure,
    breathing in good fresh air.

    How to escape the labyrinth?
    Tie a string and trail it behind,
    leave paterans of twigs at junctions
    or cut blazes in bark to point the way?
    Keep an eye out for monsters
    or maybe a bear.

    Collect pebbles in pockets.
    build a cairn at the top
    to show that we were there.

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  4. Let’s Go

    Let’s go on an adventure
    for there are dragons waiting to be slain
    and caves chocked full of treasures,
    riches and wonders beyond measure.
    Let’s go on an adventure

    for there are species in nature
    that maybe we can discover
    or perhaps the Earhart plane
    in a thick forest the resting remains.
    Let’s go on an adventure

    for there are mysteries to be solved
    or perhaps a door to the past
    or a different dimension
    amazing things awaiting our attention.
    Oh, let’s go on an adventure.


    There they stand hand-in-hand
    traveling to another land.
    Not a one is in command,
    but they walk together to explore.

    Entering through nature’s door,
    across the bridge’s mossy floor,
    step-by-step they work, these four
    together on their way.

    Knowing soon there will come a day,
    when they will go their separate ways,
    but for now, and come what may,
    they’re together hand-in-hand.

  6. flashpoetguy on said:


    I try my best
    with puffed-up chest
    to pass each test
    life throws my way
    and safe to say
    there is no day
    I choose to play
    when duty calls
    I break down walls
    I fist through brawls
    I take the falls

    I hold your hand
    ‘cross logs and sand
    through sea and land
    I will not quit
    I rise when hit
    it keeps me fit
    though I admit
    someday I’ll lose
    earn one last bruise
    burn out my fuse
    sing loud the blues

    but for right now
    I will not bow
    I took a vow
    to try my best
    refuse to rest
    I do not jest
    let me confess
    I feel I’m blessed


  7. Perfect title for this lovely poem

  8. Darlene Franklin on said:

    Trail map left out leafy, barky log
    Taking us through mossy, scary bog

    Coming up with titles for poems is as hard as titles for books. Every now and then I get lucky–not this time!

  9. Each line could be a title – material here for lots of poems.

  10. The Trail

    Faced with decision between friend or foe
    they pursue the trail that appears
    less trodden.
    Hand in hand they walk beyond
    (though on different sides of the line)
    the refuge the path provides.
    Into the great unknown
    determination on their faces shown.
    Solitary in their struggles
    but no longer alone.

    Chi Holder

  11. The Sweetness of Youth

    They bicker
    as all siblings do,
    but when on vacation
    all things become new.

    The joys they experience
    together or alone,
    are all the more sweeter
    when facing the unknown.

    So when on a trek
    through mysterious woods,
    they walked hand-n-hand
    while carrying the goods.

    The eldest leads the way
    keeping them all safe,
    the youngest in the middle
    so they don’t lose the waif.

    They’re going on an adventure
    where memories will form,
    if only these moments
    were always the norm.

  12. Priti on said:

    Beautiful picture, but sorry life comes in the way of words today–
    I just have a one line offering for now—-

    My hand in yours- that’s all-

    • Wm Preston on said:

      That’s a sweet offering.

    • Perhaps you only need to sleep on it, Priti. That’s how it is for me sometimes. I just won’t get anything beyond a mental image or a line. It might take a couple of days before the rest falls into place. You’ll get there. No fears on that.

  13. Snackacide

    If you wear sandals,
    If you wear shorts,
    Then say Bon appetit
    To ticks and midges,
    Bites and scratches,
    And those crawling
    Squidges underfoot.
    Hikers, campers, cover-up,
    Spray your arms,
    And play it safe.
    It’s an all-you-can-eat
    Snackacide out there.

  14. You two! ha, I’m loving the cides.

  15. RJ Clarken on said:

    Crossing that Bridge

    A journey begins with a single step.
    We can try. Let’s begin. Please…hold my hand.
    Life’s precarious. Sometimes, one can’t prep,
    but together, we’ll make it all seem planned.

    We can try. Let’s begin. Please…hold my hand,
    since hand in hand we’ll form a link, a bond.
    See, together, we’ll make it all seem planned.
    Let us correspond; let us go beyond.

    Since hand in hand we’ll form a link, a bond,
    we will learn of trust and humanity.
    Let us correspond; let us go beyond.
    To give in to fear is insanity.

    And in that first step, we will each have grown.
    Life’s precarious. Sometimes, one can’t prep,
    so let’s not postpone that which waits, unknown:
    a journey begins with a single step.


  16. Four-In-One

    On fallen tree we cross as one
    Hand in hand holding tight
    Dried moss and bark danger presents
    Keep watch lest one would slip
    Sure foot
    Keen eye
    And hands held tight

    I lead with cautious confidence
    Trust that I will guide you right
    No obstacle that lay before
    Will keep us from the hidden goal
    Sure foot
    Keen eye
    And hands held tight

    Our journey thus far has been rough
    Through thicket, stream, and dark of night
    Onward we trek through come what may
    Our God will keep us safe from harm
    Sure foot
    Keen eye
    And hands held tight

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  17. I needed a while to put my thoughts and impressions together for this one. The immediate idea was good, but I wanted to say something specific.

    Bush Craft

    You broke trail for us,
    Kept us safe and moving,
    Along whichever winding track
    Took us forward.

    You seldom flinched when
    our whining held whimpers
    on damp forest hillsides; you still
    took us forward.

    Whatever the game,
    Mushrooms, rabbits, or squirrels,
    You guided our adventures and
    Took us forward.

    Your forest trails taught
    Us how to move through life,
    How to guide ourselves to take
    Ourselves forward.

    • Wm Preston on said:

      I hear this as a tribute to a leader or teacher. Well penned, this.

      • Thank you, William. To my parents, actually. The poem was quite literal. They began our bush craft lessons when we were quite young. We were expected to take the lessons and extrapolate to our lives in general. For the most part we did.

  18. (Poem w/image: http://lettheballoonssailmeaway.wordpress.com)

    “Let’s Pretend”

    Sail along with me
    Over turbulent seas
    I will hold your hand
    Carry us along until
    We reach land.

  19. connielpeters on said:

    Treasure Hunters

    A flickering torch lit the way down the narrow path.
    We could not see the bottom of the chasm.
    We held hands, as well as our breath.
    We inched forward, ever so slowly.
    Emeralds and gold glittered merely yards away.
    Through the centuries, men older and wiser
    than us had searched for this treasure
    hidden by a band of pirates from a tropical isle.
    We almost made it.
    But Mom called us home for lunch.

  20. The Crossing

    Marty wondered if his decision
    to take his brother and sisters
    across the river on a log
    was wise. All eyes were glued
    to grooves in which they
    could step. Water rushed
    under the log, slapping at
    the bottom. Marty warned them
    to keep holding hands. If one
    of the kids stumbled,
    they would all end up in water
    of an unknown depth.

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  22. Breath of the Passed

    Let’s hand in hand travel this land
    the home of the great fallen ones.
    Let’s steady ourselves as one –
    become stronger in our numbers
    in a single linked line we’ll journey.
    On this bridge as a human strand
    we’ll trek the wreckage tenderly
    finding careful footing on their beautiful remains.
    As organic beings we balance on the breath of the past,
    on their broad trunk-bodies we follow the parallel path.
    Together we’ll explore looking for the pulse
    as one we’ll discover the rest of the forest –
    we’ll pay our respects to the great fallen ones
    hand in hand we’ll travel this land.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

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