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July 6th – We’ve been at camp for five days and we miss home. We miss Mom and Dad and Little Sis. We miss our friends. More importantly, we miss our Internet connection. Write a ten line poem belying what what you hate about camp. The first nine are your complaints; the tenth line is the “Oh, never mind, this place isn’t so bad.” revelation. 







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    I hate the chilly nights,
    I hate that there’s no lights.
    I hate the bugs out here.
    I hate to feel this fear.
    I hate the woodland noises,
    I hate the lack of voices.
    I hate my cabin mates,
    I hate the things I hate.
    I hate it that the ground is damp.
    Never mind, we’re visiting the All-Girl’s Camp!

    (C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

  2. As usual, Walt, you hit the spot! Mine is here: http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/dearest-faddah-wordle-168/ it needs the illustration!

  3. WmPreston on said:


    black bears;
    bruised bunions;
    poison ivy
    and poison sumac;
    a hole in the pup tent
    and raindrops finding the hole;
    mockingbirds chattering all night
    and mice in sleeping bags. Irritants,
    all of them, but stars give succor to souls.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  4. Change of Heart

    Hello muddah, hello faddah
    this is me from camp Granada
    I’m so homesick, I’m so blue
    I even miss my sister sue
    and the cookin’ is atrocious
    made me barf quite ferocious
    their lasagna is not like dad’s
    had to cut it with an adz.
    The lifeguard is a handsome lad…
    Oh, never mind, it’s not so bad.

  5. Precious from the Worthless

    Stealth mosquitoes without a conscience.
    And where’s the toilet paper?!?!
    Hungry raccoon ninjas with claws.
    Aimless bees armed with venom.
    Demonic arachnids with sticky hands.
    Flatulation ambushes in closed tents.
    Anemic cell phone signals.
    Poison IVY! (even the plants attack here).
    Port-o-potty bathrooms from the gates of hell, or alter-universe.
    But the precious times with family and friends is well worth it (God help us).

    Benjamin Thomas


    Camp Wattcha Dewin’s got me in a knot.
    I wake still sleepy from my lumpy cot
    And the chow they serve is never real hot.
    Counselor Van Camp I don’t like a lot.
    I miss my home, my comic books too.
    Did I mention my girl named Mary Lou?
    She’s sweet and she’s kind. What can I do?
    I miss her smile. I hope she’ll be true.
    Big boys don’t cry no matter how sad.
    Tonight we’ll watch movies. Camp ain’t so bad!


  7. connielpeters on said:

    From Camp Critter

    We call bathrooms “bat”rooms because they’re often hanging there,
    and Camp Ritter “Camp Critter” for the raccoons, bugs and bears.
    I’m tired of leaky tents and the mud from when it rains.
    The onslaught of horseflies is doing something to our brains.
    The fish smell nauseates me when we swim in that cold lake.
    And the credentials of the counselors surely must be fake.
    Cooking breakfast consumes hours and then it’s time for lunch.
    My air mattress has gone flat with my blankets in a bunch.
    I’m fearful for our lives, when in the woods we roam.
    But with all the fun we’re having, I’m not ready to go home.

  8. Air mattress? That’s not camping – that’s glamping! Good poem.

  9. Darlene Franklin on said:


    The campground sets my skin afire
    A black fly’s bite—no cricket choir
    What’s fun about a bumpy bed
    Who likes cold water’s spray on head
    I’m soaked when rain crawls in the tent
    And who could like the toilet’s scent
    Canned food for meals becomes grotesque
    And most of all I miss my desk
    Add drunken neighbors late at night
    Pace changing, dif’rent, life’s all right

  10. Priti on said:

    My weekly report

    Dawn has cracked my bones !
    They made us clean the toilets right after so called ‘lunch’!
    The sun is always blazing mad!
    Shadows have stinging voices and hairy legs!
    Birds are so misbehaved!
    The counselors have dragon eyes everywhere!
    Campfires cast an eerie spell!
    No one laughs at my jokes!
    Even the Mosquitos pick on me !
    But these trees with healing hands !! – I think I’ll stay awhile:)

  11. Darlene Franklin on said:

    funny! Reads like a kid’s complaint, all right to the !!!
    (maybe add ALL CAPS)

  12. This is the camp from …. But we are not allowed to say the last word/

    At the camp from …the tents are made of
    Old bed sheets and the rain comes right trough them.

    There is no indoor plumbing & we have to walk
    A mile to the outhouse.

    No plumbing.

    We bathe in the river which is all muddy.

    We only get to bring 1 blanket and at night
    Everything freezes.

    Not enough batteries for our flashlights.

    All we have to read are old Archie comic books
    From the previous century.

    We can’t get a signal on our phones or anything electronic.

    We are learning how people lived in the Dark Ages.

  13. THAT BOY

    With good looks and muscles he’s brimmin’.
    It shows when he’s out there a’swimmin’.
    He’s staring at Susie
    (that life-guarding floozy!)
    He thinks he is God’s gift to women.

    And not that I’d notice, but hey –
    He’s flirting with Rosie and Faye,
    Katrina, Deb … Gee,
    Now he’s flirting with ME?
    Now I’m thinkin’ this place is okay!

    © Marie Elena Good

  14. Day 6 of My Captivity

    We march everywhere…my legs ache.
    Poison Ivy is the camp plant…I have spots that itch.
    Mosquitos are the camp mascot…I have more spots that itch.
    I have a stomach ache every morning…from holding my pee all night.
    The raccoons got into the garbage…kept us all awake last night.
    Someone tripped me as I was running off the dock…I did a belly flop.
    Someone put honey all over the floor…when we got up we had honey and ants stuck to our feet.
    We think there is a bear eating kids here because boys keep disappearing.
    My pocket knife is missing.
    Gotta go it’s time for lunch! I love the food!

  15. To Whom This Should Concern:

    After discerning thought I’ve learnt this camp
    Is not for me. I’m every bit soggily damp,
    And rust is eating through my boot’s clamps.
    My sleeping bag is smelling rank after a prank
    By that silly Janie Lee Potterhouse, and ants
    Waltz about here like they own the place.
    My sweatpants are mostly sweat, and my feet
    Are now a shade of eggplant, and how am I
    To bathe whilst standing on a muddy riverbank?
    Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not all swank
    Or posh, but I’m not at my best with my hair
    Hung smelly dank. And cold beans, cold beans!
    I swear that I can’t eat one more cold bean!
    I’m a pitiful tramp who sleeps on the ground,
    A tramp who eases cramps from my back
    And legs come each and every dawn. But …
    Look on the brightcide, like that song says:
    “Always look on the brightcide of death.”
    This is my pleadacide, my begacide.
    ‘cause I’m struggling to see the brightcide.

    I hate camping.

  16. Dear Gram

    Bible Camp is not so great
    It’s hurry up and wait, wait, wait
    The food is bland and always cold
    The bathroom’s full; I have to hold
    The shower’s never hot enough
    I don’t like all this outdoor stuff
    I wish that I knew how to swim
    Then I could cool off after gym
    The sing-a-longs are not for me
    ‘Cause no one here can sing on key
    I cannot sleep with all the noise
    My cabin’s full of farting boys
    I miss my room and my soft bed
    The pillow where I put my head
    My toys and friends and my pet cat
    Ain’t none of those things where I’m at
    But mostly I miss you and Gramp
    Why did you send me to Bible Camp
    Oh well, I guess you needed a break
    So I’ll tough it out for you alls sake
    Don’t worry that I’m rambling on
    Camp will be over before too long
    I’ll tell you more next time I write
    I gotta’ run, it’s movie night

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  17. Hello Mutter

    Bug bites scratchy
    Sunburn itchy
    All the campers getting bitchy
    Rainy humid
    Dry and dusty
    Why are all the cabins musty?
    Spiders spinning
    Lizards, snakes
    Always eggs, not Frosted Flakes

    We tied the counselors to stakes! :)

  18. (Poem w/image: http://lettheballoonssailmeaway.wordpress.com)

    {My husband would have been a glamper, so I imagine this}

    My Hero

    “No honey, those assembly pieces must go somewhere!”
    “Mom! I found these extra pieces, inside Dad’s chair!”
    The ants are marching in? Well, you parked on Their hill.
    …Okay, I know, my containers do spill.
    Please don’t leave your wrappers lying around.
    Like you, they know, where goodies are found.
    Potty breaks at night— don’t forget your shoes…
    …Those bears, you know, are hungry too.
    Rising with the sun… I’m the only one.
    Lying next to you at night, we catch up on reading, by lantern’s warm light.

  19. I loved writing this one!

    Grass blades scratch my legs
    Please take me home, I’ll eat my eggs
    Mosquitos are as big as Smart cars
    Possibly new arrivals from Mars
    Constant shrill of counselor’s whistle
    Want to squirt him with a water pistol
    You cannot believe the crummy food
    Looks like its has been pre-chewed
    Today we had races in the pool
    Well, it sure beats going back to school!

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  21. Star-Struck

    There’re pincher bugs
    giant slugs, spiders
    and stinging bees.
    There’re rashes,
    nasty leaches
    and the pond is slimy.
    There’s lots of poison ivy,
    vicious mosquitos,
    giant June beetles
    and unbelievable starry-skies.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  22. I’m late to the party again. Here’s my little song, though in rough draft only. Enjoy!

    Camp Iwanna

    Hello world, why’d I come here,
    Where the rain dissolved sun’s sear?
    Do I hafta tread water
    Just to prove I’m your daughter?
    Did you know there’s no bathrooms,
    And on the walls they grow mushrooms?
    Pullin’ pranks has become my pastime;
    I’ve learned uses for green pond slime,
    And with two weeks left I’ve begun to think,
    It’s now time to push those counselors to drink.

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