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July 3rdToday we celebrate summer by tapping into the music of summer. Think of a song title that has the word “Summer” in it, or is Summer themed. I have the LPs handy and the PA speakers are blaring your favorite Summer tune. Sing along and then write your poem!




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  1. William Preston on said:


    Tootsie and Wootsie went out to play
    at their campsite on a summer’s day’

    Tootsie dove in to the water, you see,
    whilst Wootsie stepped in but to his knee.

    Alligators chanced upon Tootsie’s way;
    Wootsie saw this, and began to pray.

    Alas! Tootsie could not swim free,
    so Wootsie delivered the eulogy.

    copyright 2014, William Preston
    NB: inspired by a nonsense line in In The Good Old Summertime
    George Evans, Ren Shields, 1902

    • Marjory MT on said:

      “Give me land, lots of land
      with the starry sky above,
      Don’t fence me in.”

      Go to places that are quiet,
      with no noisy traffic sounds.
      Don’t fence me in.

      Where the road’s an old dirt track
      a-windin’ upward to the sky.
      Where the crickets with the bull frogs
      sing harmonious lullaby.
      Where you watch the eagles sore
      wishin’ too that you could fly.

      Don’t fence me in.

      Teasingly the moon climbs high
      to just beyond a tall man’s reach
      Fire sparks escape to float
      and mingle with the swaying stars.
      Moving sounds of life at night
      whisper soft beyond your sight.

      Don’t fence me in.

      Reclining with a bed-roll tucked
      beneath my ladened head.
      I count the star in milky-way,
      as I float across the sky and
      Smell the advent of morning dew
      as I wait and watch the world awake.

      Don’t fence me in
      Don’t fence me in.

      Marjory m Thompson 2014

    • Marjory MT on said:

      – you left me speechless, and thus I posted my ‘tune’ in the wrong place.
      What more can I say but, “Poor Tootsie.”

      • WmPreston on said:

        Thanks. Your take on Cole Porter’s tongue-in-cheek western song is wonderful, in my opinion; quite different in tone from the original and very idyllic to contemplate.

    • Poor Tootsie. Wootsie is nothing without his Tootsie. This was fun, William.

    • Such fun, William. Maybe not for Tootsie …

    • Darlene Franklin on said:

      Oh, this one had me chuckling from beginning to end

    • This is a winner, Bill. Love it. It does, however, need more stanzas. You see, this little kiddie’s book is far too short, and ‘twould be better longer for a better snort. 🙂

  2. connielpeters on said:

    When He Saw Me in September

    I wish I would have remembered
    the sad crooner of See You in September,
    “Will I see you in September
    Or lose you to a summer love?”

    He drove me to the airport.
    Said goodbye with a lingering kiss.
    I cried when I arrived at my sister’s.
    Before the day was over I was missing him.

    Thoughts of kissing him.
    Would I make it through the summer?
    But adventure called
    and then young lovers.

    I was soon entangled
    by summer fun
    and love,
    choosing that one special one.

    When I saw him in September,
    he knew
    he lost me
    to a summer love.

    From “See You in September”, words by Wayne and Edwards, sung by the Tempos

  3. I wish everyone a beautiful summer day

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  5. Campcide Tales, Day 3: Watercide

    There’s rain in my beans.
    There’s rain on my matches.
    There’s rain in my shoes,
    And on my eyelashes.
    And now I know where
    Summer goes when it’s
    Summer in the city.
    It’s this trip, a drip,
    And we’re all staring
    at a watercide.
    A campacide.
    And I really hate camping.


    Two sides to every coin,
    joined in the middle; a transition.
    Running hot and cold,
    not so bold as to have no choice.
    A voice for all seasons,
    no reason is clear, Two hats worn,
    changing with the flow
    running hot and cold.
    Summers seem so far away
    heading for my winter days.
    Soon to be seeking warmth
    staying close to heart and hearth.
    Until then, I’ll work on my tan.
    My summer me is still a young man,
    running hot and cold.

    “Summer Me, Winter Me” written by Michel Legrand, Alan and Marilyn Bergman –
    Performed by Frank Sinatra”

  7. (Poem w/image: http://lettheballoonssailmeaway.wordpress.com)

    All Day Music: Suavecito Summers, Early ’70s

    The gentle balmy
    breezes of summer carry
    me to you in song.

    Inspirational songs:
    “All Day Music”, War
    “Summertime”, War
    “You’re Still A Young Man”, Tower of Power
    “Suavecito”, Malo (w/Jorge Santana)

  8. Oh, VERY familiar, Henri. My brothers may still have the albums knocking around. Not CDs, LPs! W.

  9. The Big Easy Heat

    Hot day in the Big Easy
    Clothes on my back feelin’ hot and greasy
    Burned house, no electricity
    Drinkin’ lots of water, sweat pouring off of me

    Workin’ hard, getting’ all my info
    Headin’ to the hotel, take a shower, don’t you know

    Get some food, a big cup of coffee
    Load the pictures, see what I can see
    Come-on, come-on, this’ll take all night
    The house is so big and the fire a fright

    Don’t you know, tomorrow I’ll return
    Two more days and two more night
    In the city, the Big Easy
    In the city, the Big Easy

    Inspired by “Summer in the City” by the Lovin’ Spoonful
    And by my the last three days I spent in New Orleans
    on a content assignment.

  10. (“Summer in the City” recorded by The Lovin’ Spoonful)

    Summer at the Campgrounds

    hot nights, summer at the campsite
    back of my neck getting sweaty and bitten
    getting down, just not smitten
    doesn’t seem to be a breeze in the night.

    in the tents people swattin’ skeeters
    tossing on the dang cots, bodies like a heater

    but come day it’s a different world
    go out give it a whirl
    let’s go tubin’ on the river
    through the rapids shakin’ your liver.

    and hey, I’m about to come around
    though the nights aren’t like the days
    in the summer, at the campground
    in the summer, at the campground


    The sun begins to settle down
    upon the campground beaches.
    And when it sets, they all come out
    like noisy, hungry leeches.

    Some still in dripping bathing suits,
    some barely dressed at all,
    they brag about their awesome tans
    or who they will enthrall.

    Their voices rise in decibels
    with every sip of beer
    (which they disguise in cardboard cups
    to drink along the pier).

    I know they’re only having fun.
    They should. They’re in their youth.
    But could they find a better way
    than being so uncouth?

    The seaside campground has a place to hide from teenage talk.
    We bask in our tranquility beneath the old boardwalk.

    © Susan Schoeffield

    (Inspiration: The Drifters’ “Under the Boardwalk”)


    I’m not rugged like I was once.
    I’m not smart, but I’m not a dunce.
    I’m not fond of the canvas floors,
    or the chores,
    or outdoors.
    I was made for a nicer scene:
    fluffy robe on a body clean,
    parked in front of a flat TV screen.
    Now here is what you must do.

    Take me out of this campground.
    Take me back into town.
    I want a bathroom, a big soft bed,
    fresh fruit and veggies to keep me fed.
    Let me be near some shopping.
    Starbucks Cafe would be swell.
    And in one more bug bite I’m gone
    from this outdoor hell.

    © Susan Schoeffield

    (A reluctant camper’s version of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” by Jack Norworth and Albert von Tizler.)

  13. Darlene Franklin on said:


    Sleepy summer days
    Gentle ocean waves
    Breathe salty air and unwind
    Surf caresses toes
    Ocean breezes blow
    Fill lazy hours in my mind

    Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

    Misty clouds float past
    Naming shapes a blast
    Darkened sky ends sunshine’s reign
    Wet and wonderful
    Drink it in till full
    Capture hazy days in Maine

    Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

    Tourists form boomtown
    Locals fear slowdown
    Boat trips, train rides, clambakes too
    Buy chintzy knickknacks
    Promise to come back
    Crazy days end, bid adieu

    Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

    Now I’ll check out everyone else’s poems (don’t want to scare myself ahead of time, lol)


    Summer breezes wafting, making me feel
    surrounded, comforted by the
    warm wind wrapping its tender arms
    around me. It is a feeling that
    puts you fully within my reach,
    finding ourselves on a sandy beach, stars out
    and the sound of the waves there to
    serenade us. To keep us and hold
    us. Placing you here with me.

    I carry you here in
    my heart. The very place the
    summer sun transitions to evening.
    Nighttime is the time when
    lovers meet, a rendezvous away from the
    toil of our busy day.
    It is in that place where our hearts are, where love is
    and will remain when the Summer is through.

    The last lines from “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts

    GOLDEN SHOVEL poem © Walter J Wojtanik, 2014

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  16. A Breath of Summer is breathtaking. A lovely Golden Shovel, too.

  17. Summertime

    And the living is sneezy
    Poison Ivy is blooming
    Way up to the sky.

    If your Daddy was rich
    He would buy us more hydro-cordezine
    Old calamine lotion
    is not as strong as it seems.

    Mosquitoes are buzzing
    And sand fleas are biting

    Until we get thos e allergy shots
    there ‘s too much that can harm us
    So Mommy and Daddy will tell
    this country living good-bye.

    apologies to George Gershwin .
    I really like “Porgy and Bess”.

  18. Priti on said:

    I nspired by ‘That’s summertime to me’ by Dale Van Horn

    When the sun is bright
    And the sky is new
    Not a tear of a cloud
    And your eyes turn blue—-
    When the waves come to play
    And there’s sand in your shoe
    There’s a glaze in the wind
    And you smile like you knew
    That’s summertime to me
    That’s summertime to me

    When the waves are aglo
    In the moon strung breeze
    And the stars come and go
    In a velvet sleeve——
    When there’s strawberry air
    In your whispered dream
    And I sit by your side
    With nothing in between
    That’s summertime to me
    That’s summertime to me ——

  19. Beautiful Priti and I love this “And the stars come and go
    In a velvet sleeve——”

    (THE DANLEERS, 1958)

    What did we know about love!
    In our late teens we danced the Montclair
    In the high school gym as close as we dared
    And breathed in those rock lyrics as if
    they were meant only for the two of us.

    Who did we think we both were!
    The Danleers sang, “I held you tight
    Under the moon of love.” It felt so right
    Whispering in your ear, “I kissed your lips,”
    Convinced “I knew this was love.”

    Where in the world are you today?
    So many summer nights steeped in time;
    So many love moons rise and shine.
    Who did we think we both were!
    What did we know about love!


  21. I’ll be back later to make comments. Getting a really late start today. This poem is from that time several years when this was a weekly summer event.


    Ah, the sound Jimmy
    gives to minor league
    baseball experience.

    Tatoos all around
    on arms raised for
    dogs and beer.

    Seats in the sun,
    filled to capacity,
    sizzling in the heat.

    Cracks of the bat,
    waves of hands
    on the homeruns.

    Give-aways at inning
    breaks for those still
    toughin’ out the heat.

    Kids and grown-ups,
    having a great free
    ticket Saturday night.

    Smells, sounds, sights
    blend to keep memories
    happenin’ late into autumn.

  22. Darlene Franklin on said:

    Oh, give me a baseball game. . .I fell in love during the Rockies’ first season, when they played at the now-old Mile High Stadium.

  23. Summer Camp ‘69

    I got a second hand six-string
    Bought it from a friend of mine
    Played it ‘fore I went to bed
    ‘Twas the spring of ‘69

    Me and my friend from school
    Learned some chords and a few easy songs
    School let out, summer camp started
    Thought we’d take our new guitars along

    Oh, when I think back now
    I remember setting ‘round the fire
    My buddy right by my side
    Strumming and a singing with desire
    Those were some fun times in my life

    Oh, yeah
    Back during summer camp ’69, oh oh

    Didn’t really like summer camp
    ‘Cept for all the nighttime sing-a-longs
    We were strummin’ like guitar champs
    Only knew about a dozen good songs

    Sittin’ on a sawed off log
    All the girls thought that we were cool
    Minds drifted in a musical fog
    We were summer camps’ guitar fools
    Those were some fun times in my life

    Oh, yeah
    Back during summer camp ’69, oh oh

    That was such a crazy time
    We were young and cool and killin’ time
    I guess nothin’ can last forever, forever, no!

    Oh, yeah
    Back during summer camp ’69, oh oh

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

    Inspired by Bryan Adams’ song, “Summer of ‘69”

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  25. A Summer Song

    It begins slowly – spheres of water take turns
    dramatically they beat a heavy tapping rhythm
    against the worn wood of porch and rock steps.
    Birds persist in singing their best despite the rain
    showered leaves release layer upon layer of tympani
    broad parallel branches provide a dense bass drum
    and the puddles collecting on the stone patio
    they play a plinking-solo – a bright song rises,
    a measured melody in single steady drops –
    they pulse and pool pushing visible ringed ripples.
    The tune of a sweet summer rain is consuming
    its white-sound rooftop-swooshing is a lovely lullaby
    but nature is the great conductor orchestrating this master-piece
    and the finale arises on a roll of distant thunder echoing endlessly,
    a bright streak etches its way across the slate gray sky.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

    • Lovely, Hannah. A total sensory experience of verse. You never disappoint in this realm of poetry, my friend. You immerse the reader in your experience of nature and its many moods. Love it.

  26. Summer in The City (Lovin’ Spoonful)

    Hot town, sidewalks sizzling,
    sweat drizzling down necks
    of washed out people. Fire
    hydrants open to squealing
    children. Meet me on the roof
    and we will dance when the sun
    leaves the sky, just you and I.

  27. I’m playing catch-up. Two for you below–the haiku from Summer in the City, Up on the Roof, and Under the Boardwalk. Happy 4th!

    Gershwin and Heyward’s Baby
    (Apologies to Summertime from Porgy and Bess)

    Boys, the living ain’t easy on a summer farm
    where cotton and tobacco make daily demands
    and garden plants need harvesting
    exactly when you’re busiest and tiredest.

    High cotton is a metaphor
    for easy street when money’s flush,
    a metaphor for other folks
    who beat the heat beside a pool.

    Little baby, go ahead and cry;
    these folks fashioned a lullaby
    that’s false or for some wealthy babe.
    Your parents toil and fret in old shoes.

    Ira and Dubose sit in a Charleston flat
    imagining a sultry life spent tending
    kids and watching fields grow, lazy
    lemonade days, juleps before dinner.

    Under a broiling sun with a hoe
    in your hand, jumping fish taunt
    you from the ponds. You dream breezes
    on a morning when you wake up singing.

    Hot haiku

    Escape hot towns with
    City summers up on roofs
    Or under boardwalks

  28. The Summer of ‘85

    The Summer of ‘85
    before senior year
    thought we knew it all
    we had no fear.

    Playing at the beach,
    sipping beer,
    chasing boys,
    keeping it in low gear.

    Yeah, that was the year
    we had no fear.

    Inspired by Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams


    Inspired by the first “summer” song that came to mind … “Summer Lovin'” from Grease

    The scent of sunscreen
    always makes me think
    of bikinis and boys

    the salty sea air
    and wet swimsuits
    a lubricant for lust

    as eyes scan the
    sand for some sexy
    smile full of promise

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