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I’m on a much needed (aren’t they always) vacation next week 😀 and I’m not sure there will be time for getting some camping in. You want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. I had an A/C unit fail catastrophically and spew water across the majority of my living room rug. So obviously, I’ll have my time away turn into another “work vacation” tearing it up and replacing it. But, we’ll still go the nature route, if only through poetry.

So here’s how it will work. Those who had participated last July you have an idea what we’re doing. We will all be going on sort of a vacation during July in the guise of the second CREATIVE BLOOMINGS SUMMER POETRY GAUNTLET. Remind us Walt, what’s this mean?

First of all, for the month of July, the weekly Sunday prompt will be suspended. WHAT, NO POETRY PROMPTS FOR A WHOLE MONTH? Shhh! Be still! It’s only wolves!
This year a summer camp-related inspiration will be posted daily. “Daily?” you ask, “How is that a vacation?” It served as a break from routine, so be prepared to stretch your muse. Use these ideas to write your poetry. Long, short, rhymed, it doesn’t matter. Just write. Every day. That’s the gauntlet. Everyone does “challenges” nowadays, so we’re not challenging anything. We’re asking you to join us to write poems while the sun shines.

Wednesday will continue as INFORM POETS WEDNESDAY with a twist. It will be joined with the prompt to pen your camping finery to that specific form. We may repeat forms we have previously highlighted.

Marie’s monthly interview will also appear in its prescribed place, so watch for it toward the end of the month.

The BRILLIANT BLOOM feature on Saturday will also be on vacation for the month (hey, Marie, the Guest Hosts and I have earned the rest. However, anyone wishing to “award” a particular poem they’ve read with a merit badge, please feel free to do so. You’re thinking, “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!” Ummm… yes you do! Take them in the spirit that they are intended.

BUT… we’re not done. Last year’s gauntlet was supposed to end with chapbook collections. As with our 20 week Memoir Project of a few years back, you will be asked to compile another e-chapbook of the “Granada Summer Camp for Wayward Poets” poetry to be highlighted through the rest of the year. My misfortune of major health issues prevented that from happening with the Beach set. (Anyone wishing to still complete and submit their Beach chapbook if you had prepared one, you are welcomed to do so!)

So, pack accordingly, fill your canteen, lace up your hiking boots (don’t forget the bug spray), write more poetry and enjoy another different July here at CREATIVE BLOOMINGS.

P.S. – Anyone wishing to submit camp, outdoorsy or nature photos to our PHOTO PHOCUS page, you are most welcome to do so! Walt.

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  1. Awesome, thanks guys.
    To the beach we go!

  2. It will be fun!! 🙂 !!

  3. I’ll do my darnedest, but remembering what happened to me last year in July/August, I’ll make no promises.

  4. Darlene Franklin on said:

    My son is going camping this weekend–I asked him to come back with lots of stories! My question, though, is how we give “badges.” Is there an emoticon of some kind? Oh, and I have a spiral bound journal and colored gel pens to set my muse in motion . . .

  5. BRAVO! This is a wonderful activity for the month. I’ll add it to my NaNo Boot Camp, my own month’s challenge (okay, I’m rethinking that one) and all the rest. Yep, a busy camper indeed, will be my lot this year. I need to do a poetry chapbook anyway, so this is a great excuse and Muse exercise.

    Thanks guys. And I’m with Darlene on this one. Where are the badges?

  6. Oh, one other thing. Have a productive week off, or month, whichever the case may be, Walt. What color is the new carpet?

  7. Darlene Franklin on said:

    and information on what is an “e-chapbook” 🙂

  8. You’re creative, innovative people. Come up with a badge and name it. They will all be special.

  9. Getting ready to go on vacation so may miss some of the prompts at first but I’ll catch up when I get back : )

  10. LOL. Sounds like fun! Like Viv, I doubt I’ll make it through a month — or even a week — but it does sound like fun. 😀

  11. I hope to be hiking through the thick and thickets and doing some swimming in words this July as well!!

    Thank you, Walt and I hope it’s not too much trouble to get things back to normal in your neck of the woods.

    Smiles to all!

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