Last Summer, we had a month of fun at the beach with our  July “Life is a Beach” P.A.D. So much fun that we are planning our next “Vacation”. The destination will be revealed soon, and it will be someplace about which to write home!  Think of any Summer activity under the stars , but don’t let it get too intense. You may not like the idea at first, but by the end of it, you will not want to leave. Spread the word… Tell your friends… Creative Bloomings is going on vacation, and they’re all invited this July. More at the end of next week! Stay connected!

9 thoughts on “KISS THE SUMMER HELLO!

  1. I was sick from my own vacation last year and wasn’t even online that month, I don’t think. Looking forward to this one. I may need it by the time it rolls around. 🙂

  2. Heavenly Glows

    Brightly beating down so bright and grand
    Reflected by the snow white, Emerald Coast sand
    Its presence so beloved after a winter so long
    So desired and required to start our summer song
    The warm spring sun lights the day

    Then rests on the horizon and slowly sinks away

    From the East another glowing orb takes flight
    Best observed by us all on a clear cloudless night
    As it floats in grandeur across the dark sky
    Always showing one face as it drifts slowly by
    The summer moon lights the way

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

    • Oops. Hit the wrong button and posted it in the wrong place. At least it has something to do with the beach. haha

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