The Staccato, created by Jan Turner, consists of two or more 6-line stanzas.

Rhyme scheme: a,a,b,b,c,c
*Required internal rhyme scheme interplay between line #1 and line #2 (see below explanation and examples).

Meter: 10, 10, 8, 8, 10, 10

Repeats: This form requires a 2-syllable repeat in Lines #3 and #6 as specified below.

As in a musical notation, the Staccato poetry form uses short repeats which are abruptly disconnected elements. The repeat words are read as rapid-fire speech, such as staccato music when played or sung. This form lends itself to strong emotion or instruction (i.e. military poems: “Charge on! Charge on!” etc.), a declaration (such as of an event: “We’re married! We’re married!” etc.), an instruction or emphasis of human emotion (such as love, hate, longing: “Be mine! Be mine!” etc.), strong observation (such as “Those eyes! Those eyes!” etc.) or any similar situation where a strong staccato repeat is desired.

The emphatic two-syllable repeat in this poetry form is written twice, consecutively, at the beginning of Line #3 (each repeat in Line #3 is followed by an exclamation mark), and once again at the beginning of Line #6 (with or without an exclamation mark in Line #6). Please see below poem examples.

Also, Line #2 requires an internal rhyme scheme that rhymes with a word within Line #1, usually falling on the 6th syllable (see examples below), but can fall earlier in those two lines as long as the internal rhyme matches the syllabic stress in both lines

The below example poems color-highlight the internal rhyme schemes and the repeats as a quick reference aid.




Words of love speak to longing hearts.
Two who choose to seek love are smart.
Love grows! Love grows! And who can know
how deeply the roots of love grow?
Poets struggle to find a way.
Love grows much more than words can say.

Poetry is fueled by our emotions
and further, is ruled by this devotion.
Hearts see! Hearts see! And poets write
just what those visions have in sight!
We “paint” images with our words.
Hearts see, the poet’s words are heard.

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014




My time is pilfered by a common thief.
It’s persistent and why I need relief.
Be gone! Be gone! O dreadful fear!
You’ll steal no more. Get out of here!
Let boldness come, conquer and defeat you.
Be gone! May confidence catch and beat you.

My life is nibbled down by gnawing mice.
That’s why I often frown; they take their price.
Get out! Get out! Worry, vamoose!
You’ve gobbled too much, now cut loose!
Let faith be the giant cat that eats you.
Get out! Let trust be the one that cheats you.

I’m being followed by a giant snake.
I may be swallowed in one quick intake.
Scurry! Scurry! Depression, go!
Away with you, and don’t be slow!
May deep-seated joy decapitate you.
Scurry! May happiness lacerate you.

© Copyright Connie L Peters – 2014


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    The robin renders springtime with each song
    and I enjoy its singing all day long.
    Cheer up! Cheer up! I hear it say
    as sunlight wends throughout the day.
    This is the way it ought to ever be:
    cheer up indeed, and bid all fear to flee.

    The only thing to fear is fear itself:
    sheer worry, ever near, like Satan’s elf.
    Absurd! Absurd! The songbirds’ ways
    could be a model for my days:
    to live and let live, through a sunny life.
    Absurd, indeed, to burden it with strife.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  2. Thanks, very much, for the examples, Walt and Connie. They helped my understanding a great deal. I got a big kick from your concluding double rhymes, Connie, especially “decapitate you” and “lacerate you.” Broke me up.

  3. Walt, thank you for the example… you make it look so easy… Connie, your poem speaks of the INTENSITY that can cloud our faces when we Worry Too Much! Great example!!

  4. (Poem w/image:

    On A Roll

    He made me laugh through our darkest of days
    So many, many hours ended that way.
    Let loose! Let loose! With laughter then,
    Who knows when we shall laugh again?
    Sit here, real close, let me tell you once more:
    Let loose your laughter! We fell to the floor!

    “Loud! A raucous!” They just started to say,
    But, we didn’t care, just laughed anyway!
    “Hush up! Hush up!” Not spoken out,
    It would not quiet laughter’s shout.
    So, stopping well short of that which they brought,
    “Hush up” was something they left there in thought.

  5. You aren’t being easy with us this week are you, Walt and Connie. 🙂 But then, we can’t grow by being complacent and never taking risks, can’t we?

    I’ll return to take a stab at this one and to comment on poems by all those brave souls who’ve tackled this one.

  6. Shape Shifter

    “You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds.” ~Henry David Thoreau

    I see a horse, a dog, or a pinwheel.
    As a matter of course, clouds can’t conceal
    shape shifts! Shape shifts! So, my mind plays
    in between the bright streaking rays
    where we hum and thrum and chat, because clouds
    shape shift. They are the wispy folks in crowds.

    I wonder why you hear something I can’t,
    but does that mean we should try to supplant
    our dreams? Our dreams!? I don’t believe
    that should be so. I can’t conceive
    of a world without dreams or clouds or words.
    Our dreams are the clouds, and they sing like birds.


  7. A Gardener’s Trials

    My lovely garden has become a jungle
    I beg your pardon, if I mumble
    “Begone! Begone! Thou noxious weed!
    If I speak like Shakespeare will they heed?
    Some struggling lilies are trying to bloom
    Begone! all weeds, let’s give them room.

    True gardeners work with dirty hands
    I hope my family understands—
    Scat kitty, Scat! Do not come near
    These fragile blossoms, they will fear
    Scat! I say go into the house
    Be a good kitty and catch a mouse!

  8. Heart To Heart
    You say my heart is weak, in certain spots
    You haven’t heard it speak, in rumbo rock
    Come close, come close, and feel its beat
    It hops and skips, and thrums and tweets
    So far it hasn’t crumbled, slept or stopped
    Come close, and listen, to its lilting pop

    It hums its tune ,to songs from pearly moon
    And drums in blue, that longs for ocean lunes
    Just wait , just wait , it will purr in rain
    And glow some strings, that glaze your grain
    Be patient dear, have faith, and don’t lose hope
    Just wait, you”ll see, its red galloping lope


    Your pen, too soon no more will write the lines
    with words skilled draw images and designs
    Oh woe! Oh woe! Rage at dying
    Say no to death without sighing
    Your work’s not done, that’s not lying, that’s right
    Oh woe! Your pen must write on throughout night.

    Next dawn a warming glow will greet your pen
    and thoughts like blood unstaunched, flow without end
    Be glad! Be glad! You must go on
    Your words to page is not near done
    By end of days, you will leave work worthwhile
    Be glad! you have time to leave earth in style

  10. Tomorrow I will try this again on a different subject. 🙂


    He holds colored cones in a tow’ring stack
    My arm stretches out, bones grinding on bones
    Reach high! Reach high! Don’t dare to stop
    Unfolding fingers brush air and miss
    Undaunted, I extend my hand again
    Reach high! At last the end, success

  11. My hat is off to any of you that managed more than one stanza! Walt and Connie’s examples are amazing.

    Lovely weather for a picnic, my dear.
    We will have the whole day, never you fear.
    Red wine! Red wine! I’ll bring the glasses,
    school years is out, no more classes.
    On crusty bread, spread with cheese we will dine.
    Red wine–what else for a feast so divine.

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  13. Loss for Growth

    A bed of roses wild begins to bloom
    and now gardener mild must start to groom.
    Sharp thorns! Sharp thorns! Thin skin is torn
    through shabby gloves threadbare and worn,
    silent blood’s spilling to petal and soil.
    Sharp thorn, do you live to sully and spoil?

    Such inspiration here in rise of vine,
    in the planters heart – clear and pure this climb
    Grow free! Grow free! Twist and ascend
    For your wild way I will not mend
    From a small seedling I have brought you forth
    Grow free now to your full potential’s worth.

    If feral ways slay you, a slow strangle…
    please, recall again woo of shear’s tango.
    Let go! Let go! Fall into dance.
    Silver slivers wish to entrance,
    uncage your burgeoning buds from pithy spikes;
    let go of this constant clinging to life.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  14. Oh..apparently I missed removing all those unnecessary Caps in stanza two…you get the jist of if though still right? 😉 Gee I’m picky on myself.

    This was sure a tricky one! Getting started was the whole battle though…conceptualizing the form, I mean.

    Any way, great fun and thank you Connie and Walt for your exemplary pieces!!

    I will return with fresh reading eyes, my friends. 🙂


    When you feel down, depressed, so sadly blue,
    Jesus offers sweet rest and peace to you.
    Praise Him! Praise Him! He is the One
    who is your truest friend, the Son
    the Father sent to die for all mankind.
    Praise Him now with your body, heart, and mind.

    Some choose to walk life’s darkened streets as though
    their pride will somehow mark them free of woe.
    Repent! Repent! The hour’s late.
    Only a fool procrastinates.
    With breath and heartbeat, it’s in your power.
    Repent before time ticks your last hour.

    A fairy tale some say. There is no God.
    To follow myth? No way! Then comes the sod.
    Too late! Too late! The dead lie still,
    but souls burn bright without the chill
    of buried flesh and bones. By then it’s much
    too late. Find God now. Seek His loving touch.



    The season that chose to never depart
    froze all of my toes and iced up my heart.
    It’s time! It’s time! I’m done with cold.
    Bundling up has gotten old.
    No nice way to say it, so please get lost.
    It’s time for my achy bones to defrost.

    The long wait finally comes to an end
    in the great return of a long, lost friend.
    It’s here! It’s here! The winter stops.
    Put on my shorts and grab flip-flops.
    A stroll on the beach or swim in the bay,
    it’s here and this lady is set to play!

    © Susan Schoeffield

  17. For Savannah

    Proudly you march to pomp and circumstance
    While your heart beats romp with joy on this day
    Go forth! Go forth! The world’s your stage
    Your choice to make, to hurl yourself
    Into the future, grasping the brass ring
    Go forth with confidence, clasping your dreams.

  18. Walt, a good challenge. You and Connie gave great well-performed examples. Here’s my attempt.

    The sound of perculation (sweet refrain)
    arouses circulation in my brain.
    Java! Java! My heart craves you,
    you aromatic darkened brew.
    With steamy comfort you become my friend.
    Java! Night rights to drink you I’ll defend.

    But sleep? Oh, doubt abruptly now descends.
    Uninterupted sleep good sense intends.
    Warm milk! Warm milk! That’s what I’ll do.
    A cure for rest and comfort too.
    And so I pour, without doubt or disdain,
    warm milk into hot coffee–once again.


    There, in the yard, blue flashes call to me;
    I look around and this is what I see:
    bluebirds! Bluebirds! They make their nest
    in one old house upon the crest
    that bounds the open field. These summer days,
    bluebirds will raise their young amidst the haze.

    If summertime must come, with all its heat,
    I think one thought as here I cool my feet:
    endure! Endure! These too shall pass,
    these melting days that glare like glass,
    while, thankfully, bluebirds go on their way,
    enduring with panache akin to play.

    copyright 2014, William Preston


    A vapor vain solutions prove to be,
    and all my lies are chains I thought were free.
    Get out! Get out! What measure must I use
    to rid my my soul of this deceitful ruse?
    Do not melt into bones I cannot see.
    Get out! Do not become a part of me…

    My teeth, my blood, my mind, they waste away
    as chains—hard, cold—embrace my life’s decay.
    Cut deep! Cut deep! The burn of my
    desire took up a wanton lie!
    Cut deep! Perhaps red blood will fall and spill
    and you can see how this black lie will kill.

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