One of my favorite poets on these sites we frequent hails from the great state of Connecticut, a small state that holds the big vision of my Guest Host – Pamela Smyk Cleary (PSC in CT).


POET PSC in CT (Pamela Smyk Cleary)

(Pamela Smyk Cleary)

Pamela Smyk Cleary was born & raised in the small, but beautiful, state of CT (U.S.A.) where she currently resides with her husband – a handsome & talented actor/retired Math teacher.  A faithful “practitioner of poetry” throughout grade school, high school and college, Pamela (you may know her as ‘PSC in CT’ – or simply PSC – which is quicker & easier to type) eventually graduated, got a real job, and fell into an extended period of ‘poetic hibernation’. 

After almost 25 years as an Information Technology professional, she was given the opportunity to step away from that career – a step she took happily (& with great enthusiasm) to take up yoga, and spend time hiking, biking & bird watching.   Shortly thereafter, thanks to Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Poem-A-Day Challenges, she re-awakened her narcoleptic muse and connected with a number of talented ‘poetry peeps’ – many of whom are also “Creative Bloomers”.  Despite her low profile, some of her poetry has managed to find its way into print (or bits & bytes) in such places as Poetic Bloomings the first year, A Blackbird Sings (a book of short poems), Beyond the Dark Room, Sprout, Enhance, Every Day Poets, Long River Run, and Umbrella Online Poetry Journal.  Additionally, she has recited several of her poems (albeit reluctantly) before a live audience at Hi5netTV’s “First Thursday” performances in Woodbury, CT. 

At the present time, PSC’s favorite pastime is traipsing a nearby walking trail that meanders along a local river and reservoir.  Her current ‘occupation’ (a labor of love) is best described as “keeper of the trail”, as she long ago adopted the habit of picking up litter on her rambling walks.  (It’s not uncommon for her to collect up several bags of trash during a single jaunt, and local residents consider her both an inspiration and/or a nutcase – depending on who you ask.)  Currently, she is ‘supervising spring’ (see:, although the job is a year round position and offers numerous benefits.  Many of the poems and photographs that are gathered along these walks – or while kayaking the waterway – eventually find their way onto her blog.

Feel free (if you are so inclined) to drop by her site “Wander, Ponder, Poems & Pics” @ to saunter with her for a while.  She’d love the company!


PROMPT #154 – “IT COULD BE WORSE”Somethings go without saying. And sometimes there isn’t a right time to say the obvious. Think of  about seven (7) of the worst things you could say to someone who was just dumped. Make three of them the first lines on a three (3) stanza poem on the subject!



She doesn’t deserve you.
You’ve got a good heart,
but you start to obsess
and I guess you can be a little much sometimes.

You’re better off without her.
She’s got a good heart, and
her propensity for intensity
gives the impression she’ll never get enough loving!

On second thought, you don’t deserve her.
You can be a jerk sometimes
and I’m on the prowl to make a play.
So I guess she’ll be free this Saturday?

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014




At least he waited ‘til after your birthday.”
“And you’re too good for him anyway.”
“In my honest opinion the man’s too lazy” and
“His whole family? Totally crazy!”

“Think of my future grand-kids”, she said.
“His children are sure to be slender and tall.
In family photos beside all their cousins –
your sister’s kids will seem chubby and small.”

I knew if her “nurturing chatter” persisted
my sister & I would forever be scarred;
but it didn’t feel right to just haul off and hit her,
so I didn’t hit Mom (very hard).

(C) Copyright PSC/2014


  1. Selfie, Not Selfish

    You won’t need to make that fish face anymore.
    His face will be photo-bombing with her instead.
    Let her face be red from stubble rubs.
    Share your pain.

    She’ll be the one smelling his farts.
    His face will be grimacing innocently.
    Let her face be green from the stench.
    Share your agony.

    He’ll be the one living with regret.
    Your face will be the only one left grinning.
    Let your face tattooed on his ass be her distress.
    Share your smile.

  2. Hello, Pamela. It’s great to see you up front. <>

    Interesting prompt today. I would never have thought of it by myself, but I’ve heard enough lines over the years, I should be able to come up with something. Walt, you and Pamela came up with some doozies to follow. Good for you. Be back later with something of my own. <>

  3. Loved reading about you, Pamela… we used to “clean up the Earth” when we travelled to specific locations… This prompt should be very interesting, as we have all probably been exposed to this pain…


    Suck it up already,
    He didn’t REALLY need you
    anyway. So get over it,
    and keep your head up.
    Lest you miss the next
    Prince Charming suddenly
    appear before you.

    Don’t waste any more tears
    over that two-timing chimp.
    Your desecrating my facial tissue.
    Please pull yourself together and get a grip. Set your heart on scope for next shining knight. And we’ll see what kind of wax he uses.

    I’m sure, they’re a lot of others
    out there who will step up to the plate,
    excise your heart and knock it
    out of the ballpark.


    She’s much too beautiful for you.
    Folks might wonder how you got her,
    Decide it was your Harry Potter
    Collection — original, like new.

    The age difference is much too much.
    When you were in the Army she was three
    Playing with rattles, you with artillery.
    She’ll end up calling you “Old Man” and such.

    She is as dumb as a box of crayons.
    Converse with her? About what? TV?
    You’d be hard-pressed to pick a topic to stay on.
    I’m just saying. Take it or leave it. That’s just me.



    “Good riddance.”
    I loved him, so.

    “It’s his loss.”
    why do I hurt?

    “You’re OK.”
    I ever be?

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  8. Unlikely Help
    It just wasn’t meant to be,
    This unnatural happiness you felt
    Was all illusion, you know.

    You’ll find someone better,
    Someone who’ll appreciate you
    For the persona you are, not a look-alike.

    Stop sniveling; at least you’re not bruised.
    Bruises are sometimes so deep they
    Don’t show the damage until it’s too late.

  9. Cheer Up

    So I just want to let you know
    He cheated and he lied
    He’s like veneer, all just for show
    So, cheer up, no one died

    You’ve wasted all your time with him
    And all the tears you’ve cried
    Yes, he was just an empty whim
    So, cheer up, no one died

    Behind your back, he asked me out
    Refused, at least I tried
    It’s nothing to complain about
    So, cheer up, no one died

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  11. Joy, Love…Joy…

    It wasn’t meant to be I guess.
    Don’t take it on, love –
    it’s not a personal affront on you,
    isn’t about your personhood…
    not the way you chewed or spoke
    it’s beyond any of your choices,
    not because of the way you move
    it’s not your pantomiming lips
    constantly aflutter while silently reading.
    Besides, there’re always more fish in the sea.
    Go ahead, cast out again and again…
    set aside the hurt and confidently try
    throw out another line
    only this time try a sturdier one,
    let down one hundred test
    troll bottomless wiser waters;
    plunge deep with your webbed net…
    no regrets but please remember
    love’s complicated you know.
    Don’t expect any of it to be easy.
    There’ll be seasons within –
    inside the natural course of seasons,
    spells that’ll spill you painfully empty
    and cycles that fill your well to overflowing
    but don’t try to figure it all out
    because as soon as you think you’ve got it…
    love, you simply haven’t even begun
    haven’t even skimmed the surface of understanding.
    Just recall above all the most important factor
    it’s your joy in this journey that you should try to never loose.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  12. Walt thank you for tending and nurturing the plot-love the closing on your poem…didn’t expect that, humorous ending and speaking of humor…Pamela, I love your crazy family line…all too real sometimes! 🙂

    So great to see you tilling the soil in the garden this week, Pamela! I enjoy your words poetic and conversational. You have such a natural and personable way about you. We’re nature loving sisters!! I gave back to nature today…after quite sometime of intending to bring a bag to be keeper of the loop I walk, I found an unused bag at the beginning of my walk…filled it up and then some and carried someone’s abandoned plastic sled out of there as well! Thank you for being such an inspiration on so many levels. 🙂

    Happy weekend to everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the poet mama’s out here!


    What in the world’s the matter with you?
    Her heart was pure; her love was true,
    and you let her go, without further ado.

    You’ve got to be blind, or stupid, or both
    and now that she’s gone, I’ll bet you an oath:
    you’ll wish you had waited for love’s halting growth.

    You never miss the water till the well runs dry.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  14. You’re Better Off

    I never trusted him, those beady eyes
    were too close together, like villains
    from old black and white films,
    you know, the ones with paper-
    thin mustaches? Well no, but he was
    probably thinking of growing one.

    He was too young for you.
    Those romances seldom work
    out. In another few years,
    you would have looked wrong
    with him, and he would be casting
    about for a younger model.

    At least he waited until after the holidays,
    so you can save the price of a gift.
    His gifts were never thoughtful anyway,
    as I recall. You will not have to
    fake a happy reaction.

  15. Shut-Up (You aren’t Helping)

    S o what? The sea is full of fish.
    H ang in there. Time heals all wounds.
    U se your brain; don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.
    T ime wounds all heels.
    U ncoupling is all the rage
    P lease, remember, this too shall pass.

  16. All the Fish in the Sea

    Three years of your life is not so much in the big scheme of things,
    I know you were expecting a ring but you were a tad clingy
    and most men just don’t care for the clingy thingy…
    think leech, as in suck the life right out
    of the relationship.

    Of course I’m not saying it was your fault!
    He didn’t deserve you –
    you have so much going for you
    your smart, talented, beautiful –
    it is SO his loss.

    He is an idiot!
    He will definitely regret losing you –
    no you shouldn’t call him, that would appear needy.
    What you need is retail therapy,
    let’s go shopping, after all, there are other fish in the sea.

  17. On mother’s day I watched a couple of YA chick movies on dating and modern love-He’s Not That into You and Bridesmaids. Cute, but that’s not my experience (giving or getting advice) Rather than a humorous comment on dating, however, here’s another personal poem . . . And, oh, yes, I’m the one who did the leaving.

    I spent the lost month at the hospital, if you missed me.

    Happily Married—Not

    Not good enough for you, my father said
    Was I the fool for choosing him back then
    When fears of dying lonely filled my head

    Too far away from them, my mother penned.
    Her grandchildren on Mother’s Day—her due
    More important for us, my man of men

    Control brought pleasure to him, friends saw clues
    Too much, submit, too much, enough, no more
    My head held high, my days unfold like new

  18. It Will Get Better

    I could see the red flags
    It was about time
    Glad your blinders are off
    and your reading all the signs

    There is really no magic formula
    Just smudge some sage in your snow
    Salt your wounds with sunburn
    Let raindrops melt and flow

    Your stronger than you think you are
    Find a way to forgive
    Somehow it will, get better
    Just trust that it will —

  19. Pamela, this is a great prompt with your and Walt’s leading poems pointing us there.
    Loved learning more about you Pamela.

    Here’s my offering to this week’s blooms. (Hoping to get back to sharing more in the garden, finally, again.)


    You’re free.
    You’re free indeed.
    The shackles of that worthless love are gone.

    Good riddance too.
    Don’t call. Put down the phone.

    You’re through.
    Her words are traps.
    She’ll take it all, heart, guts, and bones.
    You can’t be freed alone,
    if you aren’t freed,
    from that damn phone.

  20. Thanks, Damon… though I can’t take any credit for the prompt. 🙂
    Nice work! I like the double entendre of a prison “cell”. Seems lots of folks are trapped by (attached to) their phones these days.

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