Virtual Shiva for Hal Ehrentreu – husband of Barbara Ehrentreu

I’ve asked our poetic cohort, Pearl Ketover Prilik for permission to re-post her message here concerning the passing of our dear friend  Barbara Ehrentreu’s husband Hal. Pearl writes:

“Our friend Barbara Ehrentreu’s husband Hal passed away this Friday afternoon May 2nd, at 2:30. In the Jewish tradition there is a “sitting shiva” period where the family is visited by family and friends. Barbara is “sitting shiva” but due to circumstances of other illness in her family and geographical distances – Barbara has had few visitors. Since, there are so many of us here who wish Barbara only the best.. perhaps you might like to share a thought or a virtual “gift” sweets and food are traditional . I am not sure how this will work out but I know Barbara has many many hundreds of friends and perhaps we together can lift her spirits even a feather’s width.”


Follow this link to the Virtual Shiva for Hal Ehrentreu

Tradition calls for a seven day Shiva, but we are presenting the opportunity for three days here to share in offerings of good thoughts and solidarity with Barbara, extending through Wednesday. Please consider stopping by with words of comfort for Barbara as we “sit” with her at this time of her loss as we celebrate Hal’s life.