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This week, we have the privilege of bringing on board a man of faith, honor and conviction. A wonderful poet who writes of and with all these attributes to reach, teach, stir and sometimes perplex, but is never untrue to his beliefs and his heart. A patriot poet, Earl J Parsons joins me in the booth as  Guest Host at Creative Bloomings. Welcome Earl!


EJP Grad Pic Soft lowres

Earl’s Graduation Portrait

After traveling the world as a uniformed guest of the United States Air Force, Earl Parsons and his family finally settled in the Panhandle of Florida. Nearly two decades later, he and his Silver Anniversary wife, Kim, are nearing an empty nest existence and enjoying life.

Poetry has been a part of Earl’s life since before he can remember. He started spouting rhymes at a young age in an attempt to impress the girls on the playground. His passion and skills developed over time. While working part-time at the NCO Club, while in uniform, poetry written on the back of cash register receipt paper captured the heart of his love.

Nowadays, Earl writes most of his poetry in an effort to paint pictures and pass on messages concerning God, America, and patriotism, with an occasional bit of nonsense and humor thrown into the mix. He also writes daily devotionals, and has written skits and dramas for his church.

He has two rarely visited blogs out there if anyone is interested:



One of these days, Earl may even take himself seriously enough to categorize his works and send them into the submission abyss. One of these days……


PROMPT #153 – “A WORLD WITHOUT”:   There are times when all these modern gadgets and conveniences with which we are “blessed” seem to just be too much, They are both blessings and curses. Make a quick short list (5 items) of things that you wished sometimes to never have been invented or that you have no use for (you would be just as fine without them). Choose one and write the poem with the title “A World Without______”



I drive down the streets and I see…
nothing. And I’m sadder for it.
Back in the day (this old-timer says)
we went outside to play.
We gathered in the field to choose lots of players,
teams of five or nine or however many
came out to join in. A small din
of activity, always abuzz.
We resolved our own conflicts and learned
how to deal with the real issues a twelve
year old needed to know. We dusted off.
We shook hands and were teammates.
We were friends. It never ended.
From morning to the street light’s  first warning
our street was where we lived and worked
and played. Advent the video game console.
Big quirky boxes of knobs and archaic graphics
started pulling kids out of traffic,
to be tethered by thick clunky cords
to the safe environs of their darkened bubbles.
The teams got smaller and finally, they disappeared.
Kids today pale in comparison, literally.
The “prison pallor” and obesity
have replaced the sunshine and skinned knees.
Now, as I drive down the street I see…
nothing. And we’re sadder for it!

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014

***Just after completing this piece, I had been notified that one of our gang from those days had passed away in Florida from a heart attack yesterday. He was younger than I am. Reminds me of the fragility of life. We’d be best served to stop and smell the roses as often as possible.



In a whirled without grammar checkers
Wee could get a way with err oars
Without squiggly lions under the
Miss spelled oar miss typed words
Of coarse, wee mite knot gain respect
From those who wood reed hour words
Thinking inn stead that wee are jest
Gram attic lee stupid
Don’t ewe no?

© 2014 Earl Parsons

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  1. A World without Favoritism

    No simple sapling shall lurk
    behind the shadows of the big trees.
    Sunshine’s playing favorites again…
    Do the small ones ever have a chance
    to thrive below such a large canopy,
    will they survive underneath
    so much unconcealed partiality?

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  2. Sorry to hear about your buddy Walt…your poem speaks to me of a quality of being that hopefully will know a resurgence.

    Earl, your poem made me chuckle…my sister and another friend of ours were just talking about this exact device last week…it helps but wow, when we don’t have it…quite revealing.

    Thank you both for holding the garden gates open this week!



  4. Terrific examples, Walt and Earl. 🙂 And Walt, you’re right. We do take continuance for granted without realizing that each moment may connect to all others but also stands alone in its experience. You’ve worked hard to avoid the fate you saw at the end of a given path. Take that as your measure and rejoice in the moment gained, even as you sorrow for the one lost.

  5. William Preston on said:

    Walt, your poem was poignant even before your news. Earl, yours just flat broke me up. Thanks for both.

  6. William Preston on said:


    My belly is a kettle;
    it churns the whole day through
    and puts me off my mettle
    and leaves me feeling blue.

    It churns the whole day through
    because of beans I’m eating,
    and leaves me feeling blue
    owing to all its bleating.

    because of beans I’m eating,
    it gets inside my head;
    owing to all its bleating,
    my face is always red.

    It gets inside my head
    and puts me off my mettle.
    My face is always red:
    my belly is a kettle.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  7. William Preston on said:


    of restlessness
    ramble the roads,
    roaring and rending the quiet.
    I wish them many potholes.

    copyright 2014

  8. Walt, So sadly true!! Earl, it’s nice to see you here, and true, delightful poem!!

  9. LOL. WONDERFUL, “Errl” — I enjoyed this! Walt, your poem hit home for me as our childhoods were so alike, and you capture it beautifully. So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Sending love & comfort out to you & your old playmates. Hold on to those happy memories. ❤

  10. A World without Entanglement

    A heart freed
    from entanglement,
    yields the best crop.

  11. flashpoetguy on said:


    And all its hectic rush and run,
    that waking-up-with-the-(proverbial)-birds
    Is now for the birds because
    where once I was dragging myself
    from shower to breakfast to work,
    now I finish the dreams I start at night
    and the sun is shining as I leave my bed.

    And all those rude folks who cut me off
    on busy highways, even gave me the finger,
    swore out their driver’s windows,
    tried to run me off the road into a ditch.
    All those store clerks who wore long faces,
    never learned or they forgot their manners.
    Worst of all the delight they took

    whipping out their cell phones
    In a fit of verbal diarrhea
    and talking nonstop nonsense
    while they drove or walked or maybe
    even slept. Who knows!
    But now far from the Northeast
    In my quiet Southern town I see life is good.

    Folks unashamed say, “Praise the Lord!”
    to greet you in the streets, to smile,
    to make you feel at home.
    I am so overwhelmed by their kindness.
    I am so over the Northeast.


  12. connielpeters on said:

    A World Without Stereos

    Gone are the days when
    friends, aunts, uncles, cousins
    came out of the woodwork
    wielding musical instruments
    banjos, bongos, guitars, fiddles,
    flutes, maracas, mandolins
    and with old and original songs
    would sing and dance away
    the night. Now we have
    a stately silver box atop
    the entertainment center
    doling out canned music.

  13. The World Without Cell Phones
    (or: I’m Ranting; Don’t Pick Up the Phone)

    Cease the incessant chatter (please!):
    those catchy ringtones
    and low buzzing discoursing drones.
    Every. single. solitary. non-event.
    does not need to be shared by phone –
    directed, dissected. Spare me the persiflage!
    I’d rather be vivisected
    than overhear another diatribe
    about some stranger’s boss,
    or kids or ex!
    I swear, the next
    “overloud” in a crowd that I hear?
    By gosh, I fear I just might flatten ‘em!
    The value of silence
    has recently risen to platinum.


  14. Here’s my one and only for today. I’ve so enjoyed all the others offered today. I laughed throughout Earl’s and commiserated with Walt’s, too.

    Enjoy the day, all.

    The World without Modern Foods

    Stand in aisle, look at the selection,
    Find that one item that meets day’s
    Needs and pluck it for cart entry;
    Chalk it off the list while wandering
    Toward another decision encounter.
    Think—what have you got?
    Preservatives and chemicals layered
    On what passes for real food—modified
    And newly improved combinations,
    Inside box or can made colorful and
    Given added artificial flavors to
    Disguise the truth from the buyer.

    Once, we walked out back to pick
    Fresh geggies and berry fruits for
    Tables that groaned with goodness
    Made by our own hands from recipes
    Handed down through years of living.
    Now convenience rules while we lose
    Abilities to feed ourselves on plants
    Grown through Nature’s goodness,
    Provided by our forethought and labors,
    And placed on table with love, joy,
    And much appreciation for the land,
    As we gave thanks for what we received.

    • Yes, please. More food in my food.
      Great, Claudsy.

      • Thanks, De. Whole is best. That’s what my mom always said. Brother was she right. Thanks, Mom!

        Glad you liked it, De.

      • I love this piece:

        “Tables that groaned with goodness
        Made by our own hands from recipes
        Handed down through years of living.”

        And ALL…what an important offering in this poem Claudsy,

        It’s sickening, to know what’s actually in all this “food” that they allow on the shelves these days. :/

  15. connielpeters on said:

    Yep, you’re making me hungry for the foods I grew up on.

  16. Priti on said:

    A World Without My Song

    How would you see rainbows in black?
    An spilled sun, and snowflake blooms?
    Nor would you hear that soundless blink
    See orange moons in hooting plumes!

    The bearded tree that holds my arms
    and folds your wrongs, you wouldn’t know
    Nor would you taste that minty breath
    in shadows long, that come and go !

    My voice is raw, a raspy huff
    with misty thoughts and warbled feet
    You may not think it has a beat
    but its tracing hearts, in what we seek—

  17. Laurie Kolp on said:

    Oh, how I wish…

    A World Without Twerking

    No Miley Cyrus twerking on stage
    tongue waving in trashy ways.

    No crude eyes lurking on pelvis and hips
    thrusting as if engaged in sex tricks.

    No lines that blur boundaries
    with acts no eyes should see.

    No girls asking why (to you)
    can’t they run wild, too?

  18. A World Without Scented Malls (double shadorma)

    Shops in malls lure you
    in with scent
    that fans out,
    a putrid perfume odor
    that nauseates me.

    I hurry along,
    hold my breath, and race past store.
    they’ll never hook me.

  19. “A World Without Mice”

    We hold some memories near and dear
    Of Mice and Men read aloud with a tear
    Of dancing and prancing Mighty and Mickey—
    now bewildered in the digital frontier
    Interwebbed and engineered
    into a scrolling, two-buttoned
    dome of plastic weird
    and wired in a tangle of tails
    in the 21st century cyber-sphere.

    From time to time I wish the critters
    would just grow some big ol’ gray ears.

  20. WmPreston on said:


    and artistry
    might flourish once again
    and I would seek the set again
    and be entertained again.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  21. WmPreston on said:


    No laughs admixed with gentleness
    would grace my mind and memory;
    all would be another fine mess:
    no laughs. Admixed with gentleness,
    a joyful antidote to stress
    is what these two have given me:
    laughter, affixed to gentleness
    to grace my mind and memory.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  22. A Place of Wonder and Thrall

    Take me to a place of log-burning bliss,
    where the only flicker is light on my face.
    A place of quiet reading, a book, alas,

    where the only flicker is light on the walls
    and flickered thoughts of wonder and thrall
    to tales so tall. The crackle of fire, of flames,

    the creak of an old rocking chair, excitement
    ablaze and building right there, and fantasy
    filling up the room. Give me proper paper

    and pages flicked by licked fingers and
    thumbs, low pronounced words beating
    rhythms like drums. Bring me back to those

    stories with ink and tightly bound pages
    with pictures. Yes, bring me back from
    the brink of those electronic e-books.

  23. (Poem w/image: http://lettheballoonssailmeaway.wordpress.com)

    A World Without Misinterpretation

    I can live without cameras
    Communication link is lost
    If we are unable to sit
    Where others share
    Their moods, their thoughts
    Feel their energy
    Interact from there.

  24. A World without Tears

    A world without tears,
    and the things that draw them, is
    paradise on Earth.

    Benjamin Thomas

  25. “A World Without Reminders.app”
    (with appearances by Maps.app et al)

    my body feels like a metronome,
    keeping perfect time,
    marching, quick-step,
    to points on a map,
    the number of steps
    (the feet, the inches)
    between (YOU ARE)
    —————> HERE
    and where I am
    to be.
    Ghostly reminders
    appear and cloud my vision,
    not allowing me
    to reflect on the
    shimmering image
    of yesterday in the puddle
    for fear
    that a delay
    will lessen
    my daily count
    of feet on the pavement
    and the false gods
    will shame me
    by reminding me
    I’m late.

  26. A World Without the Internet

    I think I just might be
    better off without,
    the mighty ability
    to read all about
    what ails me.

    Those web md sites
    sure give lots of advice,
    my blood pressure rises to new heights
    and I surely have 20 diseases, the least of these is lice!
    They frankly, give me some very long nights.

    And my poor husband often has to
    pick up the pieces of my scattered wits,
    by wielding the verbal sword and skew
    each one of those diseases without any glory or glitz
    and get me back on track, with my eyes wide open to a new view.

    • WmPreston on said:

      A friend once said that another problem with the Internet and search engines is that one loses the joy of finding something one isn’t looking for, such as what might happen in a library, for example. Your piece suggests that that might not be an unalloyed blessing, though. I love the humor and the rhymes that carry it.

    • Yep. This, too. 😉

  27. A World Without an i-device

    A simple flip phone
    would surely suffice
    to make a call
    that’s it,
    that’s all.

    But no.
    I have to read my email
    wherever I may be
    and social network sites
    would surely miss me.

    And I can
    always check my calendar
    and read up on the latest news
    and play games to kill time
    instead of having a good schmooze.

    I can
    check the weather –
    why rely on sight or feel,
    when using my i-device
    is just so marvelous and un-real.

    But frankly
    a little i-device etiquette
    would not be remiss;
    For I really don’t want to know about your dates
    or the details of the growth upon your …oops, got to go, kiss, kiss.

  28. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. And thanks, Walt, for the honor of guest hosting this week. Gotta’ add one to the mix.

    A World Without Appliances

    A block of ice delivered daily
    To keep the milk and eggs cold
    Gotta’ chop some wood for the fire
    To cook supper when they all come home
    After dinner we all line up
    To wash, dry and put away the dishes
    Don’t let the waste slip into the drain
    Or dad will have to pull off the trap
    Throw your dirty clothes in the hamper
    Come help scrub the stains away
    Who wants to squeeze the water out
    And hang them on the line to dry
    Such was the appliance free life
    Days my grandparents told me about
    Days that I’m happy to live without

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  29. I just actually read the title for this week’s post.


    Take out the punctuation and there appears to be a special meaning to this. Interesting.


  30. A World without Bugs and Thugs

    Crooks steal
    for material gain,
    whereas mosquitoes thieve
    blood straight from
    the veins.

    A world less
    of these conniving bugs and thugs,
    is cause for one to praise.

  31. A World Without Selfies

    Seriously, who
    decided we were supposed to turn
    the camera inward, snap
    some duck
    -faced nonsense to click
    out to the world? Or stare
    off into outer space like some
    ennui flavored stone?

    Ready, set?
    Pose pretty
    (or not)
    for the camera

    Me, my
    -selfie and i?
    We’d rather smile
    to the sky.

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  33. Walt, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers for you, and for the family.
    I love your piece. I, too, miss “skinned knees and sunshine.”
    Earl, your piece made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  34. Walt, sorry to hear about your friend. Grieving never comes easy. Thanks for your encouragement, because its true, we are very fragile beings that should stop and smell the roses while they’re still in bloom.


  35. William Preston on said:


    If points of light could be strung along a line,
    the gleam he cast would stretch across the county;
    for many are the glows he left behind,
    and many lives are brighter for his bounty.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

    NB: This is offered for Walt’s friend, and for Pearl’s.

  36. A World without Death

    A world without the hooves of the pale horse; and it’s merciless rider, Death,
    is one hard to imagine.

    A day without his wanton hands,
    possessing souls by the masses.

    A day without scalding grievance;
    open wounds, from the loss of the loved.

    A day without the power and sting
    of death. One refuting decay, yielding endless breath.

    The third day,
    overpowers the pangs of death.

    The day,
    of resurrection.

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    alarm clocks.
    The jangling noises
    no longer
    me out of my bed; instead,
    I rise with the sun.

    P. Wanken

  39. A World without Interpretive Dance

    Records used to skip
    from rhythm
    to noise,
    but I have to pull out
    your ear plugs
    before your teenage
    drama queen arms
    start flailing again
    like your grandma digging
    through her fabric stash
    with her chicken-wing
    arms flapping
    and her laughter clucking
    pulling out the remnants
    of everything she’s ever made,
    and she spins
    the truth of yesterday
    while you writhe in agony
    sprawled on the floor.

  40. Walt, I am sorry to hear about your friend. Love your poem.

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  42. A World without Little Colorful Pills

    I want to offer her the tinctures that work for me.
    In her wornness of breaking inside – I long to lend an answer;
    a corner of tattered gray sky brightened with spritely light green,
    hope grows of fresh willow contrasting so sharply against dark.
    This to apply as salve to her weary questioning heart left hanging
    and to questions unanswered I desire to impart an image,
    red winged blackbird delivers an urgent message crisply;
    as it calls across the marsh with its chest so full of song,
    I wish to dip a ladle into that melody so that she might sip
    and see that nature’s holding her remedy –
    that all along her answer’s waiting on edge of pouring.
    There’s a swift spring rainstorm bleeding slate streaks
    horizontally into horizon, yes, for now the portion’s tears,
    they spill freely but if she’ll look to see glow of opening clouds –
    this downpour’s nearly over if she’ll choose to see light.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

    • Just to clarify…I don’t try to say here that modern medicine is never necessary but also I in some cases I think nature’s remedies get over looked when they should be the go-to remedy first, in my opinion.

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