This week, we have the privilege of bringing on board a man of faith, honor and conviction. A wonderful poet who writes of and with all these attributes to reach, teach, stir and sometimes perplex, but is never untrue to his beliefs and his heart. A patriot poet, Earl J Parsons joins me in the booth as  Guest Host at Creative Bloomings. Welcome Earl!


EJP Grad Pic Soft lowres

Earl’s Graduation Portrait

After traveling the world as a uniformed guest of the United States Air Force, Earl Parsons and his family finally settled in the Panhandle of Florida. Nearly two decades later, he and his Silver Anniversary wife, Kim, are nearing an empty nest existence and enjoying life.

Poetry has been a part of Earl’s life since before he can remember. He started spouting rhymes at a young age in an attempt to impress the girls on the playground. His passion and skills developed over time. While working part-time at the NCO Club, while in uniform, poetry written on the back of cash register receipt paper captured the heart of his love.

Nowadays, Earl writes most of his poetry in an effort to paint pictures and pass on messages concerning God, America, and patriotism, with an occasional bit of nonsense and humor thrown into the mix. He also writes daily devotionals, and has written skits and dramas for his church.

He has two rarely visited blogs out there if anyone is interested:

One of these days, Earl may even take himself seriously enough to categorize his works and send them into the submission abyss. One of these days……


PROMPT #153 – “A WORLD WITHOUT”:   There are times when all these modern gadgets and conveniences with which we are “blessed” seem to just be too much, They are both blessings and curses. Make a quick short list (5 items) of things that you wished sometimes to never have been invented or that you have no use for (you would be just as fine without them). Choose one and write the poem with the title “A World Without______”



I drive down the streets and I see…
nothing. And I’m sadder for it.
Back in the day (this old-timer says)
we went outside to play.
We gathered in the field to choose lots of players,
teams of five or nine or however many
came out to join in. A small din
of activity, always abuzz.
We resolved our own conflicts and learned
how to deal with the real issues a twelve
year old needed to know. We dusted off.
We shook hands and were teammates.
We were friends. It never ended.
From morning to the street light’s  first warning
our street was where we lived and worked
and played. Advent the video game console.
Big quirky boxes of knobs and archaic graphics
started pulling kids out of traffic,
to be tethered by thick clunky cords
to the safe environs of their darkened bubbles.
The teams got smaller and finally, they disappeared.
Kids today pale in comparison, literally.
The “prison pallor” and obesity
have replaced the sunshine and skinned knees.
Now, as I drive down the street I see…
nothing. And we’re sadder for it!

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014

***Just after completing this piece, I had been notified that one of our gang from those days had passed away in Florida from a heart attack yesterday. He was younger than I am. Reminds me of the fragility of life. We’d be best served to stop and smell the roses as often as possible.



In a whirled without grammar checkers
Wee could get a way with err oars
Without squiggly lions under the
Miss spelled oar miss typed words
Of coarse, wee mite knot gain respect
From those who wood reed hour words
Thinking inn stead that wee are jest
Gram attic lee stupid
Don’t ewe no?

© 2014 Earl Parsons