Creatures of habit, we keep track, make lists and try to organize every aspect of our lives. Shopping lists, things-to-do lists, inventory lists, guest list… the list is endless. So as poets, lists and list poems rise up from time-to-time. Like last week’s prompt. The reasons we do things are as varied as these things we do. Below is our short list of BRILLIANT BLOOM recipients.  Thank you again to De Jackson, for your brilliance, dedication, encouragement, poetics and witty repartee. I have thoroughly enjoyed this week as well. You truly are a class act and the next best thing to a Good partner!



The poem that caught my eye was a rather quirky, journey though an forgettable day, a day where staying in bed was the best option least offered.. Along the way we meet some interesting characters, strangers lurking in the shadow of our thoughts. Because of this, Mister Administrator selects Miss Bloom… um, Janice (JLynn) Sheridan for her poem, “Reasons to Stay in Bed”!

REASONS TO STAY IN BED by Janice Lynn Sheridan

I slept with Mister Migraine again. Third time
this week. A cool pillow, A few Advil kisses and
I’ll cuddle into his arms just a few more hours.
Yesterday, Mister Alzheimer’s answered the phone
when I called mom. (He hates me cause I cry.)
She doesn’t hate me but she forgot my birthday
this year. Again. And so did dad. Again. (I wish I had.)
My birthday is in Spring and with the mounds of pollen
in the air it takes a double layer cake of Zyrtec to fight
this war but fog brain . . . slows me. Down. To. A. crawl.
What is an exhaust manifold? Cause it’s broken.
Three red light flash at me So that makes two
more broken car parts with big names so I can’t
buy that cake of Zyrtec just yet. Child is squinting
at the cereal box. Says, “Mom, I need glasses.” and
“Mom, I need braces.” and “Mom, I need clean—”
“Honey, I need you,” a deep voice calls. (what is he, nuts?)
But, I put on my socks and patter down the stairs
carrying Mister Migraine on my head to play with
Darling’s glitchy computer.



I have this love/hate relationship with my muse. I have always felt that she toyed with me; failing me at times. It made me crazy while I sat to write my poems. But when it served me well, I was joyful… it was like painting magnificent portraits or landscapes with my words. This is almost exactly what Janet Martin’s Pleiade, Pleasure, states. It was a poem that felt very personal to me, and thus receives my nod for a Bloom.

PLEASURE by Janet Martin

Perhaps she will fail you
Please, don’t misunderstand
Poetry perplexes
Poets with pen in hand
Pacing half-paragraphs
Probing thought-oceans stirred
Painting pictures with word

(C) Copyright Janet Ruth Martin – 2014




How do I love thee Bloomers? I cannot count (nor list) the ways. After selfishly writing much more than reading throughout the rest of crazy April, what a gift it was to immerse myself in your incredible talent here this week. THANK YOU again, Walt, for this opportunity.

Your passionate descriptions, pointed phrase and delight dappled with humor have made me want to do, see, buy and be every single one of these poem subjects. However, for me, one stood out, and meandered her way even further into my heart. This was Pamela’s “Toss the ‘To Do’ List and Take a Walk.” First of all, with its winsome parenthetical pauses, it is a list poem within a list poem. Genius. And second of all, who can read these gorgeous illustrations and enticing verbs without wanting to drop everything and go for a walk immediately?

Congratulations, Pamela, on a beautiful, peaceful piece.

by Pamela Smyk Cleary

You know you want to…

because the sun’s shining (or it’s gently raining
or cloudy or windy or snowing) or because
the moon is full or crescent or new,
waxing or waning, eclipsed or blue and
the stars are out (or coming out – or fading), and
Orion (or the big – or little – dipper or Cassiopeia)
is visible overhead or on the horizon;
because Venus (Mercury, Mars, Saturn,
Neptune, Jupiter) is rising, setting, dazzling
and the Perseids (Geminids) are positively amazing.

Toss the “to do” list…

because the wild berries (black-, rasp-, blue-, straw-
or huckle-) are sweet & ripe and begging to be picked
and the flowers, too (star- and may- as well as
sweet peas, anemones, jewel weed, spotted wintergreen,
black-eyed Susan & Queen Anne’s Lace) are sprouting
(budding, blooming, going by) and the trees
(maple, oak, magnolia, cherry, dogwood, apple) are
greening (blossoming, changing color, dropping leaves);

take a walk in the woods…

because the birds (red-winged blackbirds, bluebirds, catbirds,
red-breasted grosbeaks, robins, swallows) have arrived
(are mating, nesting, hatching, fledging) and besides,
the butterflies (fireflies, dragonflies, damselflies), and
all the busy (lazy) creatures (chipmunks, turtles, snakes & frogs)
are out and about – courting, swimming, hunting, sunning, so…

you really ought to
(you know you want to)
because spring (winter, summer, fall)
is growing older by the minute
(and so, too, are you).




I don’t know about you, but the Pleiades form has shined its way into my heart. Much gratitude, Walt, for introducing us to this pithy, punchy, pointed little form. I can’t wait to play around with more of them.

All of you embraced the heart and soul of this stunning little form, but I was most star-struck by Michelle Hed’s “Luna.” I have a penchant for adoring all things moon-y, but Michelle’s way with words in just 7 short lines is out of this world. And I was completely delighted by the idea of the moon as big sister to the stars. Heavenly.


LUNA by Michelle Hed

Lovely Luna shining
light across the quiet
land, she quite outshines her
little sisters until
leaving bit by bit, she
lets the seven sisters
luminosity glow.

(C) Copyright Michelle Hed – 2014


A job well done poets! Congratulations to Janice Lynn Sheridan, Janet Ruth Martin, Pamela Smyk Cleary and Michelle Hed on your selections as BRILLIANT BLOOM recipients.



Those interested in the lyric aspect of writing, I have started to post to my OTHER blog, WORDS AS MUSIC. We will explore various levels of lyric writing, with lessons, exercises, assignments, a weekly “prompt” and delving into the personalities of famous lyricists whom I like to call “Musical Poets”. Please join me in this much specialized bit of writing. Walt.


  1. Congratulations to JLynn, Janet, Pamela and Michelle on your BRILLIANT BLOOMS. They were all deserving of showcasing. Terrific work!

  2. Congratulations indeed to Janice, Janet, Pamela, and Michelle. All are superb, poems and poets alike.

  3. Great works poets!! HUGE congrats to Janice Lynn Sheridan, Janet Ruth Martin, Pamela Smyk Cleary and Michelle Hed!!

    Thanks always to you Walt and kudos and thanks to you De for tending the garden, too!!

    It’s been a wonderful poetry month poets….much gratitude for your presences and congrats to those who embraced this month in a writer-full way!!

    Warm Hannah-Smiles to ALL!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh! What a WONDERFUL way to end this busy week and the past month of madly writing! Congrats to fellow bloomers — excellent work ALL! And thanks to gardeners Walt & De — for tending all of us flowers with such loving care. ❤

  5. Good Afternoon! Things are moving slowly in my household today, so it was a lovely surprise to receive the email this morning! Thank you so much De! I too fell in love with this wonderful little form. Congratulations to my fellow bloomers! Cheers!

  6. Things are moving slow here, too. (Mr. Alzheimers met Mr. Stroke this week and my mom was in the hospital. She’s doing much better. ) I really needed this bloom this week. And I have to say I did enjoy this form. Thanks, Walt. And De for hosting. Congrats to Janet Ruth Martin, Pamela Smyk Cleary and Michelle Hed.

  7. Congratulations to all! And thank you for your kind words, Walt. I would be happy to play second fiddle to that incredible Good woman, any day.

  8. Wow! thank-you all. What a nice way to begin a week; with a bloom and many good wishes. Congratulations, fellow-bloomer. you are all winners.

    Walt, thank-you. I appreciate the bloom and your empathy to the bittersweet Muse:)

    Thank-you De, for a fantastic job!

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