National Poetry Month had us all pre-occupied with other things, but May brings the flowers (if winter ever gets the heck outta here!) and a return to semi-normalcy. And so, we’re back to writing the Flashy Fiction and promoting it. Actually FFF never went away. Rob and Aimee Halpin were diligent in maintaining the site and for that I am grateful! Check back to the April prompts and catch up. Make their efforts worth their while!

So on returning to routine,We ask you to write a homecoming short. But, something doesn’t feel right. Go to the Flashy Fiction Friday link below as check the prompt. Then write your piece and post up. Or add a link to your story in the comment box below, or over there. But do write your little story. As we say at Flashy Fiction…Everyone has a little story to tell. Do Tell!









I’d also like to announce that anyone familiar with the We Write Poems site would be pleased to know that the whole dynamic there has changed, right down to the name. They are now RED WOLF POEMS, (a sequel to We Write Poems) and they have amongst their leaders, some good friends of ours: Irene Toh, Marilyn Braendeholm (Misky) and Barbara Young. Please be sure to visit their site and offer them some encouragement for the success of this endeavor. There is no better way I can think of, than to contribute there on a regular basis. Follow the link above to “The Wolf”.