Catching up on some creative business, I have updated the PHOTO PHOCUS album to include new images from William Preston and Robert (Rob) Halpin.

Remember these pages are available for your PHOTO art you wish to display. Also there is the GARDEN GALLERY for your art work and CRAFTS to showcase your other handiwork.

And we’re always looking for new audio readings of your poems. And if you’re shy and wish to have them read by another, we’ll be happy to accommodate you!


We are here to promote YOU!

With conclusion of National Poetry Month, we remind you that your efforts in Flash Fiction are also welcome for FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY. We will be reminding you each Friday with the new prompt!


    • Yes, Benjamin. Rob and Aimee Halpin have been maintaining the site while we were off poeming for the month. But at any time, you can click on the FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY badge in the sidebar and see what’s happening there. Maybe catch up on the prompts you may have missed! I had been lax promoting the Friday prompt (I was a bit busy in April for some reason!) Walt.

      • Thanks, I know this has been very busy month. Been thinking of trying stab at the flash fiction prompt if I can just turn off the “inner editor”.

  1. Ben sometimes that inner editor takes a vacation, especially when set to do edits on poems for a chapbook, etc. and that leaves you able to get Muse to help with the fiction. πŸ™‚

    Good to know what’s happening, Walt. I’ve been so busy and short fiction has taken a backseat to other projects this past month. This month, though, is all about flash fiction. I’m also having a flash fiction challenge? each week this month on my author’s site: http://www.claudettejyoung.com/.

    For any who’d like to participate, feel free to drop by and see the May 1st guidelines and today’s first weekly photo prompt and see how I did mine. I’m taking the step of encouraging those who haven’t ever done FF before. Hope to see many of you there. πŸ™‚

    Walt, you’re still doing such a fantastic job of working things, with two sides of the houses to keep running. Bravo! my friend. I’ll be back to put in a story this weekend.

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