We were to remake ourselves while retaining one trait of our character. A difficult choice was presented to select just one thing. And yet, you have all risen above the challenge. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes we are resistant to change. But some things never change. It’s Saturday and we’re picking BLOOMS:


The one thing I was curious about in choosing this prompt was not so much what we would retain, but if anyone would stand firm. The one such poem/poet was reticent to change. I found Vivienne Blake’s RESISTANCE TO CHANGE to be exactly what I expected. We live according to our convictions and after doing it well into our years, we’re happier with our choices, than looking for something new. Vivienne, this is your Bloom.


I’d change my age for a kick-off:
fifty was a good age for me,
and probably keep the white hair
It’s easy to manage and suits me.

I might be happier if I were
less obstinate, more phlegmatic,
had long slim legs and less embonpoint.
But those things don’t really matter.

What I wouldn’t change for a fortune
is the creativity with which I’ve been blessed:
cooking, quilting and crafting,
music, painting, poeming and such.
They’ve given me too much pleasure
to want to change that.

© Copyright Vivienne Blake – 2014



I’ve had the great pleasure of co-hosting this week here at CREATIVE BLOOMINGS. Although the real pleasure was being able to read your words and precious hearts.

Well, from the beginning until the end, this has been quite a journey. If you’ve ever hunted for a needle in a haystack, that’s what it’s like picking a bloom for the week. But if you managed to write a poem at all, you deserve a bloom. It’s poetry month after all folks!

After much pondering, wading, sifting, reading and re-reading it came down to the finalists. And then it boiled down to which poem touched me the most. For that, I would like to bestow the honor of bloom to Erin Kay Hope. For her excellent poem “unbreakable, unchangeable” for it’s simplicity and spirit. Good job Erin.


I can be broken, I admit,
I can be twisted, changed, possessed,
I can be beat, made to forget:
Just apply direct force and press.

Like most people, I’ll break in time,
If pushed, I’ll no longer be me;
They can take my hope, joy, rhyme,
They can take everything from me…

Except for these words: “I love you”,
They can’t change the fact that my heart
Belongs to you and only you:
They can’t change or break love apart.

© Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2014



It is also fitting that my choice for the INFORM POETS Bloom, was a challenge in every respect. Accepting the challenge and moving forward offers interesting results. A slight reluctance to attempt the form finally produced excellent results. Claudette Young comes in with THE CHALLENGE.

THE CHALLENGE by Claudette Young

And within a measured beat,
For all that I felt the heat,
I must always be discreet.

Not that I want to seem intransigent,
Acquiescent is for me
Much more unlikely, you see.

Once upon a middling time,
A request was made for rhyme.
I saw no chance to excel—
A choice; repel fast or climb.

Copyright © Claudette Young  2014



Congratulations to all those who ventured out into the territory of poetry form for this week. They were very tricky little birds if you got your hands dirty. I would like to give the honor of bloom to Hannah Gosselin for her mastery of the Englyn Penfyr form. Her poem really stood out to me. When I read it, the form seemed to disappear in the beauty of the words. And for that, you have my selection. Great work Hannah.


We suffer your death perpetually
continuously you die
you are the means to our life.

For him departure’s an emergency,
mysteriously missing
lost again while we’re kissing…

The door’s a threshold to insanity,
profanities – scramble – search…
truly, it makes my head hurt.

Perched on the hope of reincarnation
echolocation employed,
all our expertise deployed.

We upturn the cushions, dedicated.
Satiated not – we search,
even the unlikely perch…

There’s no place escaping exploration,
desperation won this round;
you’re nowhere to be found.

Solution’s given conceptually,
eventually he’ll ply
spare you from endless demise.

If he’d but treat you habitually,
continually – be nice…
place his keys in same spot twice?

One day there will be true accomplishment
acknowledgment properly…
till then – heartfelt elegy.

Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014



15 thoughts on “BRILLIANT BLOOMS #150 AND ENGLYN

  1. Oh, wow! Really, Walt? Thank you so much. And thank you, Debi, for the thumbs up. I’ll be honest. I certainly never considered mine bloom-worthy. <>

    Oh, please share my congratulations, Viv, Erin, and Hannah. You three had wondrous poems this last week.

  2. Viv, Erin, Claudsy…me!!! Wow…congratulations to my fellow bloomers and thank you so much, Benjamin for this bloom…I so appreciate it!

    Thank you Walt and Benjamin for being such excellent and attentive hosts.

    Smiles to all! 🙂

  3. Wow…thank you so much, Ben! And everyone else for your kind words! 🙂

    And congrats to Hannah, Viv, and Claudsy – I am honored to be grouped with you three! ❤

  4. Congratulations to Viv, Erin Kay, Claudette, and Hannah. Superb works all. Sorry to be so tardy in extending these wishes; yesterday got away from me. For those who might be Christian, Happy Easter.

  5. Congrats as the fillies sweep the brilliant blooms this week and well-deservedly…way to go Claudsy, Hannah, Kay and Erin – and special kudos to Walt and Benjamin, the gardeners and poets extraordinaire…I know how difficult it is to award those blooms and think you both chose exemplary work!

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