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We’ve entered April to celebrate all things poetic, and Nancy Posey has given us a prompt to ponder. Poems about the poetic process were the order of the day and it has brought forth some wonderful and imaginative poems. All of our poets bring their “A” games each week. These are two that we would like to highlight! We present the BRILLIANT BLOOMS to:


Too much in this piece could have been written by me from the title (pointing to my many sleep disorders,) right down to my not drinking anymore. Our obsessions do take over at times. But we take these thoughts and commit them to page, ready for many new adventures. Laurie Kolp certainly has this mastered. She earns my BLOOM.

INSOMNIAC by Laurie Kolp

Sometimes my dreams
leave me slack-jawed.
It’s like an attack
of lucid metaphors
begging for home
awakens me
and I can’t sleep
until they’re delivered
safe and sound
to my writing shack,
which is odd–
calling the nook
where I write a shack.
But it’s like that
with papers strewn
this way and that,
words on purple
and yellow pads
waiting in line.
Sometimes I can’t
even find the door,
but it seems as if
I live there,
according to my kids.
They call me
a poetic maniac,
but that’s okay–
I don’t drink anymore.
© Copyright Laurie Kolp – 2014

I loved so many of your poems this week, but when choosing, I tried to climb inside the head of honest-to-goodness reluctant readers of poetry (Remember, I teach literature—poetry to eighteen-year-olds at eight in the morning.) This one I found so much fun. I love the way she uses language of poetry and tipsy dance.

POETRY by Barbara Young

always wants a dance.
Even when nobody asks
she gets out on the floor.
Alas I am left, tapping,
with two left trochees
and a pest of unvoiced plaints.
and some tepid punch jiggle
when I bump the table
for I bump the table
when I tap. Poetry does
enjoy a good turn
in a lampshade.
© Copyright Barbara Young – 2014




Henrietta Choplin wrote this tender and beautiful DIATELLE, truly one of her best pieces submitted. I was totally taken by this poem.
FRON A DISTANCE, PEACE by Henrietta Choplin

may I miss
nothing at all.
Lying in quiet, bliss
Remaining steady, not to fall
That rock in the distance, to me it calls:
“Let me surround you, building a structure within
There I hold you…I will not let you fall,
And through your trust, I will stand tall
With strength you cannot miss.”
Nothing at all
will I miss
Our bliss,

© Copyright Henrietta Choplin – 2014



I did my best to read the poems without considering who wrote them, but I have to pick Jane’s Diatelle, mainly because I love the imagery and the verbs—scotching a barn..keening and weaning, evoking spring so subtly.

I found this form so challenging, I think, because it’s hard to have varying line lengths with rhyme. I felt like a ninth grader given a form and forced to make it fit. I wouldn’t dream of sharing my outtakes. This one by Jane Shlensky really worked for me:

can be filled
with deep meaning
sweet syllables that build
a castle or scotch a leaning
barn, raise roofs or still a widow’s keening.
Such strings of sound abound and sing aloft with birds
in languages we cannot speak—greening
of trees, all things newborn weaning—
but know in our hearts, stilled,
but listening
ground new-tilled

© Copyright Jane Shlensky – 2014



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  1. William Preston on said:

    These are superb choices. Congratulations to Jane, Henrietta, Barbara, and Laurie.

  2. An interesting variety, all beautifully crafted.

  3. I agree, William–superb choices. I so enjoyed these four poems and was so happy to see them chosen. Congratulations, Laurie, Henrietta, Jane, and Barbara. Well deserved.

  4. Laurie Kolp on said:

    Wow… thank you so much. What an honor it is to be selected with Henrietta, Jane and Barbara.

  5. flashpoetguy on said:

    Congrats to the winners!

  6. Congratulations, Laurie, Jane and Barbara!! Thank you, so much, Walt, I Loved writing it… !!

  7. GEMS!!! Every single one of them!!

    Congratulations to Laurie, B, Hen and Jane!! You all are so talented…I love your voices…I feel blessed that they’ve become so familiar to me…poetic friends thank you!

  8. Congrats to a group of fine poets!!

  9. Stellar choices all! I didn’t even dare try the diatelle so am in awe of those that did and agree, Henrietta’s is amazing, as is Jane’s…congratulations to Laurie and Barbara too…brilliant poems deserving of brilliant blooms!

  10. Laurie, Barbara, Hen & Jane – Congrats on your blooms.

  11. Wow! Great poems everyone! Laurie, loved that (and related to that) phrase “lucid metaphors begging for a home” my “office” is a shack too…Barbara the whole poem had me smiling and the last line made me laugh out loud–delightful!; Henrietta it was like reading a meditation, so lovely and fluid; and Jane your images and flow of words especially loved those beginning and ending lines, I can just feel the earth 🙂 Congratulations to everyone

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