The Diatelle is a fun, 15 line, syllable counting form patterned similarly to the etheree with a twist. The syllable structure of the diatelle is as follows: 1/2/3/4/6/8/10/12/10/8/6/4/3/2/1, but unlike an etheree, has a set rhyme pattern of a-b-b-c-b-c-c-a-c-c-b-c-b-b-a. This poetry form may be written on any subject matter and usually looks best center aligned in a diamond shape, although it isn’t necessary.

The Diatelle form was created by Bradley Vrooman.

This form is challenging, as Nancy and I can attest. But, we’re here to spur you on, so get writing! 😉



each year
You can hear
all the poets
shedding a joyful tear.
with a seed of thought, they’ll grow it
do they make words rhyme? You better know it
and the finished poem just gives them a big thrill.
With a well written verse, they will show it
so take your best shot; don’t blow it
poetic patrons cheer
this seed, sow it
It is clear
It’s here.

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014




brief kiss
and you’ll miss
me when I’m go.
And you will think of this
embrace, our arms entwined just so.
You’ll long for more, a second chance, and though
we promised we would meet again, what’s done is done.
Don’t turn around, I do know want to know
when bitter tears begin to flow .
and when you reminisce,
the lights turned low,
think of this:
such bliss

© Copyright Nancy Posey – 2014

103 thoughts on “INFORM POETS – DIATELLE


    it’s late
    and your date
    is later still,
    you wonder, do I rate?
    You think, perhaps she’s had her fill
    of meetings beside the barleycorn still;
    maybe she’s weary of the scent of the hog pen.
    And then you think you’ve got to have the will
    to take her to the old grist mill
    some night, where there you’ll mate
    to still the chill.
    Perhaps fate
    won’t wait

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  2. Fun Day

    Breathe in
    Let’s begin
    Get the kinks out
    Head for where the air’s thin
    Leave a note and plot out the route
    Camera, tissues, water, snacks, no doubt
    Let’s run or meander, whatever pace we’d like
    Let’s discover, explore and look about
    Who knows what we’ll find when we scout
    There’s shelter, rest within
    Chat, laugh and shout
    Rest and grin
    We win

  3. In Your Embrace

    tucked in
    under chin
    I’m safe with you
    as your warmth seeps within
    my cold bones and I bid adieu
    to my fears, my pain and all I go through
    as I take shelter here, my worries disappear
    from view; as if birds, they just up and flew.
    You know my demons you just slew
    as I shelter within
    your arms, thank you!
    Sigh, small grin,
    I’ve been

  4. Love

    So hard to hold
    So often heartbreaking
    Chasing love can get very old
    All too familiar when the trail grows cold
    Defeated and hurting just turn your gaze above
    Present your case to God in prayers so bold
    He will provide; it’s been foretold
    Just when you’re not looking
    You will strike gold
    Heart beating

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  5. This is a challenge and a half for one, like me, who doesn’t think in rhyme and seldom uses it. But I gave it a go. I just hope the formatting holds together.

    Mind Trips

    comes with wet
    skies and lone nights,
    time passes while you fret
    about whether to turn on lights,
    or to soak in quiet and brave the frights,
    before succumbing to the urging of your pen.
    Oh, to drink of the world’s many great sights,
    to perceive God’s works from great heights.
    would distance you from threat
    on fancy flights,
    no regret.
    All set

    Nope, formatting didn’t hold. I’d love to know how you manage that, Walt. There’s got to be a trick in there somewhere.


    of blue
    pastel hues
    brighten the day
    and children’s spirits too
    as they romp in after-school play
    far from lessons where attention won’t stay
    paint across the high heavens from which clouds will rise
    in transformations from misshapes of gray
    April is here and soon comes May
    and we’re counting on you
    snow’s gone away
    spring is new
    a true


  7. STAND

    and sing
    like the king
    at an hour
    that just might a crowd bring.
    Notes on key, matched to attire
    with entertainment that can not tire.
    While you’re keeping the beat with players in the band,
    don’t sound like guitar with broken wire,
    or drummer beating out fire
    atop a tin plating.
    You’d require,
    at hearing,

  8. I thought I might as well have fun with this challenging form.
    Space Odyssey

    far day
    will we play
    among the stars
    outside the Milky Way?
    Recognize, as we fly by Mars
    we’re not in Kansas anymore, Jar Jar
    Binks! But we’ll be appeased by the unbroken thrum
    of warp core and Ambrostine at the bar.
    We’ll dodge meteors, space junk, par
    for the course, a cliché
    maybe. So far,
    far away
    some day,

  9. Day At The Beach

    in the bright
    sun, beach blanket
    laid with corners held tight
    by flip-flops, basket banquet.
    We built a castle, but a wave sank it.
    Walk to waters edge, dip toes in our careful way,
    then plunge in, both my arms feel like granite.
    Swimming fast, boy can I crank it!
    Back ‘cross sand, see a kite,
    green, like a tank,
    what a sight.
    By night,

    (formed a diamond, but it will not paste that way.)

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  11. Ocean’s Twisted Kiss

    tide fills
    swiftly spills
    quickly rises,
    for a moment it stills.
    Forward motion brings forth prizes
    but don’t let it fool you with its guises;
    beauty pulls one under regardless of our pleas.
    A salty tongue never compromises,
    it will steal souls of all sizes.
    Embracing with its chills
    it chastises,
    swallows – swills…
    like krill

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  12. From A Distance, Peace
    (Poem w/image:

    may I miss
    nothing at all.
    Lying in quiet, bliss
    Remaining steady, not to fall
    That rock in the distance, to me it calls:
    “Let me surround you, building a structure within
    There I hold you…I will not let you fall,
    And through your trust, I will stand tall
    With strength you cannot miss.”
    Nothing at all
    will I miss
    Our bliss,

  13. Words
    can be filled
    with deep meaning
    sweet syllables that build
    a castle or scotch a leaning
    barn, raise roofs or still a widow’s keening.
    Such strings of sound abound and sing aloft with birds
    in languages we cannot speak—greening
    of trees, all things newborn weaning—
    but know in our hearts, stilled,
    but listening
    ground new-tilled

  14. WOW!! Counting syllables & lines and adhering to a prescribed rhyme scheme — a challenging form indeed, and yet folks are doing great things with it! 🙂 (I have trouble walking & chewing gum at the same time.) :-/ Poem on!

  15. Back with a Diatelle and killing two prompts with one poem here.
    Note: On my blog, it’s displayed in appropriate shape & font (“tempus fugit”)! 😉

    A Future Diatelle

    The day
    flew away
    and now it’s through
    leaving no time for play.
    Yet still, I have much work to do:
    a Diatelle — about the FUTURE too!!
    Ironic how the time slipped by so very fast.
    Just what, I wonder, can one poet do?
    Perchance turn one day into two??
    The time is now, I say!
    Help me! Can you?
    Make it stay.
    Oh… nay…


  16. She
    Loves me
    Can’t you see
    She’s made for me
    Together we will be
    Just the way God meant us to be
    When He made me for her and her for me,
    Without her I am incomplete, and so is she
    Together we are perfect, we are we
    Just the way God meant us to be
    Together, her and me
    Sweet victory
    God blessed me

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  17. I combined both prompts. Think I grew a few new grey hairs in the process. My creativity is at a low this week.

    are no
    poet, so
    you wonder why
    I always want to show
    you my poems, but if you spy
    between the lines, into the words, and pry
    open what it all means, you’ll find I give to you
    more than just words in ink. I give you my
    heartbeat in syllables, my mind’s eye
    in word pictures, and so
    please read what I
    pen. You’ll know
    me so

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