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In view of the Haiku’s popularity in the West, and the rising interest in Asian poetry, it’s surprising that the Than Bauk is not more popular. Than-Bauk, conventionally a witty saying or epigram, is a three line “climbing rhyme” poem of Burmese origin. Each line has four syllables. The rhyme is on the fourth syllable of the first line, the third syllable of the second line, and the second syllable of the third line.



Wait for hours;
these showers pour,
flowers will grow.

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014




Beware the sword
of the lord who’s
grown bored with you

© Iain Douglas Kemp 3/14

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164 thoughts on “INFORM POETS – THAN-BAUK

  1. Sweet, Walt; Iain… ow… I felt that one!

  2. Chicken Soup

    Simmering soup
    for croopy cough,
    scoot, scoot away!

  3. Than-Bauk

    Take a fling with
    This thing: Than-Bauk

    (c) 2014 Earl Parsons

  4. ejparsons on said:


    Apple scents rise
    Crescent roll yum

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  5. ejparsons on said:


    He walked the walk
    Talked the talk, too
    We locked Him out
    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  6. flashpoetguy on said:

    (A Than-bauk Chain)

    Give it your best.
    Life’s a test, friend,
    the rest you’ll learn,
    I must insist,
    at every turn
    or you’ll burn where
    you’ll yearn in Hell

    to warn and tell,
    Please repel sin,
    the spell that’ll kill,
    Do rest assured,
    can only fill
    to the hilt what
    brings ills to souls.

    For whom bells toll
    red-hot coals rain,
    flames roll like waves,
    But enter grace,
    He that can save,
    He who gave all,
    So bravely done

    For everyone.
    God’s good son paid
    and none ignored.
    He died for us
    And gave us more.
    Rich and poor souls
    now soar like birds.


  7. Priti on said:

    Jack Frost
    Jack Is still here
    frosting dear Spring’s
    soft ears and hands-

  8. Darlene Franklin on said:

    Kiss and Tell?

    Can’t kiss and tell
    If I yell, your
    lips fell on mine

  9. flashpoetguy on said:


    Look at the frame.
    Who’s the dame there?
    What name is hers?


  10. flashpoetguy on said:


    Please! No more snow!
    Where to stow it
    Or tow away?


  11. My Life With You

    It feels so good
    Like it should feel
    How could it not
    When you are here
    Right by my side
    On this tide we
    Both ride called life

    God put you here
    Never fear, He
    Is here with us
    Always will be
    His blessings grow
    And I know He
    Will show the way

    No matter how
    I now vow and
    I bow to you
    Forever more
    With Him to guide
    And confide in
    This ride will last

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  12. Frozen Food

    Oh, where is spring?
    Winter’s fling just
    won’t wing away.

    Robin red-breast
    on a quest tries
    to wrest iced worms.

    A tasty treat
    crunchy meat then
    he repeats. Yum

  13. Oh, fun form! Love your example Iain!

    Praying on Superiority

    Every and each
    lording speech shows
    the leach in wait.

  14. Death and Taxes

    I feel the urge –
    spend and splurge when
    the dirge descends.

  15. How I Really Feel Today

    of being blue
    I say screw you
    in lieu – candy.

  16. Last one! I promise!

    Beware of Following Crumbs

    There was a crone
    who was known by
    blood, bone and sweets.

  17. Priti on said:

    Standing by waves
    Dry, unshaved, raw
    And craving salt

  18. This is a first for me. I’ve not heard of this form before. It takes getting used to, but I’ve given it a chance and myself one, too.

    (Than Bauk)

    More’s the pity
    each city breathes
    gritty used air.

  19. (Than Bauk)

    Yellow daffies;
    Bright daisies sway;
    Bee sees targets.

  20. (Than Bauk)

    Slick paper cuts,
    while door shuts off
    your mutt’s barking.

  21. I’ll be back in a short to do comments here and on the Sunday prompt. 🙂

  22. Free Rein

    Kryptonite fights
    men in tights, but
    I write freely.

    © Copyright 2014
    Benjamin Thomas

  23. What a great form! Thanks for introducing it.

    migrating birds
    wing like words; flight
    home girds the world

  24. janeshlensky on said:

    Window Warm

    A sunning cat
    will purr that fur
    is satisfied.

  25. janeshlensky on said:

    Whether Weather

    Know: wintry sun
    is undone by
    clouds’ blundering.

  26. Wanderlust

    My pup is stuck
    in a muck pile
    Who’ll pluck him out?

  27. connielpeters on said:

    An empty keg
    Drunken beggar
    An egg on face

    I hear a bell
    From the well. Oh!
    Cat fell down there.

    His funny face
    Is a trace smart
    And spacey, too.

  28. Pretty Pictures

    Our rain and snow
    Will not go, yet
    Earth’s glow is here.

  29. Marjory MT on said:

    The backward clock
    could still talk, it
    went tock, tick, tock.

  30. Darlene Franklin on said:

    Today’s spring rains
    flower chains to
    ease pains

    April showers
    May flowers bring
    To spur spring’s joy

  31. William Preston on said:


    Writing Than-bauk,
    first you gawk, then
    you balk and squawk.

  32. Darlene Franklin on said:


    Pinocchio’s nose
    always grows ‘cause
    it knows the lie

    Can you tell I’m having fun? Maybe I’ll find something serious. If not, I’ll be quiet.

  33. Than-Bauk poems

    Chest puffed out, red
    quickly, sped off
    with bread in beak

    In purple ink
    she can think, write,
    and drink some wine.

  34. Darlene Franklin on said:

    I need that purple pen . . . Love it

  35. MARJORY MT on said:

    It ’tis my fate
    I must wait for
    a date with you.

    I plan to make
    (use as bate) a
    pie, great for you.

    So to sedate
    you to state to
    set date with me.

    ’cause once you ate
    (what I bake), you
    will make a choice.

    To get a cake
    (I could bake,) you
    must make with me

    an honest date
    to translate to
    a great time spent.

    Then we could rate
    our first date – worth
    the wait (ooo, Ya)

  36. WmPreston on said:

    Ah, these are first-rate!

  37. WmPreston on said:


    His voice can grate
    like a gate oiled
    too late to help.

  38. Pingback: Day is Breaking | Metaphors and Smiles

  39. Day is Breaking

    Rising early
    sun softly spills
    lightly climbing.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  40. Wm Preston on said:


    The night might come,
    casting some light
    on slumbertime.

  41. Funky Friday

    Head full of snot
    I cannot work
    I caught the crud

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  42. ejparsons on said:

    Nurse’s Orders

    Pain in my head
    “Go to bed now”
    So said my wife

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  43. Marie Elena on said:

    Belaboring the Poem

    Pondering birth:
    To unearth life
    Is worth digging.

    © Marie Elena Good

  44. Than Bauking

    this mountain climb-
    ing (short) rhyme makes
    my time alpine.

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