Salvatore Buttaci has continued the excellence that has been the foot print of every co-host before him. Putting his own stamp on the position, Sal has been both friend and mentor to our poets. It has been a pleasure to share the stage with him. Thank you Salvatore and Salute!


Stage actors can kick start their performance by calling for a line. Sometimes we can kick start our muse with a nudge from a line or two. We had given you lines to use in your poems this past week, and you have risen to the bar and leapt beyond it. In our search for the BRILLIANT BLOOM recipients, Salvatore and I have come up with:


The economy of words, concise and direct, can often express better than a flourish. The way we trim out the superfluous to find the essence of what it is we want to say, can go a long way to achieving this end. This was done here beautifully in De Jackson’s poem “Drawing Shade”, my pick for the BRILLIANT BLOOM.


Evening is a shroud,
but not divided.

Silence gathers loud
over time,
as distance rhymes
its rhythm with

Love lies;
buried are the truths
we thought we knew
by night.

Morning is a cloud
rain spent, heart bent
to that
higher place
where we
always laugh and dream.

© Copyright 2014 – De Jackson



First of all, I truly enjoyed myself reading all the poems submitted in response to this week’s prompt. I have never been to a poetry site that could boast so many excellent poets as Creative Bloomings can. I must say I look forward to each Sunday’s prompt and Wednesday’s poetic form. It affords poets an opportunity to practice their craft. As for this week’s prompt, I have selected Hannah Gosselin’s poem “For You” because of its outstanding word choice and the unobtrusive rhythm that keeps the poem moving from start to finish.

–Salvatore Buttaci

FOR YOU by Hannah Gosselin

The sun’s gone once round
and I dream of your earthen chrysalis,
how spiraling roots embrace you
building a sanctuary of your bones,
now pearlescent
now egg shell white-
now an ivory cathedral flowers from the tangles
where you, in a preferred cover,
were once lovingly cocooned;
your heart’s rhythm released its drum
and given to Gaia
a new song has risen.
Fortune was mine
in having the privilege
of calling you friend.
The knowing rain fell hard
the day I prepared loam
making inky the soil
and nearly a year gone since,
the water, it visits me again.
I anticipate the coming of color,
there, where love lies buried
I look forward to the blue surge of blooms
like an angel visiting my soul-
forget you, I never will.
For now, I nurture this place of grief,
this tender place of truth within;
I honor it with light
a single flickering flame,
a lone votive burns for you.

Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014



Poets seem to have a preference of what they like and don’t like about the process of poetry. The loose expression of free verse can be liberating to some. Others need the discipline of form to achieve the poems that are in their heads and hearts. Some work well in rhyme; others despise it. Some are bothered by syllable counting; some embrace it. Some poets seem to be undeterred by any restriction. The poet I choose for this honor appears to fall into that category. I applaud his understanding of the Nonet form, but more importantly for the body of work he consistently provides here at CREATIVE BLOOMINGS. This BRILLIANT BLOOM goes to Benjamin Thomas for “Anchor of the Soul”

ANCHOR OF THE SOUL by Benjamin Thomas

Thankfully hope does not put to shame,
All those who trust it’s sweetest frame.
An anchor of shipwrecked soul;
When broken, battered, cold
Keeps you warm, consoled.
In times of need,
Fear or bold.
We need

© Copyright 2014 – Benjamin Thomas



My choice of nonet winner is “Painted Face” by Sara McNulty (purplepeninportland), especially because of its emotional impact. How difficult it is to find true love! The woman falling for the inanimate object of a handsome man in a painting poses the Big If: “if only he could step / through canvas / and touch / her.” Is the man with the “piercing green eyes” any less attainable than those she has loved who have not loved her in return?

–Salvatore Buttaci

PAINTED FACE by Sara McNulty

She stands transfixed by man in painting.
His piercing green eyes seem to see
all the secrets locked inside
her, and how he can help
melt all her troubles,
if he could step
through canvas
and touch

© 2014 Sara McNulty


We congratulate De, Hannah, Benjamin and Sara for your selection.

We applaud all our poets for your outstanding poetry!