Another week of superb poetry and guided by the wonderful hand of my co-host Hannah Gosselin. “Sweet” always seems to be the adjective that is applied to the honored poet from Maine and it fits, but her demeanor is only part of who she is. An extraordinary poet and artist! Thank you Hannah, for another great week at my side.


Every little thing adds up to the people and poets we are. We are guided by that little spark that glows within each of us. And each breath we take and all that we do becomes a little thing (in the scope of the universe) to spark another person. Together, we make a mighty noise! So, now to BLOOM…


The simple things always seem to be most overlooked. We pay little heed, because we need to focus on a bigger prize. But, when we stop to “smell the roses” we find a pleasure that comes at little cost and has great value. Each blade of grass, and cloud in the sky all become a part of a grand plan. In simple rhyme, this poem by Majory T Thompson conveys this brilliantly.

TAKING FOR GRANTED (T-4-G) by Marjory T Thompson

how easily
it slips into
the things we do.

With only work
you are a jerk!
But, dull is dull,
and what we cull,
when nothing new
we choose to do.

Pick out a day…
we go our way
and seldom stop
to give bold thought –
or find some new
fun things to do.

Things to spark..
to give a lark.
A job begun.
A job well done.
To stand and fight
for what is right.
To give a smile,
to walk a mile,
Smell the flowers,
watch clouds for hours.

Before to late,
let’s celebrate!
Trace a sunbeam,
share pink ice-cream!
a life serene.
When wine and cheese
in moon-light please,
ending those days
in special ways.

We need to play
a bit each day!
A ball to fling,
a song to sing….
So let the child,
quick, bold or mild,
who freely gives,
who in you lives,
expand it’s wings
to do new things.

(C) Copyright Marjory T Thompson – 2014



This task of bloom picking is a joy and a task for sure!! As I commented earlier, “It’s such an honor to bee-keeper-of-the-blooms this week…buzzing from row to row it’s such sweet nectar for the taking.” Truly there’re so many pieces that I nodded, teared up, laughed and sighed to. What an amazing group of poets…I’m honored to have had this opportunity, (thank you, Walt), and I’m humbled to be in community with you all, thank you for sharing so richly.

I arrived, finally, with this decision…RJ Clarken’s “Unlost.”

UNLOST by RJ Clarken

found a
pebble with
a roadmap for
an ant: I traced a zigzag, random line
with my finger, one end to the other
and discovered
how to find
my way

(C) Copyright RJ Clarken – 2014

I really connect with this poem…gravitating toward nature and true-self to find oneself has been a lesson and a blessing and as I stated in the comments, “I just love the way this brings me back to little and close to the ground, well done RJ.!!”



The palindromes submitted were wonderful representations of this form. These poems read the same coming and going, showing the other side of the coin, and giving us slightly different expressions. The transition is the key in these pieces. Here, that pivot point  is used as the title, for my BLOOM selection, Denial by Chi Holder.

DENIAL by Chi Holder

force protective
binding memories covered lightly
sheets caressing her burning skin
guilt deified retribution
recurrent sagas in
in sagas recurrent
retribution deified guilt
skin burning her caressing sheets
lightly covered memories binding
protective force

(C) Copyright Chi Holder – 2014



The timeless-time-spilling quality of this nature painted piece is a vision to this nature-loving heart. The depth of subject appeals to me and the attention to the technicalities of this form was executed well, in my opinion. For the Inform Poets portion, Palindrome Poem I chose Pamela Smyk Cleary’s “Seasons Eternal.”

Excellent work, Pamela!!

SEASONS ETERNAL by Pamela Smyk Cleary

Spring becomes autumn again
green… leaves, glorious color paints nature —
red, yellow, orange, gold,
then white
equinox, solstice
ever-changing, yet
yet, ever-changing
(solstice, equinox)
white, then
gold, orange, yellow, red;
nature paints color, glorious leaves green
again, autumn becomes spring.

(C) Copyright PSC/2014


As always, great work poets!