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Since Hannah reads the same both forward and backward…

A palindrome, by definition, is a word, phrase, verse, sentence, or even poem that reads the same forward or backward. It stems from the Greek word palindromos: palin, meaning again, and dromos, meaning a running. Combining the two together, the Greek meaning gives us, running back again…

Shown below are examples of the word-unit palindrome. The carefully placed words form the same sentence, whether it is read forward or backward. For example, ‘Mirrored images reflect images mirrored’ which includes a word in the center as a reversal point for the sentence or even the poem.



Opinions offered,
given options, taken liberties.
Good for one, is good for another.
Slightly nodded, acknowledge approval,
assured, thoughts the same, conjoined spirits.
spirits conjoined, same the thoughts. Assured.
Approval acknowledged, nodded slightly.
Another for good is, one for good.
Liberties taken, options given.
Offered opinions.

Copyright © 2014 Walter J Wojtanik



Energetically flows,
ancient and archetypal-
collects inspiration…
fragments of light,
shards of shadow,
slipping images-
swirling together waiting;
hoping for spilling.
Swelling and surging
provoked breath,
finally poem
eventually paint and ink-
colors struggle and thrive;
heart and soul,
consciousness bloom.
Canvas of mind
mind of canvas.
Bloom consciousness,
soul and heart
thrive and struggle colors-
ink and paint eventually,
poem finally…
breath provoked,
surging and swelling
spilling for hoping-
waiting together swirling;
images slipping,
shadow of shards-
light of fragments.
Inspiration collects,
archetypal and ancient-
flows energetically…

Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

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  1. flashpoetguy on said:


    Sorrow shadows joy.
    Events, sad and unforeseen,
    Drive tears, break hearts,
    Hurt undeserving lovers.


    Darkness or sunshine?
    Sorrow or joy?

    Lovers undeserving hurt,
    Hearts break, tears drive
    Unforeseen and sad events,
    Joy shadows sorrow.


  2. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Beautiful start, Walt and Hannah…

  3. connielpeters on said:

    Fun Moments

    Grins, giggles, guffaws
    Bubbly, infectious
    Rolling, delighting, shaking
    Hiccups, titters, smiles
    Friends enjoying friends
    Smiles, titters, hiccups
    Shaking, delighting, rolling
    Infectious, bubbly
    Guffaws, giggles, grins

  4. Wow! A challenging version of this particular form, yet you both appear to pull it off so effortlessly! Hannah, I think we must have watched “Cosmos” together this week. 😉

    Sal & Connie, you’ve also mastered this form! Off to see if I can come up with something suitable… that I’m willing to post.


    They smile
    beneath the garden floor,
    under hardened, lifeless earth.
    They are eager to awaken,
    ready to reclaim their dignity.
    Tired of the winter darkness,
    they long for the bright, warm sun,
    prepared to share their beauty.
    Prepared to share their beauty,
    they long for the bright warm sun,
    tired of the winter darkness.
    Ready to reclaim their dignity,
    they are eager to awaken
    under hardened, lifeless earth.
    Beneath the garden floor,
    they smile.

    © Susan Schoeffield

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  7. RJ Clarken on said:

    Juggling Balls

    Try and remember:
    overwhelm you
    You can
    great work.
    Work great.
    Can you?
    you overwhelm
    Remember. And try.


  8. Horizon

    Open eyes
    Walk slowly
    Talk softly
    Step lightly
    Danger ahead
    So you told


    Told you so
    Ahead danger
    Lightly step
    Slowly walk
    Softly talk
    Eyes open

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

  9. Oh my. You don’t make it easy for any of us, do you, Walt and Hannah. I’ll have to consider this one and see if I can wrap my head around more than a subject for it but the form itself. See y’all soon.

  10. Seasons Eternal

    Spring becomes autumn again
    green… leaves, glorious color paints nature —
    red, yellow, orange, gold,
    then white
    equinox, solstice
    ever-changing, yet
    yet, ever-changing
    (solstice, equinox)
    white, then
    gold, orange, yellow, red;
    nature paints color, glorious leaves green
    again, autumn becomes spring


  11. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    First Time

    Whispered secrets
    Closeness randomly
    secrets, whispered.

  12. This is it for now, gang. I’ll have to come up with something more later and come back to make comments.

    Celestial Changes

    Waves rolling,
    and sand, parched
    sun’s heat
    only now
    seen rarely,
    rarely seen
    now, only
    heat sun’s
    parched sand and
    rolling waves.

  13. elishevasmom on said:

    Affliction (a palindrome)

    where everything is
    jammed and crammed
    in the brain
    massive pain
    in my head
    the dread
    in my head
    massive pain
    in the brain
    jammed and crammed
    where everything is

    Ellen Evans (c) Copyright – 2014
    [3.12.14 a palindrome for CB]

  14. Priti on said:

    A Lone Star

    Worlds beyond
    Tipping point
    Light that drops
    Crystal clear
    Gleam of thoughts
    Whisper heard
    Love’s First
    Spark of night
    Are you there

    There you are
    Night of spark
    First love’s
    heard whisper
    Thoughts of gleam
    Clear crystal
    Drops that light
    Point tipping
    Beyond worlds

    Star Alone——

  15. Conflicting Taste

    You love
    chocolate covered anything,
    opposites attract
    salt with snacks
    for me
    for snacks
    with salt
    attract opposites
    anything covered
    love you

  16. Sorry I haven’t been around to comment this week, my kids are on Spring Break and I’ve barely been on the computer! 🙂

  17. Oh, my word, I’ve tinkered and tinkered and still not done this correctly, but it’s been fun. I tried to make each line a palindrome, but well, tried is the operative word. Here ’tis.

    Palindromeda: God Dog’s Creeds, Questions, and Conundrums

    Do geese see God?
    Eyes revere; reverse, ye?
    Swap Paws?
    (Don’t nod.)

    Dennis sinned.
    Devils lived.
    Pals slap pals.
    Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?
    (Don’t nod.)

    Madam, in Eden I’m Adam.
    Ah, Satan sees Natasha.
    God saw I was dog,
    (never odd or even);
    Dog god; god dog.
    Evil live(s)
    drawn onward.
    Paws swap;
    pals slap pals.
    Dogma: I am God.

    Don’t nod.

    • Terrific, Jane. I wanted to do a true “each line is true palindrome” but couldn’t find the time and daren’t risk frustration. Good for you, girl. Keep fiddling. You almost had it there. I’m rooting for you.

    • WmPreston on said:

      I chuckled my way through this one. Thanks much.

  18. Denial

    force protective
    binding memories covered lightly
    sheets caressing her burning skin
    guilt deified retribution
    recurrent sagas in
    in sagas recurrent
    retribution deified guilt
    skin burning her caressing sheets
    lightly covered memories binding
    protective force

  19. Ha! What a coincidence! Trifecta had the challenge to use a palindrome in a 33-word poem, and I wrote one where each line is a palindrome. For now, I’ll share it here (back later with a true palindrome poem, I hope).


  20. Hannah and Walt made this look easy. Take 2!


    Come and go, slow and fast,
    Poems sing or simper past.
    Poems sing;
    songs are tunes.
    Some hum
    some, typhoons.
    I play them.

    I am their instrument; I am here.

    They play me
    typhoons; some
    hum some.
    Tunes are songs;
    songs are poems.
    Pasts simper or sing poems,
    fast and slow,
    go and come.

  21. Wonderful, all… Jane and De… so Clever!! Thank you!!

  22. Rise Again


    Beginning new
    Unsettled and wild
    Unlimited potential
    Pioneers were they
    Limitless vision


    Ashes to beauty
    Blood sacrificed
    Freedom addressed
    Liberty abounding
    God blessed


    Blessed God
    Abounding liberty
    Addressed freedom
    Sacrificed blood
    Beauty to ashes


    Vision limitless
    They were pioneers
    Potential unlimited
    Wild and unsettled
    New beginning


    © 2014 Earl Parsons

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  24. If I had a hat on, it would be off to all of you who were able to tackle this challenge.
    I guess my mind just doesn’t work backwards and forwards! Back to read later.

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  26. Whew! These are HARD.
    Wonderful work, all. I cheated and added a “d” to one word…this was as long as an entire poem in palindrome could go for me. 😉

    O, stone, be not so

    loose and wanting,
    waiting for shore,
    shored for waiting,
    wanting and loose-


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    (a piku)

    Love and trust.
    are important.

    2014-03-14 (Happy Pi Day)
    P. Wanken

    • It was as close to a palindrome as I could get. Doesn’t read the SAME front to back…but it least it CAN be read front to back or back to front. Plus…I wanted to do a Piku today in honor of Pi Day! 🙂

  29. William Preston on said:


    cry and remember
    russet; orange; gold;
    blazing color; happy hearts.
    Brief, so brief!
    Hearts happy, color blazing:
    gold, orange, russet.
    Remember, and cry

  30. Bravo! You made it look easy too! Love the colors blazing in this poem. Also, congrats on being the Sijo challenge winner at PA. I loved that form and your poem.

  31. Marjory MT on said:

    I seem to be racing around trying to catch my tail – without any luck. Hard to find time to poem. However I would like to share someone else’s poem that was sent to me. It seems to ‘fit’ (like a cousin) with our In-form Prompt for this week.

    Inspirational Quote #6965835
    This poem was written by an eight grade boy.

    Our Generation
    Our generation will be known for nothing
    Never will anybody say,
    We were the peak of mankind.
    That is wrong, the truth is
    Our generation was a failure.
    Thinking that
    We actually succeeded
    Is a waste. And we know
    Living only for money and power
    Is the way to go.
    Being loving, respectful, and kind
    Is a dumb thing to do.
    Forgetting about that time,
    Will not be easy, but we will try.
    Changing our world for the better
    Is something we never did.
    Giving up
    Was how we handled our problems.
    Working hard
    Was a joke.
    We knew that
    People thought we couldn’t come back.
    That might be true,
    Unless we turn things around.
    (Read from the bottom to top now)

  32. Well, I’m finally getting caught up! I started out pretty well 😉 my computer had a make-over mid-week and I was set back, so comments will be lacking but know that the reading of all your poems has been such joy. Thank you!

  33. BABY NAMING (a palindrome)

    pick carefully
    honour thy father
    think of recesses
    and remember bullies
    be kind and nice
    be nice and kind
    bullies, remember them
    recesses, think of them
    thy father, honour
    pick carefully

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