Poet/Image Artist Hannah Gosselin (and Fin)

Poet/Image Artist
Hannah Gosselin
(and Fin)

This week our co-host is someone who I have looked forward to working with since the concept of co-hosts came to fruition. This poet brings a smile to many faces just by intoning that simple word. SMILES. In developing her blog, we talked about that aspect of her work and in that chat the title “Metaphors and Smiles” (as opposed to similies) came to light and she certainly brought that site into prominence. A true poetic soul grounded in her faith and family and a poetic friend to any and all poets who come to know the name, Hannah Gosselin!


Hannah Gosselin’s song is one inspired of natural beauty. She seeks words early and feels complete in the daily practice of heart-spilling ink to page. She finds that there’re poems begging to be written, hidden and waiting – like the still, seeded center of dandelion…there’s so much poetic potential in each day. 

Hannah’s words find footing @ her writing, (and sometimes photography), blog Metaphors and Smiles.

PROMPT #145 “NOTHING FOR GRANTED” Our lives are guided by our hearts and logic, and sometimes with both at odds. The influences in our personal domains are as varied as there are stars in the skies. But for every big moment in our daily living, it is the small sparks of life that we seek. Every little thing influences our lives. You are asked to pick something others would consider insignificant and give it its due.



Poems that prod,
nods to God,
tilling the sod,
musical notes,
famous quotes,
boats that float,
crystal skies,
bright blue eyes,
cherry pies,
rhyming things,
things with wings,
kids that sing,
chocolate cake,
the eerie lake,
goodness sake,
welcome guests,
doing my best,
my beating chest,
folks worthwhile,
carried in style,
a heart felt smile.
valued treasures,
easy measures,
Simple pleasures.

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014



A Drive-by (Mental) Snapshot

As pulse beats blue
three large dark birds
burn permanently
an image on my mind:
Crows hold the center line,
afield, where snow has let go-
where the yellowed grass shows;
beneath the pines
feathers shine iridescent
with sudden spring sun.
And this,
this is indelible-
a moment
fast-fixed to my soul.

Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014