The response to the Guest Host  idea has been a grand success so far. And it’s not just being highlighted with the designation. Our poet/hosts have gotten a view of what goes into the inner workings at CREATIVE BLOOMINGS. It really isn’t as easy as it looks. (OK, it’s not rocket surgery either). But if anything, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the poets who populate this place. In continuing our journey around the globe, we’ve stopped to pick up poet Michelle Hed for her tour through the garden.




Michelle Hed’s love of poetry started as a teenager. There were a few gaps throughout the years but when her youngest daughter was eight and she realized her kids didn’t need her around the clock anymore she started thinking about what she should do when she grew up!

Michelle is an extremely private person and introverted. So when she came across Robert Brewer’s first Poetic Asides Poem-A-Day April Challenge in 2008, she agonized over the decision of putting herself out there. On the internet. Where anyone could find her. She decided YES and jumped in with both feet and has no regrets. Michelle has made wonderful friends she’s never physically met and the sense of community and support has kept her going. She wishes she could reciprocate on a daily basis but as we all know there are so many other things in our lives that sometimes take precedence.

Michelle is a poet, photographer and artist living in Minnesota. She is happiest when she is outside with a camera in her hand and a notebook in her pocket. Her poems have appeared in the following books, magazines and online journals Poetic Bloomings, Sprout, The Fib Review, Pay Attention: A River of Stones, Prompted: An International Collection of Poems, A Handful of Stones, Writer’s Digest, Haiga Online, and was a finalist in the Poetic Asides Poem- A- Day Challenge 2009.

Her photography has been awarded in local contests and has been published in Mouse Tales Press: Prepare for Flight, Minnesota Birding andHoliday Word Gifts. She also has a book, Natural Musings, which contains both her photography and poetry. She maintains a blog,, for all her artistic endeavors. She is married to her best friend, has two beautiful daughters and two mischievous hounds.


PROMPT #144 – “What This Place Needs…”

Think of any really good movie and you can come up with a great tag line that defines it. Think of “Casablanca” and you imagine Bogart voicing “Here’s looking at you, kid!” or “”Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Think Star Wars you hear  Sir Alec Guinness intone, “May the Force be with you.” Jerry Maguire (I know, I know, I said good movie…) you can come up with “You had me at Hello!” and “Show me the money” and “You complete me!” This is a long winded rant to get to the prompt…

Complete this thought and make that thought the title of your poem.

“Every life needs its own______________”



Precious and priceless, held in reverence,
never prideless. Each life has worth.
Our existences deserve to be praised
and raised upon pedestals, all statuesque
tributes to our very breath and purpose.
Celebrated with an elation that lifts
our station, a sacrifice burned on the altar
of the hearts that beat within us; it is in us
to do ourselves proud. It will speak out loud
being heard far and wide; every life in honor and pride.

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014



Sometimes you need to unplug
from the world around you,
isolate yourself in your own cocoon
of tranquility, peace
and just exist –
no thoughts.

Placing your thoughts
upon the clouds, unplugging
them from your mind, so they only exist
to drift by… knowing you
can reach up and grab them at any time, a piece
of life’s puzzle to be examined within your cocoon.

The warmth and security of your cocoon
allows you to organize your thoughts
and gain a new perspective and peace
within your body, mind and spirit that had been drained away when plugged
into the running chaos of everyday life. You
are ready to step back and fully exist.

You were existing
but not functioning, needing the sanctuary of your cocoon
to recharge your batteries and energize yourself.
Your thoughts
kept drifting away, seeking to unplug,
seeking peace.

the essence of existing
in our charged up world, unplugging
the ear buds and breaking free of the cocoon
that is muffling your thoughts,
overpowering you.

You are recharged, you
are ready to enter the fray and fight for peace
and order within our borders and within our thoughts.
Ready to exist
side by side with chaos, knowing your haven, your cocoon,
is waiting for you should you need to unplug!

With a steady hand you are ready to exist.
You are at peace again, sanctuary is your cocoon
tucked away within your thoughts, you are not unplugged.

(C) Copyright Michelle Hed – 2014