With the onset of February, we begin with our series of guest hosts helping present our poetic prompts.

Paula Wanken

Paula Wanken

The title of our prompt is no reflection on our co-host by any stretch of the imagination. The guest this week has done much behind the scenes in the production of our anthology book(s). Paula Wanken is always willing to go that extra mile to assist us and was Marie Elena’s right hand in the editing of the POETIC BLOOMINGS: The First Year. You see her work around the sites most of us frequent and her acumen with Shadorma and Pi-Ku forms makes her work quite distinctive. On her blog, Echoes From The Silence , Paula splays her heart, emotions and faith in a most compelling way. Far from the neophyte she proclaimed herself to be when she first burst onto the scene, Paula has an outlook we all should look to emulate. She’s one of the truly good people! For more about Paula, visit her POET RECOLLECTION page under the Poetic Bloomings tab.

And with that thought, we tend to always look for the good in people (or at least we try). But sometimes it isn’t always a fairy tale existence. The rosiest colored glasses often fail us. Sweeping naivete to the curb, we realize there are some not so nice folks out there.

Yet still believing we “pay for our sins”, make a list of seven things that could happen to bad people.

Use one of them as the title of your poem. No one is asking you to judge anyone. Just come up with ideas and let your muse do the rest!



From across the room she caught his eye,
winsome beauty in a pert upturned nose.
He chose her from the bevy and left no doubt
he was out of her league. He was intrigued
and determined to meet her, If he could unseat her
in the direction of the dance floor he was sure
he would woo her. He saw her as his new addiction.
Her appeal bolstered his conviction. He’ll plead insanity.

© Copyright 2014 – Walter J Wojtanik


SERVING TIME (a shadorma)

For a year
he wronged her with lies
and deceit.
He now serves
a life sentence regretting
the mistakes he made.

© Copyright 2014 – Paula M. Wanken