As is always the case, this prompt brought out inspired words from the inspired words of others. This has become my favorite prompt in that it shows the respect and admiration we have for each others work. If you do a search on the site for “That’s My Line”, and “That’s My Line, Two!” you’d see this has given us some excellent poetry to the world through your collaboration.

The task of choosing the BRILLIANT BLOOMS as daunting as ever, gave me pause to do a bit of procedure bending, As always, the poet AND inspiring poet are recognized with this honor. But three moved up my short list and remained as three. SO… there will be seven poets recognized this weekend representing the  whole of this community of outstanding poetic minds.

Beginning with tomorrow’s prompt, we will be welcoming our guest host to offer their examples of the SUNDAY SEED prompt and INFORM POETS form.

But for now…

In this first group, the student has become the inspiration for the mentor. Salvatore Buttaci (The Flash Poet Guy) had chosen to honor Debi Swim by using her poem to spark this:

SUNFLOWERS by Salvatore Buttaci

Now on the wall of London’s
National Gallery in Trafalgar Square
two master still lifes,
two of your Sunflowers
reveal a streak of
an inner need to make things
a shade or brightness better.

What’s up with that, Vincent?
On an August morning
in the Yellow House in Arles
because strong summer winds
kept you indoors
you painted the first Sunflowers
earmarked for your best friend Gauguin.

And speaking of ears.
whisper in one of mine
why you sliced off half your left ear.
Was it too much absinthe,
the spat with Gauguin,
a frightening fit of epilepsy.
And why, Vincent, you delivered
that packaged earful to the doorstep

of Gauguin’s favorite brothel
in care of Gauguin’s favorite prostitute
Rachel who once posed for you,
who unwrapped it,
half expecting chocolates?
Perhaps a satin camisole? Not a blood-wet ear
in a madman’s crumpled note.
Is it her face or Gauguin’s
hidden in the dark center of Sunflowers?

© Copyright Salvatore Buttaci – 2014


The title “Sunflowers” is from Debi Swim’s poem of the same title (Poetic Bloomings; September 25, 2013)

Next, this vignette written by Claudette Young taps into the tentative words of Paula Wanken from her introduction to poetry on her blog, Echoes From the Silence.

Thoughts Have Gone Unspoken  by Claudette Young

Aside a brook flowing with promise
About our future’s goals,
Worrying today’s path,
We see our day’s aftermath.

We agonize on tomorrow’s road,
What troubles time will bring,
Each day’s blessings unsung,
To fight battles not begun.

Ideas once gathered around life’s fire,
Idle, neutered, darkened,
Await their freedom’s light,
A shout of personal might.

© Copyright Claudette J. Young – 2014

Thank you, Paula, for the loan of your line.

The third selection(s) are two more of our favorite and long contributing poets. Sharon Ingraham (S.E.Ingraham) has been wowing me personally from the first time I posted at POETIC ASIDES back in 2009. Wherever I find her work, it is a moment to read and enjoy and Sharon never disappoints. And the inspiration came from another multi-faceted guy who sings, dances and writes a mean bit of poetics. And he likes penguins, Andrew Kreider.

THE CLOTH-BOUND BOOK by Sharon Ingraham

Of all the pieces of my life kept
hidden in the cloth-bound book
It is the faded map that forms
the cover and resembles no
country of which I am aware
Plus some sort of point-form
plans on the inside, faded also
and quite unfinished…
That tend to make me
question my decision to search
for my birth family…

The fact that the map is in
such a poor state as to be
almost unrecognizable
Or, the pitiful list—started
but with no attempt to
finish or to facilitate
in the least…
I am never quite sure which
aspect saddens me more

I try to remember back to
when I first started to write
to the powers that be—
Hoping to gather any strands
of my erstwhile birth-family-
tree together
While juggling those of my
adoptive family, at the
same time
All the while wondering
if I didn’t deserve
to be sent to hell for not
embracing my good fortune,
and leaving well enough alone.

It was at about this point,
when my birth mother,
having been recently re-
connected with me, and being
also very kind
Sent me the cloth-bound
book, crammed full
of pieces of my life,
Things about which I had
never expected to learn
Many of which I am still
not sure I am happy to know.

© Copyright Sharon Ingraham – 2014

(a blending of two prompts…this one and this week’s Sunday Whirl using 12 specific words – thanks again to Andrew for the loan of his line from “Polyglot” (Oct 2012) that kicked the whole thing off…)

Our form this week, the LENTO, posed a challenge for our poets with all the rhyming dictates. Even with a smaller base from which to choose, the process was still a task to be sure. This young lady continues to astonish with her skill and knowledge of her world and how she expresses it. It wasn’t hard to look to Erin Kay Hope for a consistently obvious choice. Her LENTO, “Once More” garners this BLOOM:

Once More by Erin Kay Hope

She said she’d never love again,
Three stabs at her heart had drained her,
“We” never lasted through the rain-
She’d wake alone…and close the door;

Love was dangerous, she gathered,
Filled your heart, betrayed, then shattered,
Wove elusive dreams, then withered,
Killed and maimed and left you bitter;

By this time she was exhausted,
Life seemed pointless, painful, weary;
Sky grew darker, light contested,
Eyes grew tired, spent and weary…

He burst into her world like flame,
To heal her heart and stop the rain,
He taught her how to trust again,
Drew her close, chasing doubts away.

© Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2014


Congratulations to Sal, Debi, Claudette, Paula, Sharon, Andrew and Erin Kay for you selection as this week’s BRILLIANT BLOOMS.