POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


Today being our FIRST FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY at CREATIVE BLOOMINGS, we thought it appropriate to deal in “firsts” and “lasts”; Alpha and Omega!

Follow this link to the FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY page and read the prompt! Then all you need do is write a bit of flash fiction based on that “nudge”

You can write and post to the prompt all week. The badges on both the CREATIVE BLOOMINGS page and the FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY page are links to return to either site. So you’re never far from where your words belong! You know darn well, everyone has a “little” story to tell!

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5 thoughts on “IT’S FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY! – 24 Jan 2014

  1. In a bit of a poetry drought, I welcomed this, scribbled a story and was then horrified to be faced with one of those horrible squiggly number verification thingies before I could post: not user-friendly.

  2. Sorry Viv. I think I have it removed now. Give it another look.

  3. Wm Preston on said:

    I’ve never tried this, but might give it a go. If so, does it matter where it’s posted; that is, here or there?

  4. You’re all set to post there, Bill. It is a page that is now totally under the heading of CREATIVE BLOOMINGS. It will keep this page a bit less congested. Still working the gremlins out of the process, so if you or any of you have an issue with the change over (as Vivienne did) please air them here so I can get these thing straightened out! We’ll be running smoothly if that happens! 😉 Walt.

  5. done and posted at Flashy!

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