POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


After the successful test of the audio system with “And Suddenly, the Room Fell Silent”, I am pleased to present a reading by Marilyn Braendeholm (Misky) of her poem “The Spirit of Trinkets”. Please enjoy another installment of our newest feature, And be sure to click on the title of her poem for a link to her blog, The Chalk Hill Journal, and read more of Marilyn’s fabulous work!


(Written and read by Marilyn Braendeholm)

Bend through a curl and pull it on back,
Twisted and conjured this twine to a knot,
A hitch for to carry,
A cap for a nest,
A sigh from the spirits that we neglect,
Make wishes on bracelets, on pearly beads,
To knotted string, wearing our trinkets
And soft jangling bling.

(c) Copyright 2014 – Marilyn Braendeholm

Please note, all recorded poems and stories are being archived in the “READINGS” tab in the CREATIVE BLOOMINGS main menu. You can go back and listen to the files all in one location.

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  1. A lovely poem, but being deaf-ish, I could barely hear it, even with the volume on maximum.

  2. Wm Preston on said:

    My system has no speakers, but I enjoyed picturing the bracelet (as it seemed to me) from your posted words, and loved the phrase, :sigh from the spirits that we neglect.”

  3. I remember reading this poem and really enjoyed it. Hearing it read by the poet made me enjoy even more! Thanks for sharing and for reading!

  4. Marie Elena on said:

    I am such a sucker for accents. 😀 But besides that, it thrills me to hear this piece in your own voice, Misk.

    I’m going to love this feature, Walt!

  5. Misky, Hearing your voice (and lovely accent as Marie says) makes this feel so personal. I love the description of “Twisted and conjured this twine to a knot” then ” Make wishes on bracelets, on pearly beads”. Lovely idea of the bracelet speaking to the wearer in” soft jangling bling”. I really love this.

  6. Misk, you are a pearly trinket. This is a real treat!

  7. What fun! Love the poem and the soothing sound of your voice, Misk!

  8. elishevasmom on said:

    Misky, I love the poem. Meanwhile, this new feature is going to bring us all so much closer (if that is possible) simply be hearing each others’ voices.

  9. Thanks to everyone. I’m sorry that some friends couldn’t hear the recording well. I am rather soft-spoken but I suspect my computer equipment and mic is also responsible.

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