This poem from my chapbook, WOOD, was used to test and demonstrate the audio capabilities of CREATIVE BLOOMINGS. The player below, or in the lower right corner will provide the sound (make sure your volume is up). And suddenly, you know what I sound like! Walt.


(Read by Walter J Wojtanik)

Labored and shallow,
a respirator kept the last vestige
of breath on a regimented pace.

Inhalation and exhalation mechanized;
keeping the plane of life still in view
for eyes closed and mortified.

All sense of pulse was just
a faint memory, and suddenly
the sound of a father’s voice was hard to recall.

The strength of it nestled in a heart
so deeply that it defied fibrillations.
The ashen hue of his drawn cheekbones

made the vision of him indistinguishable.
Erratic and broken now, each gasp begged
to be his last. A faint squeeze

of a clutching hand flashed the image
of your “hero” walking you across the street
for the first time. Now as he crossed,

it was your grip that led the way.
There came a gurgle; a guttural gag.
And suddenly the room fell silent.

(c) Copyright 2010 – Walter j Wojtanik



A bit of a refresher for those new to Creative Bloomings (Poetic Bloomings)…

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