As you are aware, changes are being made to improve an already incredible place. I know the saying goes “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”. Well, POETIC BLOOMINGS is certainly not broken. But the expansion of our creative minds and muses has predicated such a move. Tomorrow, the new name for the site will be announced and we will move forward from there. The design of the blog may change again to include all aspects we’ve “discussed” But as I have also mentioned, the focus on poetry will not be diminished. The Sunday Prompt and INFORM POET will be mainstays.

And so, we move into another Sunday Seed of thought. For this prompt, we become time travelers. Pick one moment in time or history and use that as the inspiration for your poem. The point of view that is adopted is surely up to you. You can be a historical figure involved, or someone affected by them. You can write as a distant observer or even as an inanimate object (you could be the Bastille as it’s being stormed, you could be the USS Arizona under attack at Pearl Harbor, you could be a page at the CBS Studio when the Beatles first appear on the Ed Sullivan show…) And yes Erin, you can write about as far back as last week if it serves your muse! 😉 Your title will be the event of which you write and the year it occurred, for example: The Sullivan Show (1964).

Share a moment in time that is memorable for you and share some history in the process.


Crash site of the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson, is marked by Holly’s signature glasses!



That’ll be the day I made my own,
now that I’m fully grown, I  remember
the passing of the “trinity” when I turned three.
On the third of February, as I was finding my stride
I would come to find that the music had died.
Bopper and Holly and Valens took on the challenge
of bringing music to the masses, but they passed
into history. It was no mystery that they shouldn’t
have flown… they should have known better.
Because of a turn in the weather, the three died together.
Early in the morning, the music world was mourning.
That’ll be the day I turned three!

© Copyright 2014 – Walter J Wojtanik

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly