11 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME CHANGE?

  1. Walt, if you’re expanding beyond just poetry, then I really like Fertile Minds. Clever, intriguing, and gives a nod back to the “garden” theme you and Marie began with. All best wishes for this next phase – whatever the name, you have a great garden already planted.

  2. So, I just spent probably too much time thinking on an other but it was fun…here’s the stream of thought for anyone who wants to enjoy it. 🙂

    The Pushy Muse/The Garden-Where Bards Bloom / Muse Blooms/Artists… The Runaway Muse /Stellar …Catching Stars/More than Words/Words and More/A Words Whorl-d/Kaleidoscopic Garden/Mixed Veggies/The Motley Muse…Blooms

  3. Even if you keep the name and let poetry be the primary focus, all the other creative aspects are soooooo connected. I’m happy either way–as long as I know where and when to find it. I’ll participate any way you need.

  4. How about “Outing the Mind’s Eye”, or “The Bloom Room”, or “Mind’s Eye Expressions”?

    if all else fails, it could be called “Blooming Idiots”!! It would fit my brain. haha

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