We’re easing into changes here at POETIC BLOOMINGS and that includes everyone who contributes or has a hand in poetic pursuits throughout the poetic world. (A whole lot of “poetics” going on here).

During my hiatus from this site a while back, we had considered ceasing operation here “in the garden”. But the main consideration (the only one, as far as I was concerned) was the stable of incredible poets who week-in and week-out contributed their muse and support and constructive suggestions to making POETIC BLOOMINGS the place they wanted to be. So we did not allow the “soil” to become fallow. Marie carried on valiantly, with the help of RJ CLarken and WIlliam Preston.

As originally offered, POETIC BLOOMINGS was a site for poets to claim as their own… a place they could consider a home for their work. That hasn’t changed. But in an effort to make this blog more about you and to give you a hand in its new direction, we will feature a “Guest Host” every week to offer your examples for the prompt and IN-FORM POET, to highlight your personal blog (a little self-promotion never hurts) and to select a BEAUTIFUL BLOOM for the week.

The IN-FORM POET will resume next week.

I am toying with the idea of audio clips of your poems where we can have you (or someone else, if you’re too shy) read your piece and have this be a regular feature. The details on that will be forthcoming.

Another idea is one that comes from my background. We are a creative lot; talented in many facets. Along with poetry, many of us write flash fiction. We write music. Some of us are artists where our medium (paints and charcoal and ink and pencil) is more traditional than the words we proffer weekly. There are those with discerning eyes who can capture the most incredible moments through a lenses of a camera. Did I say we were a creative lot?

Serious thought is being given to allowing these skills to find a place here. And thus, a name change is being considered. We will remain mainly a poetic blog and the focus will continue in that regard. But, I suggest we branch out to all forms of creative pursuits. My preference retains the aspect of the “garden” and the continued “blooming of our souls”. CREATIVE BLOOMINGS is an idea. I will post a poll with suggestions for you to consider. After all, it is really you who drive this vehicle. This will be an on-going process to inject new breath into what it is we do here. We have the chance to make a great site even better. With your help, we can accomplish this.

With much respect, Walt.