In the revamping of POETIC BLOOMINGS site, the one constant has been the propagation of poetry. Our poets strive to put their best work forward and it shows week after week. Amidst all the changes and possibilities, we have continued to honor poems that stand out in some way. They may not be the “best of the best”, but sparked a thought or memory or struck a nerve that made their selection for accolades a reality. The three poets awarded this week certainly have come forward to make their points clearly and concisely. So with out anymore delay, the BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS:


To me, one of the greatest books there could be, is the book that hasn’t been completely written yet… the book of our lives. Each “page” and “chapter” tell the tale of us as people and writers/poets. It speaks to our heart and commitment. It reveals our emotion and compassion. And the story is to be continued as long as we are alive. This aspect is beautifully expressed in Susan Schoeffield’s poem, “To Be Continued”. A life well lived, is experienced to the fullest. My BEAUTIFUL BLOOM is presented to Susan for this work.

TO BE CONTINUED bySusan Schoeffield

My life is a book
of stories and verse,
a place where I look,
for better or worse,
to cherish and scorn
these tales I’ve amassed
on pages well-worn
from trips to the past.
The stories untold
hide on a blank page
with secrets they hold
not yet to engage,
but waiting until
the chapter is born
and the keyboard quill
sees a rose or thorn.
With life as the seed
that blossoms to text,
I can’t wait to read
where this book goes next.

© Susan Schoeffield


The prompt this yielded a plethora of excellence. Picking one “bloom” was sheer torture, and I almost reverted to my exercise of a week ago, when I selected two poems for blooms because of Christmastime. The problem with that idea was, two wouldn’t’ve been nearly enough. But Sara’s poem has one feature that I think none of the others had, and that’s the sense of immersion in a book. She speaks of lingering in the worlds created by authors, then trying them on to see if they fit. For me, that comes as close as anything I’ve ever read to describing what it’s like to be totally absorbed in the world proffered by the pages. I presume Sara was speaking of novels, but I’ve had the same feeling in several non-fiction works too, including, of all things, an introductory book on astronomy. I was indeed “lingering” in the world(s) the author wrote about, just as Sara says. Hence this bloom.


Take me out of my reality.
Set me down in another’s.
I will ache with their pains,
empathize with their fears,
and foibles, smile with
their happiness. My viewpoint
of their story will be the only
one that matters. Upon re-reading,
perhaps I will discover snippets missed
the first time around. If I choose,
I can linger in their world, trying
it on, seeing if it fits.

© Sara McNulty


I felt it was appropriate to reprise the very first form we had highlighted at POETIC BLOOMINGS. If you had the opportunity to glance back to the original posting, you will have seen that there were a total of 14 comments on the form. Obviously, that pales in comparison to the respondents we have now. So we re-introduced the Alouette to our growing list of contributors. With the new year and the changes that are taking place on the blog, I chose the poem by Debi Swim celebrating that fact. “Out With the Old, In With the New – Deja Vu” earns the Beautiful Bloom for the IN-FORM POET Prompt.

Out With the Old, In With the New- Deja vu by Debi Swim

With a backward glance
I surveyed askance
the limping, retreating year.
Then with hope and trust
and my eyes up-thrust
I quelled my quavering fear.

I think you’ll agree
for certain there’ll be
laughter and tears in the mix.
There’ll be hills to climb
then coasting times
for life’s a mixed bag of tricks.

© Debi Swim

Congratulations to Susan, Sara and Debi on your selections!