Nativity by Gertrude Kasebier c. 1901[6]

Nativity by Gertrude Kasebier c. 1901[6]

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”  ~Luke 2:11

 What God is This?

Following the angel’s appearance months ago,
A young woman – mystified, yet willing –
Subjected herself to ridicule
While readying for the baby whose presence
Began making itself evident.
Then came the night
On the heels of a long and arduous journey
In humbleness of setting and witness.
How prepared was the young woman’s weary body
And emotion-laden heart
For the miracle of birth, much less this Miracle of Birth –
This holy night that culminates in pulling her newborn son
To her breast,
Offering life-giving milk
To the very One who created life,
And came to offer it eternal.
What God is this who would choose this humble,
Implausible means
Out of love for a sinner?
          My God.
                          My God…
©  2013, Marie Elena Good

We will forgo today’s  In-Form Poet Wednesday with RJ Clarken, as it happens to fall on Christmas Day.

 If you are looking for poetic inspiration and have not done so already, please take a peek at William’s Season of Light prompt:

Wishing you all the blessings of the season.

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    When Rudolph met Frosty, the Snowman,
    the latter said, “I bow to no man.”
    But Rudolph replied,
    “When we get inside
    “you’ll melt from the heat of my glow, man.”

    copyright 2013, William Preston

    Merry Christmas, everybody.

  2. Remembering the greatest gift of all, and some other special gifts, like Poetic Bloomings. Have a wonderful Christmas day!
    And Robert has his prompt up–a gift

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Marie. How could Mary–how can I, how can we, how can any culture, people, nation–ever fully fathom God’s “implausible means” of bringing me salvation. What a perfect way to pose the question, with the only answer found in the sweet intimacy of giving ourselves to Him.

    Merry Christmas to all of our Poetic Bloomers from the Deans.
    (Here’s a link to our Christmas letter if you’d like: )

  4. I posted a Grace for the Holiday Table under William’s prompt, for those so inclined.
    This one is special for today. Merry Christmas all!

    Sing a Sad Song

    Sing a sad song.
    It is a song that must be sung.
    Songs can touch a place
    in the soul that words cannot.

    And if you say you have
    no soul—it is for you
    especially—it must be sung.
    Whether or not you believe

    in his divinity, the faith
    of his teenage mother—her
    belief in his divinity—that
    is a song.

    Have you ever held a belief
    so strongly? Have you
    ever had such a faith?
    In anything?

    In a mere spark of light
    a life is born,
    a belief takes breath,
    a faith is fed.

    The song must
    be sung.
    But it need not always
    be sad.

    Ellen Knight 12.26.12

    (collected thoughts the day after Christmas)

  5. Today marks the anniversary of that first Christmas when Christ Jesus consented to live as one of us here on Earth in obedience to his Father and in perfect love for us his creatures. Praise him!

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