Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

In Christian-dominated cultures, Christmas is probably the predominant holiday. Easter is central to the Christian tradition, but Christmas, coming as it does so close to the winter solstice and to other celebrations such as Chanukah (most years) and Kwanzaa, that have some element of celebrating light, probably has the widest appeal. In the United States, certainly, Christmas is as much a secular holiday as a religious one. One reason for its popularity may be the plethora of lights that go up on stores and homes, as if there is some urgent need to counter the dark of December with light, and the promise of the sun returning. It seems that, whatever the inspiration to celebrate at this time of year, there is an element of “home” lurking somewhere; this often is a time for families and friends to gather around the hearth of home, perhaps, again, going back to the idea of light and warmth.

Write a poem about Christmastime. You might want to focus on that holiday or another that occurs at this time of year, or you might want to write about the solstice or the idea of light in the midst of darkness. Or, you might focus on coming home again. Your poem may have a religious basis or not.


Light and Life

Abandoned glory for virgin’s womb.

For his birth, there was no room.

Embraced His fate, though death did loom,

Crucified; then laid in tomb.

Conquered sin and death outright,

My Redeemer won the fight.

Sacrificed for sin’s dark blight;

Light and Life of Silent Night.

©  2009, Marie Elena Good



When snowflakes
cover the lakes
and fields with powdered cheer,
and evergreens are full of lights,
matching the brightest starry nights
that I will see all year,
my heart is home,
though I may roam,
with those I hold most dear.

© copyright 2013, William Preston



Blinking, twinkling.
Red, yellow, blue.
Green and white,
all night, bright.
Beacons of light
in a mid-December
snowfall. Offering
a brilliance not seen
since early fall.
Silently accenting
vignettes of serenity. 
A Christmas amenity
strung and hung,
eclectic and electric.
Blinking, twinkling.
Red, yellow, blue.
Green and white,
all night, bright.
Christmas lights.

© copyright 2012, Walter J Wojtanik