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LJGOWI (Let’s just get on with it…)


While expressing herself, our Meena Rose seldom (if ever) deviates from elegance or eloquence.    “Doing It Cellphone Style” fairly defines her as a communicator. This piece speaks directly to my heart and senses, and begged to be chosen to receive my Beautiful Bloom this week.  Meena, you are just precious.  🙂

 Doing It Cellphone Style  (by Meena Rose)

I ❤ u, bay-b
hey luv, ❤ u2

4ever nd ever?
longer dan ever :*

wanna no bout Lyf?
tell mii

Lyf iz gud wid u
cu@8 GTG boss iz here

I read these messages and weep
For a language and a discipline
Which calls for taking one’s time
To form a complete thought and
Convey it with class and elegance.

I read these messages and weep
For a medium which has cheapened
Love and made a travesty of it.
Once upon a time, “I Love You” were the
Hardest words for anyone to say.

I read these messages and weep
For a culture spinning so fast
That now patience has become the
Lost of art of the Ancients and thoughtfulness
Is nothing but a collection of snagged moments.


I decided to award Earl Parsons my bloom for this prompt because he topped me. I think he topped all of us, really, with his military lingo, which reminds me that there indeed is nothing new under the sun when it comes to acronyms, especially if one has been in the military. When I think of unreadable English, I tend to think of Navyspeak, with their CINCLANTs and CINCPACs and even CINCUSes, but Earl’s examples appear to be related to the Air Force, or maybe Army. I don’t know whether it’s a compliment or not, to say that the Air Force skewers the language as much as the Navy does, but in any case Earl gives us an excellent example of it. Computer geeks, tweeter folk, and textees have nothing on him. LOL, indeed!

MAJCOM (by Earl Parsons)

Welcome to MAJCOM
Are you the newbie?
Is this your first PCS?
Processed through CBPO?
Done with your OJT?
Well, I’m the HMIC
And I’m on call 24/7
Here’s your SOP
And your PFE
If you wanna’ be an NCO
You gotta study them books
And take your SKT
Now here’s your assignment
Get’r’done ASAP
By COB today
Oh, by the way
If you have a POV
Park it in the HQ lot
Next to AAFES
Have a good day


RJ’s In-form BLOOM

Hi there! Yep – time to choose my In-form Poet Bloom of the Week. It was really tough (as usual) because there were so many gorgeous poems. I think, for this week, I’m choosing Henrietta Choplin‘s ‘Splashing Clouds.’ I loved the images it conjured with simple but heartfelt language. In any event, she soothed my soul with her words – and that is why I had to go with Henrietta’s ‘blue, misty’ poem.

Splashing Clouds (by Henrietta Choplin)

The waves in sky, a rolling sea
Sea thunders ’round and covers the
Blue depths upon our gaze, a clue
Clue to the heart of that most blue
Yet heals the soul, if we’ll just let
Let splashes mist our faces yet.

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  1. Excellent choices hosts!!

    Meena-you make great points, poetically…nicely done.

    Earl-Your last 4 lines made me chuckle! 🙂

    Hen-Yes, I agree with Rj, soothing indeed. Well written my friend!

    Smiles to all and pats on the back for another excellent poetic week!!

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Congratulations Henrietta, Earl and Meena on your Beautiful Blooms!

  3. Meena, Earl, and Henrietta, congratulations! You all deserve it. Your poems are definitely winners.

  4. Three cheers for the winners!

  5. elishevasmom on said:

    Meena, Earl and Hannah, congratulations for honing in your skills so expertly in a period that has our talents scattered (PAD, for example). Well deserved!

  6. Marie: thank you so much for the selection.
    Congrats to Earl and Henrietta as well. And Earl, I had to giggle because yours reminded me of this line in an email from work “Per the 8D, the UCL and LCL need to be changed by COB. Make sure the OCAP gets updated ASAP in the meantime.” 🙂

  7. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Congratulations, Meena, you have captured it…! Earl, yours brought back memories of being an Air Force Reservist :D!!
    Aww… RJ… I am so happy that you liked my little p0em… I was longing for the ocean and, as usual, my imagination took over…

  8. Thanks, all. And congrats, Meena and Henrietta.

    William – Retired Air Force, I am. And I only skimmed the surface of acronyms.

  9. Meena, Earl and Hannah, what wonderfully deserved recognition. Your poems were wonderful. Didn’t get to visit as much as last week so didn’t get to comment much, but I evidently missed some great offerings. I’ll revisit.
    Meanwhile, Meena, you’ve convinced me of the unrecognized and yet undiscovered reasons the Egyptian Empire crumbled—they resorted to hieroglyphics and abandoned real language. Oh, Lord, slow our linguistic decline!

  10. Congrats to Meena, Earl, and Hen. Wonderful writing, all.

  11. Meena, you sure know how to spin those words and emotions, a beautiful write; Earl, you had me laughing out loud, with your clever use of acronyms; and Henrietta I could just feel that soothing mist splash my face–love the internal rhymes–Congratulations all! 🙂

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