Among the poets who grace this site are those who can poetically tap into and express a depth of emotion and vision to which I can only aspire.  This week, the works of Barbara Young, Salvatore Buttaci, Iain Douglas Kemp, Jerry Walraven, and Andra Negroiu leave me breathless with envy.  A blatant confession — but there you have it.

As for this week’s Bloom, it is William’s and my honor to call attention to the same poem:  SANCTUARY, by Andra Negroiu.

For me, the beauty and flow of the words make this poem sing as a composition of music.  The marriage of imagery and message leaves me shaking my head in wonder.

William says, “The first phrase that drew me to this poem was “shy churches hiding.” That led me to read it again, and again and again. It always seemed to have a new discovery waiting for me. Andra reminds us of the little things in big (and small) cities: the shy churches and the ragged alleyways and the dying light. And amidst all that, she invites the reader to be a sanctuary, which is what a church is supposed to be, for the wandering bird, or perhaps the people and other creatures that frequent the ragged alleyways. This struck me as sensitive yet powerful writing, and I’m going to read it again and again.”

Thank you for sharing this magnificent piece with us, Andra.  Do let us know if this finds its way into a book we can hold in our hands, and take in with our hearts.

SANCTUARY (by Andra Negroiu)

Girls, when you find yourselves
alone at night,
making the acquaintance
of a city of lineage
and dazzling shopping streets,
spare a thought for the ragged alleyways and
for the shy churches hiding
behind the dying light and the pouring rain
and put out your hand
and wait
for the flute-born Ave of a wanderer
to alight on your palm, rest its wings and
declare you its sanctuary.



Holy Moly! Lord Byron (and I) don’t even know where to begin to choose for In-form Poet Bloom of the Week. There were so many brilliant, amazing poems – and each was a gem in and of itself. Just when I would think, ‘Yes, that is the one,” I would read another and say, “Hmmmmmm…what do I do now?”


(Another pause.)

All right. Although there were many that made me say, “Gosh, I wish I’d written that!” my choice is Erin Kay’s ‘In the Orchard.’ Her line, “… heady scent of pears carried on the breeze…” just resonated with me, and I loved the way she set the blush scene of first love.

In The Orchard (by Erin Kay Hope)

Long grass swaying lazily in the breeze,
Leaves rustling, covering the hard ground
With a blanket of gold warmth all around
You and I: in the orchard at our ease;
Heady scent of pears carried by the breeze,
Sweetening breath, hanging thick in the air
As the fruit lies here, there, and everywhere,
And we share one big one beneath the trees.

You smile, and the whole world gets brighter,
I blush, and you steal a quick kiss from me,
You wink and my heart palpitates faster,
I smile timidly, you’ve captured me;
We linger here as the sky gets darker,
In the orchard together, you and me.

 Congratulations to Andra and Erin Kay!

P.S.  Thanks to all who participated in our National Poetry Day contest!  I’ll need a bit of time to get the voting page prepared.  I’ll post when ready, and then give you all a few days to vote for your favorite.  Should be fun!