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William Preston has done it again.  This week’s “clown” prompt brought out some well-penned, imaginative pieces ranging from silly to sinister, heart breaking to heart warming, and rib-tickling to side-splitting. Well done, poets!


Among all the marvelous poems presented, I just couldn’t possibly NOT offer my Beautiful Bloom to Andrew Kreider for All it takes is a Rodeo Clown.  I mean, come on now … this thing is entertainment-dense, laugh-out-loud, don’t-blink-’cause-you’ll-miss-a-tidbit FUN.  And somewhere hidden in all the giggles is a message.  BRAVO, Andrew.  BRAVO!

All it takes is a Rodeo Clown (by Andrew Kreider)

After three months of protracted debate
over the budget for the Fellowship Committee
and restriping of the parking lot, it felt as if
Sunny View Church had finally fallen victim to the

Other Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:
Tater tot casserole, Robert’s Rules of Order,
a bad sound system, and early-stage dementia.
The whole church was stuck thigh-high in gravy.

Ten minutes into the fourth special
congregational meeting, tempers were fraying
as usual. Brother James had crossed his arms
as Brother Olin bellowed spurious scripture at him.

Behind them, Sister Mary had raised her copy
of Bible Word Search Vol 2 (The Epistles)
in self-defense as Sister Olive advanced with a
crochet hook raised like the tent-peg of Jael.

Suddenly there was a dreadful clamor from the
back of the room. The double doors to the kitchen flew open,
and in rushed Deacon Jonah, resplendent in overalls,
a cowboy hat, bright red nose and white eye make up.

Woo-woo-woo-woo, he yelled, waving a King James
Bible above his hat. The warring parties all stopped
dead in their tracks, astounded at the sight of a respected
CPA rushing down the hallway singing Gene Autry songs.

In an instant the room was bathed in the holy light
of “prayer concern.” Who could sustain outrage
at the cost of Palm Sunday decorations when a
senior member of the Board had clearly lost his mind?

Leaping at the opportunity, Pastor Lundquist called for the
Question, and the budget was approved unopposed.
All conflicts forgotten, the room launched into a
spirited acappella rendition of Bind Us Together Lord.

Outside in the unstriped parking lot, the conspirators
shook hands. You called it, Pastor, drawled the Deacon.
That was mighty impressive. Thanks, son, replied
Lundquist. You know, this ain’t my first rodeo.


This prompt spurred a plethora of excellent offerings, and among them was Erin Kay Hope‘s little oddquain. I must confess that one reason I selected this poem for a bloom was her use of that form; somehow, it seemed to fit clowns and clowning. Mainly, however, I selected this poem because it encapsulates, almost literally, the joy that clowns can dispense and the pain that often lies behind their work. Actually, Erin Kay’s poem may not necessarily apply to clowns alone but also to anyone who “plays the clown”; often, such persons also are acquainted with grief. Abraham Lincoln comes to my mind as I think on that. Finally, another reason I selected this superb little poem was the use of “laugh” at the beginning and end. Laughter is the bottom line for clowns, comics, and comedians; it is the alpha and omega of their existence. I thought that Erin Kay’s poem acknowledged that.

PLAY THE CLOWN  (by Erin Kay Hope)

Play the clown,
Perhaps your despair
Will vanish, making others



Once again, it was really hard to choose. Misky’s A Raking Wind had lots of ‘gust-o’ and I loved the last line. Flashpoetguy’s, aka Sal Buttaci’s Time Pensee was beautifully written and was classic and ‘timely.’ There were several others which really got me where I live too…

but I guess I have to choose just one, huh?

Okay…then it has to be Michelle Hed‘s Pensee Pensieve – because I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, for one thing, and also, I adore her use of metaphor (…silver jump ropes…) It was awe-inspiring.

Pensee Pensieve (by Michelle Hed)

My thoughts,
silver jump ropes
skipping backward and forward
through time and memory, waiting
for me to come visit.

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  1. High praise for the winners!

  2. Absolute perfect choices! Congrats Erin Kay, Andrew, and Michelle. Loved these offerings. And Happy Laughy Birthday Marie!

  3. elishevasmom on said:

    Congratulations to Erin Kay, Andrew and Michelle. My own special smile goes to Michelle.I often seem to have a difficult time with poetic forms, and this week, I couldn’t even get anything to jump from brain to screen. Nicely done!

  4. Such excellent choices!! Fun to read them again, too…thank you poets and hosts!! :)’s and a happy weekend to all in the garden!

  5. Thank you so much for choosing my little poem, William! I am honored. And congratulations to Michelle and Andrew! Two stellar poems!

  6. These are such wonderful choices. Many congratulations to Andrew, Erin and Michelle!!

  7. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Congratulations, Erin, Andrew and Michelle, I Loved the variety this week!!

  8. Thanks, all! Loved seeing the variety of this week’s responses.

  9. Really good choices all three…well done as always…congrats Andrew, Erin and Michelle; great selection of blooms!

  10. Thank you RJ for picking my poem this week, you quite made my day! 🙂 Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and your weekly support – you are all very much appreciated and I’ml so honored to be in this wonderful community. Congratulations to Erin and Andrew on your blooms!

  11. Andrew, Erin, and Michelle, congratulations for wonderful writing. Keep blooming.

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