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The prompt title above, and my poem title below are both taken from Home on the Range, original text by Dr. Brewster Higley (1876) with subsequent modifications by William and Mary Goodwin (1904) and John A. Lomax (1910). Stars have always attracted poets, musicians, and artists of all stripes. Once upon a time, everyone could see what seemed to be all of them, but many who have grown up in large cities have no idea of the glittering glory of the nighttime skies, owing to light pollution. Write a “star” poem. It may be about a given star or constellation, or about stars and galaxies in general, or about extraordinary people or objects who become “stars” in their fields.  ~William Preston


of luster and longing

morningstar of heaven
beauty and power granted freely
by He who gave you being
born of light
fallen of greed
insatiable thirst
for unmerited
can we shepherd the stars?
no – nor harvest their brilliance
to exploit the grandeur inherited
from the God of their conception

 © copyright 2013,  Marie Elena Good



I watch beneath eternal starry skies
that sail above the softly crashing sea.
They bring to my enraptured senses free
delights: the whites and blues of massive size;
a global cluster whose collection lies
beyond the Milky Way; the orange glee
of Betelgeuse; the greens content to be
reflections in the ocean’s midnight guise.
All of these stars, it seems, have always known
my needs; ever they proffered comfort when
I failed and cried; they never did condemn,
Once, in a silent time; a time alone
in endless, friendly space; I knew it then:
I know them all, for I am born of them.

© copyright 2013, William Preston

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362 thoughts on “PROMPT #123 – GLITTERING STARS

  1. Stars In Your Dark Eyes

    Sprinkled across
    The midnight sky, silver
    Reflected in your eye, dancing
    With love.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  2. Bill, yours is gorgeous. The ending caught me by surprise. Wonderful piece.


    A new soon-to-be-announced star
    lay ready to exit God’s Womb
    one still twilight moment
    with midwife stars attending

    but the Great Infant Hope
    overstepped feet first,
    kicked its way to debut,
    slipped buttocks forward
    (two moon slices locked in

    and All-angry/All-embarrassed
    tugged taut the umbilical string
    strangling the almost star to blue.

    Fetus the Failure shook infant fists
    at all creation, crawled up the canal route
    then died there about three a.m.
    swearing galactic blasphemy.


  4. flashpoetguy on said:


    dark matter holds this galaxy together
    a black viscosity that ribbons the pinpricks
    of stellar light.

    tenalarm meteoric fires rage steaming
    up and down the starways till even the sun
    is impressed.

    picture a trampoline, an ebony taupe
    stretched everywhere planets bob and spin,
    a safety net

    to break the fall of falling stars that would tumble
    down underworlds in its plummeting mad descent,
    and grind to powder

    every massive stone globe cursed with the misfortune
    of being in the wrong place at the worst of times,
    crushed to galactic chalk

    meanwhile in the system of the sun, one among
    a sky game of giant marbles, the green aggie
    spins ocean and land

    in every nano degree of axial rotation
    without concern of extinction from planet slides,
    where human lovers

    microscopic dots light years below make love and
    swear eternal fidelity beneath the sixpointed
    lights of those same stars.


  5. flashpoetguy on said:


    when the witches came for her
    in the middle of a purple
    moon-smeared night
    stars smudged the sky
    and nothing seemed real

    when the witches came
    she would not fight to save herself
    offering instead to help stir
    the cauldron bubbling before her
    concocted of stew and nonbelievers


  6. flashpoetguy on said:


    when angels pull down
    the shade of the night sky
    and stars yawn awake
    from daytime dreaming,
    the moon takes again
    her celestial throne
    and with cratered eyes
    surveys God’s Earth,
    records in lunar beats
    the ticking hearts of those
    who surrender to nightfall


  7. RJ Clarken on said:


    “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” ~Robert Browning

    To touch
    a shooting star
    is not impossible.
    Just follow the trail of stardust
    and reach.

  8. Stars Within

    Swept the stars into my hands,
    Saw ripe diamonds against
    My lackluster flesh.

    They nest against me,
    Trying to burrow inside,
    ‘Til they’ve blinked out of sight.

    I’ll chance to let them enter
    The secret basket in my heart,
    Open to their clever little tricks.

    Maybe their brilliance will bring
    A glow to my skin and a fire in my eyes,
    And captivate any who pass by,

    So I’ll burn so much brighter,
    And live so much stronger
    With the stars buried deep, down inside.

  9. Camping

    Dome tent glows like UFO
    Inky, diamond night
    Crackling fire
    Friendly solitude
    Cricket choir
    Inky, diamond night

  10. We Foraged the Sky

    I was 10. You were 11.
    You said it was milk spilt across the sky.
    I said it’s clouds where stars go to die.
    There on the roof of your parents’ garage –
    we foraged the sky for comet tails,
    hails of ice dressed as falling stars,
    and you said they were fallen angels.
    We counted, we wished and pointed
    at clouds all day, and waited for dreams
    to come true during that long, hot night.

  11. elishevasmom on said:

    Stardust (a mirror fib)

    to the soul
    of the heavens, and
    also mirrors to these fragile
    selves we carry. When happy, we dance in the sequined
    safety of stardust. With endless possibilities,—the universe is ours to take.
    While, if misery cuts in on the dance, stardust turns
    to ice, seeming to isolate
    leaving us

    Ellen Knight
    10.6.13 write a “star” poem for PB

  12. Henrietta Choplin on said:


    Did you Hear
    That was the
    settling in
    my eyes.


  13. Sun, Moon, Earth, Stars

    Once long ago, we named the stars that blinked down from the sky
    Their clever shapes and wanderings inspired us to try
    To solve a secret connection between their lives and ours –
    Only imagination saw a link from flesh to stars .

    A basket filled with legends that time has swept away.
    Old stories and superstitions have lingered to the day
    When man with his importance put on wings and flew
    Not to the stars but near enough so that we knew

    Our earthly nest is guided by the same heavenly plan
    That holds the sun and moon and stars together in his hand.

  14. Offering #1. This was me writing about art about stars. I will be back with another submission.

    Why Must I Choose?
    By: Meena Rose

    Oh, Vincent, it is unfair
    What they are asking me
    To do.

    Oh, Vincent, they want me
    To choose only one which
    Moves me.

    Tough call, how can I
    Decide between the two radiant
    Starry nights?

    The night sky you capture
    So well, the differing colors
    Of stars.

    Some are lemon and fire
    Pink, others are bluish green
    As well.

    The night has so much
    More color than the day
    It seems.

    Oh, Vincent, they are insisting
    That I choose only one
    Right now.

    Old friend, kindred spirit, I
    Must choose Starry Night Over
    The Rhone.

    After all, it is Arles,
    At night near Lover’s Cove,
    I wait.

  15. What Shines

    A need to get away from home a while,
    if only on a hill beyond the house,
    forced us to live in nature, making do:

    collecting broken limbs to make a fire,
    a few pine cones as kindling, a tent,
    and rods to catch a willing supper fish.

    But we took hot dogs, marshmallows, and chips
    prepared to release anything with fins,
    waiting for dark to wrap us in its light.

    And lying on our backs we fell through sky,
    a velvet basin pocked with many stars,
    and named the ones we knew pointing at night.

    We felt the universe pull at our eyes,
    reversing gravity as we fell up,
    our souls aglitter freed to float in space,

    a seed of being in us taking root
    until we lay still, filled with something right,
    ourselves now heaven’s rib cage, arching out.

    I’m old now, creaking bones keep me upright—
    no sleeping on the ground, waking in dew.
    But I still carry moon dust, starry night,

    remembering how I felt we were part
    of something big, mysterious, and true
    we, tiny twinkles, longing for starlight.

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  17. Streets of Ardor
    Is your patch of magic tainted?
    Is the sky above littered with artificial light?
    If your answer is yes
    then one might be missing
    the distant divine design-
    the glittering sheet of galaxy bright.
    And if yes,
    find oneself on mountainside-
    realize again the evening anew,
    reach with arms outstretched;
    pretend that you can pluck a star
    like a ripened-ready fruit,
    on tip-toes
    just imagine…
    One of those streaking things is yours-
    encrypted with your very name,
    a comet tail is a sail for your thoughts and dreams.
    Climb aboard this great wide space,
    embrace the pristine placement of each planet-
    tune your heart to the low-humming moon,
    carry on a conversation
    with the man that dwells there.
    Let the canopy of night be a lair,
    the purity of air a cozy home-
    den in deeply-
    burrow into your imagination.
    Don’t fret and let the city-slicked-skies fool you,
    there’s a milky way paved of magic…
    just waiting to be adored.
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

  18. Wow…in both Marie’s and Bill’s poem…you two just wowed me with your endings. Brilliant work both!

    I love this phrase,” can we shepherd the stars?” Marie. Beautiful.

    And in your poem, Bill, this portion:

    “Once, in a silent time; a time alone
    in endless, friendly space; I knew it then:
    I know them all, for I am born of them.”

    Is so powerful.

    Great start to the week here poets…so nice to see everyone mingling in the garden of stars this Sunday.

    Warm smiles. 🙂

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    under the stars
    on a tailgate
    meant for two,
    I look to the heavens
    and wonder…
    Do her eyes see
    the heavenly beauty?
    Does she see the
    infinite sparkle?
    Does she realize
    she outshines
    the night sky?
    Does she know
    she is one
    in a million
    and I am nothing
    without her?
    under the stars,
    I wonder.

    P. Wanken

  21. Could Have Told You So

    “Don’t let the stars get in your eyes, Don’t let the moon break your heart.”

    “Always with his head in the clouds,
    his wagon hitched to some star,
    moonstruck and bedazzled,”
    she said, reviewing why a down-
    to-earth girl like herself saddled
    up a romantic like her husband,
    and rode off into the sunset,
    her only comfort a pipe full of
    self-righteousness and a rucksack
    full of clichés.

  22. Star Light

    By David De Jong

    I have seen the dark and all I could see
    Were lights of heaven, looking back at me
    If I were to be a heavenly star;
    Would my light beam and be seen from afar?
    Would I show a path in the dark of night?
    A glimmer of hope, in perilous fright?
    I pray it be so. I pray it be true.
    I reflect His light, bringing light to you.

  23. My noggin got knocked
    Gonna’ stay on the floor ‘til
    I count all the stars

    © 2013 Haiku by Earl Parsons

  24. ejparsons on said:

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star
    Reflecting off my polished car
    Spent the whole day; arms in pain
    Where’d the stars go? NO, DON”T RAIN!!!

  25. Star Song

    In the silence of nothingness
    in the black formless void
    before that pinpoint of beginning
    before the first spoken word
    from the mouth of God
    there hung an expectation
    and then… “Let there be”
    and the birth of a universe began –
    an explosion of controlled chaos
    and everything became. And God said,
    It Is Good and…
    The morning stars sang together
    And all the sons of God shouted for joy
    and the heavens still ring with their song.

  26. Star-struck

    Positioned at the very dawn of time:
    God’s choir, angels in the form of light,
    Enchanting sweetly just like little chimes,
    Bedazzling the world in silver-white;

    Their presence soothes as I stare at the sky,
    Their silent voices heard midst all the noise
    Of night; completely star-struck, here I lie,
    I listen to their twink’ling lullabies;

    I like to think that you’re among them now,
    You have to be that great big shining star,
    I like to think you’re watching me below,
    And guiding me and smiling from afar;

    And I prefer to think that God’s in charge,
    That none of us know what, or why, stars are.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

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  28. Struck

    See that spill?
    That scattered light
    and heat and
    will? I’ve wished them,
    and all.

    This black
    construction paper night
    feels vast and velvet
    and just right –

    Let’s scrimble down
    on white crayon
    toes and help them

    Formatted, here:

  29. Sprinkled

    Sprinkled out on
    A dark blue-iced cupcake,
    By a small child’s clumsy hand

    Tossed, no seeming
    Order in a night sky,
    By God’s hand aligning, we see

    – Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  30. Second Half

    She was a fading
    star under
    fading stars
    in the night, barely blinking.
    Lost lust for spotlight.

    She fondly recalls
    sparkling gown,
    glowing skin
    the cameras loved. She smiles now,
    content with her life.

  31. William Preston on said:


    I thought
    that all the stars
    were there, in the heavens,
    until I learned that MGM
    had more.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  32. Light years away
    But her twinkles
    Never fail

    To sooth a seeking heart
    Departing with open eyes that set sail

    Across foreign galaxies yearning
    In hopes to meet halfway

    At the rendezvous rejoicing
    Our love feverishly at play

    Simply dazzled in starlight dancing
    And definitely duped by her dapper gaze

    Held tight by cosmic embraces
    Her stellar warmth never ceases to amaze

    The seeking eye still wanders
    Still searching for her distant ray

    Sailing deep within the night watches
    Hoping to find her again

  33. Wm Preston on said:


    It was a night of falling glitter:
    a multitude of stars
    that fell about like autumn litter
    and danced like snow in jars.

    Although in awe, I wandered, lonely,
    across an empty field;
    my heart was sore, and I was only
    wishing I could be healed.

    My thirst for love had long departed;
    each day my life was grey;
    in truth, I long had passed downhearted
    by then, and anyway

    the chance for love was of the slightest
    that time of falling light,
    but I, I met the best and brightest
    of stars that fell that night.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  34. Mountain Night

    The giant full moon rested
    on the rippled lake
    spreading out a speckled path
    like a comforter.
    Pines in silhouette
    tilted toward each other
    saying their bedtime prayers.
    Aged rounded mountains
    snored with logging trucks.
    Stars lilted their silent lullabies.

  35. This is my second offering. I have committed myself in the month of October to writing a daily poem for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I saw the prompt yesterday and rolled it into today’s DVAM offering.

    Here is the link to my post, http://2voices1song.com/2013/10/07/dvam-day-7-nightfall/
    From there, you can find the rest of the poems in the series to date should want to take a closer look.

    By: Meena Rose

    I welcome the dark;
    The ability to be alone;
    The moment when I can
    Finally let my guard down.

    Drape-less windows are a boon
    As a I lay there inertly;
    I take a deep breath and
    Widen my glance – I need more stars.

    At a simpler time with much simpler
    Language, I simply knew that the silvery
    Far away lights were there for me;
    In fact, they danced to cheer me.

    Now older and presumably wiser,
    I am still drawn to the night sky;
    I welcome the stars, near and far,
    As they make their nightly debut.

    There is something comforting
    About these silvered wonders of night;
    Old and ancient, a vital tug to
    Look above and breathe in with delight.

    “Lift up your eyes and see with your heart;
    This hath failed no one – you will see,”
    He calleth upon his Children by name;
    Often through His stars, God comforts me.

  36. elishevasmom on said:


    How bright is the
    autumn sky at night.
    Perhaps due to the
    lack of leaves making
    it easier to see.
    Or perhaps because
    with summer’s end,
    so too, all summer vacations.
    Even the fireflies
    must return home.

    Ellen Knight 10.7.13
    write a ‘star’ poem for PB

  37. From the Roof

    Walt Whitman loved to lift his face to stars
    admiring swirls of light and swells of moon.
    Van Gogh! I gather lightning bugs in jars
    and lift my eyes to futures gone too soon.

    A scientist, you’re all about the facts:
    how far from here to there, how long ago
    that star burned out, all proofs and shattered acts.
    My poet’s heart is troubled, do you know?

    I know star-gazers stare into the past
    admiring embers smothered in dark night,
    but that too proves an empathy so vast:
    we question how long our lives will give light.

    No telescope, I see our falling star
    blazing through night to show us who we are.

    (I remember Whitman’s “I Heard a Learned Astronomer” in which he attends a lecture about stars that bores him out of his mind. He leaves and goes outside and looks up at the stars. I am not bashing science or scientists, especially those who see how science and humanity are conjoined.)

  38. ethereal lights
    dainty specks in heaven’s sea
    guiding us home

  39. celestial tear drops
    falling across the night sky –

  40. Walking on Stars

    After the rain,
    crystal dew drops
    cover the ground
    reflecting the moonlight –
    trying not to step on the milky way.

  41. elishevasmom on said:

    What a wonderful family/community we have here where we continue to come back,cheer each other on, and continue to write. It is a privilege to belong here!

  42. I bade my joy amid the stars
    In crowded streams of
    Screaming light

    Making rivaled rays of avid brightness
    Broadcasting it’s music against the night

  43. Midnight Walk in the Forest

    Straight trees
    stretched into a night
    alight with stars.

    Shadows shivered,
    slithered, scampered
    took flight.

    Twigs snapped.
    Owls called out
    their lonely warnings.

    You and I
    wandered and wondered,
    a world unto ourselves.

  44. William Preston on said:


    Amazingly, the black-backed sky
    contains a rainbow, broken up;
    its colors, pulsing, pasted high
    above, are like a bubble cup

    of greens and yellows, reds and blues
    that I could swirl and so confuse
    the sunlight of a rainy day
    that thunder, stunned, will stay away.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  45. elishevasmom on said:

    the blacked-back sky. Nice. And fitting here. You were at the top and now at the bottom, like a parentheses (or a garden fence).

  46. magicalmysticalteacher on said:

    I dream of the one
    whose basket was filled with stars,
    harvested by hand.

    This is an excerpt from <b<"Dreaming of the One"

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  48. “already fallen”

    And again
    I found myself hanging stars
    in the sky,
    asking passers-by
    for help
    with the ropes and pulleys
    (it’s all ropes and pulleys).
    Hastily running from
    rope to rope,
    trying to sustain the illusion,
    that these stars
    are worth reaching for,
    (for the moment)
    the dreadful feeling
    forming in the pit of my stomach
    we’ve already fallen.

  49. I’ve loved this prompt. The offerings shine bright. A wealth of brilliance.
    Here’s my offering, just in case someone might still be browsing, from a moment about 19 years ago. Trying to learn (from Misky) how to format some indents and spaces…but they may not show once I hit the ‘Post’ button. They show when I paste, but not sure they will stay.

    At Antioch

    Let’s not hang our hopes,
    my dear,
    on falling stars,
    and let’s beware lest a warm gold moon
    gild again our wishes from afar
    in the haze of a still summer night.

    Stars can be fickle:
    they dim and
    then gleam
    and within a wink
    catch our eyes in a dream
    and take off with our hearts in a burning flight.
    They stream on, with our souls in tow,
    Streaks of fire
    just to crumble in quiet ash,
    in the sky expire,
    and fall behind uneven horizons
    hidden from sight.

    Let us aspire, instead,
    together but apart,
    Underneath the same black jeweled sky,
    to love first in our heart
    all of life:
    Look. It’s the heaven of summer
    in which love
    and loss
    and a thousand wondrous constellations
    move and abide in a dark but waning night.

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