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Bill, I’ve enjoyed this prompt even more than most.  One of the first poems I ever wrote likened my introduction to Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides community (via the 2009 April Poem-a-Day challenge) to a ballroom.  If you are interested in reading, you may find my poem linked here Many of you, though none mentioned by name, waltz in this poem.  It closes with Walt … the beginning of a dance and planting of a seed that  became this Garden where we watch in awe as you all bloom beautifully. 

On to the awarding of the Beautiful Blooms.  Let’s dance …


The beauty and emotion poured out this week was simply marvelous, making it nearly impossible to choose just one “Bloom.”  I finally decided on the tellingly titled Anchored, by Meena Rose.  The reality and emotion behind Meena’s words made my throat close as I tried to recite out loud.  “Trapped inside this concrete body” fairly wails with reticence, even as the tears flow “unhindered.”  The brevity of this poem makes it all the more impressive as Meena tells a complete story of being very human (insecurity, envy, paralysis, grief, admiration, acceptance).  As I shake my head in awe, I once again offer my Bloom to our beautiful Rose.

Anchored (by Meena Rose)

I can’t help these tears
That flow unhindered as I look on
Trapped within this concrete body.

You, so full of grace, dancing
Twirling, leaping, dipping, skipping
Expressing humanity fully.

I can’t help these tears
That smear the verses I have just written;
Words now hollow and lackluster.

You dance your essence;
Imperfectly joyous, reverently flawed;
Cracks upon your soul scarred with gold.

I can’t help these tears
For I recognize your journey
While I shy away from mine.

You dance for you and me;
On a surreal plane where
I finally feel light and free.

I can’t help these tears
As I accept that you are someone
I will never be.


This week’s prompt yielded a plethora of poems that sang and danced; some of them even looked like dances. For me, however, none had more music in its soul than Connie Peters’s offering. No sooner had I read the opening stanza than I began to sing the words; the underlying rhythm is insistent and joyful, and the words fit the beat perfectly. The words even hold a stunner or two: traditional images of heaven—the Christian one, anyway—feature harps and lyres, but a bass guitar? And “living colors” strikes me as a deeply insightful phrase, evocative of the idea that life goes on, perhaps in a different form where “many partners will partake in the divine romance.” That kind of writing would suit an Astaire-Rogers movie. In the end, I selected this poem for a bloom because it was so much fun to read, say, and sing. If I could dance, I would’ve done that too.

IN HEAVEN WE WILL DANCE (by Connie Peters)

Right here on earth with two left feet
We may not take the chance
But certainly when life is done
In heaven, we will dance

We’ll whirl about among the clouds
And leap in the expanse
The air will fill with sweet perfume
In heaven, we will dance

The harp and lyre, the bass guitar
Will lift us to a prance
Our arms will stretch, our toes will point
In heaven, we will dance

The living colors swirl about
Such beauty at a glance
Excitement bubbles deep within
In heaven, we will dance

Our many partners will partake
In the divine romance
In perfect harmony we’ll sway
In heaven, we will dance



Goshabinies! This was so darned snurgalinks! Every promee was a winner as far as I am consertasleeper.

All right…all right…I know. Gotta choose just one. DagBramolovsnitches!

It was really hard, but here goes…The Manglooper King by Earl Parsons. I love the storytelling and this totally got me where I lived. Even with all the nonce words, it was brilliant fun and … it ended with a dream. What could be sweeter?

I’m simply globbsmarted by this.

Thanks to everyone who played along with this silly nargliciamantis form. I had such fun!

The Mangloopler King (by Earl Parsons)

A dream I once had
When a very young lad
Took me to a land far away
Where blinkers and bleepers
And purple tree creepers
Lined narrow paths called skipaways

A bleeper screamed loudly
As it skipped so proudly
“Walkers must walk to the side!!”
So I started to skip
Something made me slip
“It’s the goomberry juice.” It replied

Then up skipped a noid
He said, “Try to avoid
The goomberry juice and maglampers
One is quite slippery
The other quite flippery
Skip only on yellow-green plampers.”

I skipped on the plampers
Avoiding maglampers
To the end of the skipaway I skipped
There to my surprise
I soon realized
I had been there on a previous trip

The blinkers and bleepers
And purple tree creepers
The noid, the ninks, and the gnomes
All gathered round there
In Magloompler Square
To welcome their Kingloompler home

“May I say something?
How can I be your king?
I’m not from around here, you know.”
The noids and ninks screamed
“Hey, this is your dream!!
So relax, and go with the flow.”

I did as they said
They dressed me in red
With boggles and goobles and bleams
Such fun we all had
This king stuff ain’t bad
I will always remember that dream

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  1. Congratulations to the winners of these well-crafted poems!

  2. Thanks so much. I’m mooblegarshted beyond beriligance. And now I can say that my brain does reside in an alternate reality.

  3. Thank you so much. This was wonderful news to wake up to today. Congratulations to Connie and Earl as well. Connie, I share Bill’s sentiments. I could not withhold my smiles as I read it. Earl, you are a supremely masterful bard.

    • Thank you, Meena. And thanks for causing me to look up what a Bard is (at first I thought something completely different, haha). I’m honored.

      • elishevasmom on said:

        you did such a great job with this. My “normal” speaking comes out like this quite often- but having to invent some, my brain went on strike. Kudos to all three of you. well written and well deserved!

  4. Great work Meena, Connie and Earl. Congrats.

  5. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Ahh… Wonderful selections… !! I have Loved this week’s work :D!! Congratulations, MeenaRose, Connie, and Earl!!

  6. sheryl kay oder on said:

    Congratulations to you all.

    Earl, are you sure you did not find an unpublished poem by Dr Suess and pawn it off as your own/? 😉 Such a masterful poem!. Connie, I remember your poem well. Mena, you so well expressed the grief and frustration you feel.

    How I wish I had time to write one of these. It is such a joyful challenge I may still write such silliness one day.

    Marie, thank you for the link to your poem. It shows the joy of having encouragement to join in the poetic dance.

  7. connielpeters on said:

    Thanks, all. Meena and Earl. love both of yours. Earl, yours would make a good picture book.

  8. William Preeston on said:


    I just read your piece from 2010. I love the dance-floor, or ballroom, analogy, and your partnering with Walt (or “him”). It is lovely to read, and has a golden feel to it despite the blue cast of your “eerily” page. Thanks for directing me to it.

  9. Congratulations, Meena, Connie and Earl!! Another excellent week…kudos to all the poets in the garden!!

  10. Congrats to all you wonderful blooms that help this garden grow.

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